Jimmy Henchmen Responds To Warrant

Last week, it was reported that a warrant was issued for Czar Entertainment’s CEO James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemond for his alleged involvement in cocaine distribution. Before Jimmy turns himself in today, he issued a statement to XXL claiming his innocence.

“With the Name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful I have decided to break my silence to address slanderous media once and for all. Firstly, I want to apologize to every music artist and executive I’ve worked with. In addition, I apologize to my family and friends who have had to endure this horrible situation.

The events over the past week, to say the least, have caught me off guard. Although I have been aware of an investigation-taking place over the last four years, I was never informed that an arrest warrant had been issued in my name. I first learned about that warrant through the media when the news was released last week.

The purpose of this statement is not to assert some kind of grandiose conspiracy theory, but I will state some facts. These prosecutors have already begun my trial through the media and I’m releasing this statement in order to set the record straight. I just want a fair trial. I came up from nothing and made some mistakes early in my life of which I have already served time. Since then I have worked hard to establish my career in the music industry only to be targeted by these opportunistic prosecutors with a personal vendetta against me.

I would like to expose the two prosecutors spearheading this slanderous and trumped up case against me. The first, prosecutor Todd Kaminsky, is a 33-year-old White hip-hop head that if he weren’t a lawyer he would probably be a member of the Beastie Boys. Second, Carolyn Porkony, who failed in convicting the Murder Inc. Irv Gotti brothers on trumped up charges of money laundering. Both have a personal stake in pursuing me and will stop at nothing to bring down an innocent man.

I have endured slanderous media for quite some time. Last year, in their frustration, they employed Chuck Phillips and the Daily News to write baseless stories in the media saying I was a snitch (but never mentioned or produced one person I ‘snitched’ on) to hopefully get people to start cooperating with their bogus investigation. Chuck Phillips started a campaign against me and wrote dozens of letters to inmates serving considerable time in federal prison begging them to cooperate. When those tactics didn’t work, they subpoenaed every person that knew me or worked with me in the music industry, including my accountants, lawyers, secretary, etc.

What compels me to expose this is that I know if I don’t I will not get a fair trial. Todd Kaminsky is hanging his hat on this case and has gone beyond his office to make sure he sensationalizes this to propel himself to some high-end law firm or political office. This is obvious from the deals he has already given his ‘witnesses’ to testify against me. Henry “Black” Butler, a known rolling 60’s gang member, and wife Leah Daniels who are Kaminsky’s star ‘witnesses’ were arrested with drugs and machine guns in Los Angeles. Butler was promised five years and his wife got her case dismissed in exchange for implicating me in their operation. I know nothing of Butler’s criminal activities and was never involved with him concerning those criminal activities. I just know him as a self-proclaimed gangbanger who told jokes all the time and worked for Loud Records in the 90’s. They leaked all this false information about me to the media and left out the truth that Henry Butler denied my involvement until he was promised a reduced sentence of five years if he included me in his operations. There’s absolutely no evidence that supports my involvement in any of this, yet I have been implicated with someone I have no associations with. Through our own investigations, we have compiled a lot of information that proves the prosecutors are overly zealous and aggressive, not to mention unconstitutional. They gave witnesses immunity and have gone as far as to threaten individuals with indictments if they didn’t talk to them about me and corroborate their tales. For instance, Ali “Zo” Adam, whose serving 18 years was offered a lesser sentence and the witness protection program if he testified against me. He refused saying he couldn’t live with the lie but admitted he was tempted by the offer. Many were tempted with the prospect of freedom and hence a case with no evidence was born against me. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE.

Khalil Abdullah’s indictment was leaked in the media as well. I never saw my name on that indictment, and I don’t know what I have to do with whatever he’s been indicted for. Up to now I don’t know what I may be charged with or what crime I’ve committed. For the last 10 years I’ve dedicated myself to servicing the music community but because of my so-called ‘checkered past’, I’ve become an easy target for prosecutors Todd Kaminsky and Carolyn Porkony, not to mention fiction writers like Chuck Phillips and his Daily News cohorts.

