J.Cole Praises 2Pac’s Makaveli Album

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As part of Rhapsody‘s On The Record series where artists have 45 seconds to pay homage to their favorite album of all-time, Jermaine gives it up to Afeni’s baby boy. I remember us critics thought the Killuminati CD was trash when it first came out. Boy, were we wrong.

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  • sst



  • AG 3000

    All the critics that thought it was trash was a bunch of NY dick riding Biggie/Bad Boy fans. That album was a classic!!!!

  • Nathaniel

    yes. yes. and yes.

    my favorite album. White Man’z World, Krazy, Me & My Girlfriend, Blasphemy, Hold Ya head, Hail Mary, To Live and Die In LA….perfection. Against All Odds.

    the rawest, most passion filled album i’ve ever heard. urgency. crazy poetic lyrics like they were coming from a war general or philosopher. just ugh…

    i wonder if Cole knows the entire album was written, recorded, and produced in 3 days. mixed and mastered in 4. The 7 Day Theory. an experiment. and yes the live instrumentation….that production was unlike anything on the West or in Hip Hop period. i could go on for days.

  • fuckyall

    shit was garbage….had 3 songs on there I liked….you are in love with his personality not his skills on the mic

    classic? yea right….I dont put that album on the same shelf as the chronic, ready to die, illmatic, 36 chambers, niggaz4life, the diary, low end theory or paid in full…how did that album change music? What new sound did it introduce?

    an everyday dude who went to school, did his homework and took ballet and acting classes talking about “me and my girlfriend” and yelling thug life….fuck outta hear. only time 2pac touched a gun was when he played nintendo’s Duck Hunt

  • Nathaniel


    …”you are in love with his personality not his skills on the mic”

    now what kinda fucked up shit is that to say? lmao. the albums dope inside and out, and pacs a real nigga. never seen where being a good student in highschool = being a fake ass nigga. with your logic, biggie, nas, and dr. dre are fake as hell all the same. but you’re citing their work. tighten up son.

  • yaboitone aka FIRST KID ON THE WAY!!!!

    Classic? Strong words. good though.

  • Frontrunner

    Yeah yall were wrong YN, but at least you admit it. <<< Tupac Shakur

  • Dan

    YN, do you and the Ego Trip crew still think 2Pac is the 20th greatest MC of all time?

  • Da Business

    It’s not Pac’s best lp, but it is a classic lp.

  • ayooooooooo

    he ether’d Dr. Dre on that album. The album was dope, but his best was All Eyez On Me. I don’t give a fuck if it was a double album and you think it has filler, the shit was too dope.

  • Dan

    Dan says:
    Friday, March 26 2010 at 12:06 AM EST
    YN, do you and the Ego Trip crew still think 2Pac is the 20th greatest MC of all time?

    Get your own screen name you dickridin’ ho.

  • ayooooooooo

    Actually, he fucked Nas up too. Nas might have got Jay, but he was humiliated by Pac, real talk. Pac was a fake ass nigga though. He was a star and a huge personality in the media, but the dude obviously respected Nas, but wouldn’t say that shit on record. I hate when niggas front like that. Biggie could’ve slaughtered this nigga if he wanted too, but oh well. Good album, lol

  • Deez

    if Biggie could’ve slaughtereed him why didn’t he? one of the best hip hop albums of all time, yes indeed!

  • who the fuck gives a shit what this guy thinks?

  • Will

    thats the difference right there Drake is dissing Pac while J.cole is giving homage to One of Pac’s Classic

    I didnt like that Drake Line on fear at all especially him being a rapper/singer like if you dont understand it why hate my nigga

    Best Record Blasphemy

    the fact that J.cole is in the lane he is in and he acknowledges a record like that shows that dude is a better Muscian than drake will ever be

  • Will


    Pac was one of the 1st rappers to actually use his gun on a Police Officer at that

    and the thing that made Pac so real that I gotta keep explaining to you Fucc Niggas is that Pac told his took Ballet its not like Jay put him on a summerjam screen in a tutu or Smoking Gun revealed his history

    HOw can you call him fake if he was the one who told you that he was a good gifted student and didnt sell drugs

