Jay-Z x Spike Lee Filming Something in BK?


Twitter is on fire today. What are these BK boys up to in Dumbo? Rocawear commercial? Ad campaign? Music video? Stay tuned.



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  • Crap radar

    They are shooting a commercial. Nothing special.

  • herbsaac

    you have Obviously heard that new Little Wayne verse”major” I suspect it is from game’s new cd. r.e.d. album( you prolly have the whole cut) or is going to be from a mixtape released before the mixtape.. cuz that shit didnt sound like an album version of a song.. .

    Anyways Does anyone else see how Wayne is trying to transition into Fifties way of rhyming? Fifty suckers you in to almost every song because he can sing somewhat and has been doing it on all his hooks since before grodt.. now wayne thought he needed an excuse to try and sing and came with all that autotune shit.. when really if he had just kept his choruses like the one with Game on “My Life” he would have been fine and this whole outing of his personal characer and how dumb he really is would have never have happened…

    Here is some examples.. hey wayne dick ryders.. where is I can’t Feel my face.. or T-Wayne.. oR re-birth(which now has a slated release of november 09) hahahahahahahahahaha Wayne and Drake are falling off quicker than Mims and Jibbs(i know what your saying.. Who? haha i know hahahahahaha wayne has bitch tendencies now and people are finally realizing that drake has nothing but rnb raps for the ladies and talking about his success… dude is lame to a capital E..)

    I can’t believe it took me so long to see thru Drake but now I completely do.. he is not shit. his songs are boring and he uses the same rhyme pattern on successful and uptown say whats real and congratulations( either he is very arrogant thinking that we as a people cant figure this out or just doesn’t really have that star talent)

    Shit what is Shyne gonna say about all these skinny Jeans mohawks bright tees(not white tees) bright numerously colored bright tees..and autotune..? I hope he also tries to put and end to this shit..

    Rap is almost back even tho hova has Cudi on his new album(smh) Shyne is coming back.. Jay-Z.. Meth and Red.. Em.. Doc Dre.. Fifty.. Nipsey HUssle.. slowly taking the game back over form all those cross over emo shits who got lost on their way to hot topic

  • damadalpha

    (at that last comment)

    *blank stare*