If the government is relying on informants like Winston “Winnie” Harris, a convicted drug dealer and Jamaican deportee, who came to me and motioned via hand signal that he was forced to wear a wire and begged me to skip town or Dexter Isaac who is serving life in prison plus 30 years then I’m sure I will not be offered a fair trial. Where’s the real proof that I have committed these crimes? I just want my fair trial and to not be railroaded as they so eagerly want to do.

A fair trial is afforded by the constitution and witnesses should be forthright without pressure or duress. That’s all I want and I’ll turn myself in today.

Again, I apologize to my peers, artists and family for being subjected to all of this.

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  • Slim

    Whether he’s guilty or not, this “rebuttal” is well written, and is going to help him in the court of public opinion. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he is getting set-up. As long as they don’t have him on a wire, or involved in hand to hands it’s going to be damn hard to get a conviction in a case like this.

    It’s a shame they can’t indict @macdiesel for being a faggot though.

  • sidecar

    “Knew he was workin for the feds, same crime, different trials
    Nigga, picture what he said, and did I mention
    Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time
    I know you bitch niggas is listenin, the world is mine
    Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up
    Heard the guns bust but you tricks never shut me up” -Tupac Shakur, Against All Odds

    Fuck Jimmy Henchman. Pussy gangster, talkative snitch, and all around scumbag. The world will be a better place the moment he dies.

  • Slim


    You know this man personally I see. Good to know.

  • sidecar

    You don’t know his history? Cuz its pretty much all public record. Inform yourself.

  • yaboy

    LOL @ Rosemond trying to expose someone and spelling their name wrong.. its spelled Carolyn Pokorny

  • RAZ

    Well in my opinion this was a better response than Gucci’s “NIGGUH I DINN DO NOTHIN! BURRR!” when they were looking for him months ago.
    Henchman’s a snake but this response is bound to put a lot of people mentioned, under pressure.

  • kaoz

    for ur involvement in the attempted murder of Tupac Shakur, i say Karma is a bitch and it will follow you to ur grave Jimmy!!!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Yeah right jimmy , its all a set up smh. This guy must think we’re idiots

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “he issued a statement to XXL claiming his innocence.”…So innocence people hide from the cops? Dude been on the run since lastweek.

  • Slim


    No disrespect, but what I know of Henchman is through Pac’s lyrics, and other second hand sources. I know it’s not a wise move to smack his kid, or you might end up facedown somewhere with a bullet in your head. That being said, I don’t know him personally, so it’s a bit extreme to say the worlds a better place if he’s dead. He’s also a man that speaks to inmates at Rikers Island, and has managed to turn his life around (somewhat). Do I think he had something to do with Pac getting set up? Possibly, but Diddy and Biggie knew too, since they were getting extorted by the same folks that set up Pac. So is the world better now that BIG’s dead?

  • derek

    I wouldn’t wish jail or even the prospect of jail on anyone. Good luck with the case.

  • LA

    *yawn* Im surprise nobody put money on his head

  • uptown

    I don’t believe him, prosecutors don’t waste that kind of time and money if nothing is there, they just have to prove it, so it seems they have been trying to get there case together but chasing him for all these years just to get some status, or chess move to the next level doesn’t make sense, they would go allot higher than jimmy henchmen, I don’t see him being a resume booster and yall know they saying “were there’s smoke there’s fire”….. someone been calling you a crackhead for ten years umm you might smoke crack…*Kanye shrug*

  • Master

    Fuck em..

