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Jimmy Henchmen Denied Bail; Pleads Not Guilty

Following yesterday’s arrest, Jimmy Henchmen plead not guilty during his hearing at Brooklyn Federal Court. He was considered a flight risk and denied bail. According to various reports, Henchmen was apprehended with five BlackBerries, an iPad, two false driver’s licenses and a fake passport. Henchman is accused of being a conspirator in a cocaine distribution network. He’s currently being held at Metropolitan Department Correctional (MDC) Facility in Brooklyn, coincidentally, the same jail housing Dexter Issac who accused Henchmen of orchestrating […]

Jimmy Henchmen Caught By Feds

After a month of being on the run, Jimmy Henchmen was apprehended by authorities today in the Gramercy section of Manhattan. According to reports, he led the feds on a foot pursuit. Last month, Henchmen was indicted on cocaine conspiracy charges. More recently, he was accused of being the mastermind behind 2Pac’s 1994 robbery and shooting. ahh

2Pac Quad Studios Attacker Confesses

The day before ‘Pac’s 40th birthday, a new revelation has emerged. Though his murder remains unsolved, AHH┬áreports that Dexter Isaac, an associate of music exec Jimmy Henchmen, has confessed to being a part of 2Pac’s ambush in the lobby of Quad Studios on November 7, 1994. He says Henchman paid him $2,500 for the robbery attempt which led to a shooting. Initial reports stated that two men dressed in army fatigues robbed Pac at gunpoint for his jewelry. On the […]