  • sidecar


    I said the world will be a better place when he’s dead not because of a single incident, but because for nearly 20 years now he’s been in the public eye, and for 20 years he’s been setting an example as the absolute lowest kind of person. Tupac’s accusations and the shooting are reprehensible enough; but this is a man that has fucked over every business partner he’s had, had high school aged kids selling coke for years, then got caught and snitched for nearly a decade to save his own ass. Those are facts, with hard evidence to support them. He’s also been accused of everything from ordering the murder of a female witness, to male pedophilia, with enough consistency to raise eyebrows. And I really fail to see how he might have “turned his life around” when we’re commenting on a story about a new arrest, which he’s been hiding from for a week.

    Once again, I would ask you to inform yourself beyond Tupac’s lyrics. Here’s a start- the court documents detailing his activities as an informant: http://www.scribd.com/full/39919102?access_key=key-it0dyxy4v96auxt00bx

  • gv

    who cares it 2011 no cares about thugs and drug dealers anymore

  • I’m sorry but

    Is he not snitching right now though?

    “Henry “Black” Butler, a known rolling 60’s gang member, and wife Leah Daniels who are Kaminsky’s star ‘witnesses’ were arrested with drugs and machine guns in Los Angeles. Butler was promised five years and his wife got her case dismissed in exchange for implicating me in their operation”.

    “For instance, Ali “Zo” Adam, whose serving 18 years was offered a lesser sentence and the witness protection program if he testified against me”.

    Seriously, naming names and sentences and crimes is snitching.

    Some would should slap him like yayo slapped his ugly kid.

  • Slim


    Never saw the real documents before. Fuck it, the dudes a scumbag lol. All jokes aside it will be interesting to see what happens to dude in court….


    @ im sorry.. that right there not considered snitchin they r already servin time so it public [email protected] killyaself real rap!! @slim.. he fuckin wit the feds i got a homie thats down right now bcuz someone said he help them sell drugs no wire taps no recorded phone calls pics etc. once they (feds) come knockin the party pretty much ova. Soo they have somethin on dude bcuz they dont waste time or money.. the goverment investigations r extensive an they have a 95% conviction rate. so look for jimmie to b snitchin a lil more.. id bet whteva on it…

  • I’m sorry but

    Yeah but people don’t know about people being gang members and all, he just naming names and putting all their bizz out there. Where I’m from you do not speak on anyone or what they do. He says they try to say I’m a snitch, then he proceeds to give us like 11 names and crimes other people committed. It’s just like when 50 name dropped people on early songs from Queens, it wasn’t sntching because it’s public record or whatever but still in the hood people were mad because it is frowned upon.


    @im sorry its definetly outta pocket its just the word snitchin is used so loosely but he will b doin alotta that i know it


    all of 50 Cent’s enemies seem to be going down.

    Ja Rule…about to serve 5 years starting in June
    Supreme McGriff in prison for life
    Jimmy Henchman now


    Maybe Fitty’s snitching. lol

  • mac DIESEL




  • Nickey Negrito

    If it wasn’t for Tupac I wouldn’t know who Jimmy is and I never heard about good business associated with him, just an onset of trouble. Now he ain’t an easy target or scapegoat for nothing and I don’t believe Pac lied when he said “this be the truest shit I ever spoke.”

  • fuck henchmen


  • BOSS

    y’all niggas are really fucked up specially Sidecar ..i ‘ll call u sideway nigga…with all this documents what u try to prove …get da fuck out the here …this nigga is one reason HipHop is where it is today….this nigga was tha nigga who believes that HipHop will blow up ..do ur history u faggot……to all y’all 50 fans dont get so sensitive ..ur boy career is no more …..1st album 12 millions…4th album can even go gold….lol….ggggggggg-unot………..Keep ur head up… JIMMY God will be with you through this shit……….

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  • jessie

    FUCK JIMMY HENCHMEN and fuck the Game, fuck Akons bitch ass and fuck brandy. Fuck all u motherfuckers who sign with henchmen. disloyal selling your soul ass getting extorted bitches.

  • jessie

    and fuck boss and you pussys who like him

  • jessie

    yayo bitchslapped is son and he did’nt do shit cuz hes a bitch like his dad

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