    Yall niggas definition of real is stupid

    but real means-authentic truth

    yall niggas talk about real niggas when Nas wasnt even in the streets like that and yall call him real with all that shit he was releasing or Ricc Ross fraudelent ass who got smoking Gunned and shit or Ja rule who talked about dealing drugs when homie was passing out watch Towers

    Pac Never hid who he was everything about Pac was told by Pac the Good and The Bad so I really dont understand how thats not being real If Pac wouldve never revealed he did Ballet do you think we wouldve known

  • ayooooooo

    Pac wasn’t no thug, period. He was a rich and famous celebrity and didn’t know how to handle it, he was too concerned with his reputation on the street. But mother fuckers like Pac don’t last long on the streets because they got big ass mouths, real talk. He fucked with a real gangster, not some popcorn rapper beef, and got smoked the same night. For how conscious this dude was, he should’ve realized his stupidity.

  • Classic Album

    Makaveli is a classic album. No need to hate. If you dont get it, it aint meant for you.

  • Markoni

    @ fuckyall … FUCK YOU…

    and that ”Me an my girlfriend” song.. do you even understand what he’s rapping about, it’s about a gun not a girl. And the whole album is a classic though maybe not Pac’s best work, but still classic.

  • paychexx

    He was realer than most…who bust at cops nigga! Ya favorite is pussy niggas who hide they past ( officer ricky) gay ( any rapper today) pussy ( get rob, jump, beat up,) y’all got real confuse, youngins…makaveli the don! Blasphemy is still my joint…so eat a dick fuck niggas

  • Amaru

    @Fuckyall i you just a fool, i wish i knew you to blow your head of. Watch your mouth what you say about the greatest of all time. PAC RIP

  • fuckyall

    First thing people say when you say 2pac “he was a real nigga”…exactly my point….YOU LOVE HIS PERSONALITY….which distracted you from realizing his albums and mic skills were average at best….he had garbage production until he got to deathrow.

    and yes, when you talk reckless and claim thug life when you were a good boy growing up, you are a lame. Biggie was in the streets, a school drop out etc….Pac was doing his homework. Nas NEVER claimed to be a gangster…..his stories are from looking outside of his window in the projects…big difference. Pac ran around talking reckless….and someone here said it best…REAL OG’s took offense and took him down. The streets dont play.The drama and controversy is what made Pac shine so much. His music was mediocre. He is overappreciated…then again, that comes with dying

    He was jealous of BIG….dragged that poor dude into a beef that he didnt even want anything to do with….BIG was laid back and quiet…he brushed off all that beef shit….Pac pulled him in and when Pac died….they took BIGS poor life out of revenge….I will never forgive pac for that….especially all the black unity bullshit he preached…why bring your own brother down? he came from the gutter, didnt have shit and now that hes becoming hip hops king and you have some competition, you want to call him out? bitch move…

    as far as drake..he explained that line moron….he said he was 9 when pac died…to young to understand….he grew up on jayz…he relates more to jay since thats what he knows….shit wasnt a diss

  • fuckyall


    learn how to form a complete sentence

  • Amaru

    @fuckyall. You are a loser man, I was in a hurry typing my first comment to let you know how foolish you are. PAC can’t be compared to any rapper his on another level bitch.

  • Nathaniel


    you’re biggie bias. and it’s showing. the shooting is what started pac and biggie’s beef. the rest of the shit you talkin is just rhetoric blahzay blah.

    1. pac is from east harlem. grew up around black panthers like geronimo pratt. mutulu shakur is his stepfather, assata shuker his aunt. afeni had just got acquitted for over 100 counts, was on watch by the feds, and was broke as fuck. his education early on came from broke ass panthers…all they did was stay in the streets. (on some positive shit no doubt) but in the streets.

    2. the nigga moved to baltimore at 15. and didn’t enroll in the art school till his second yr at a public school. i dont need to defend a nigga attending an art school when that nigga is an artist naturally. you sound dumb trashing the nigga for that.

    3. at 17 they moved to marin city, california. this is when afeni’s crack addiction officially fucked her all the way over. some shit she had been struggling with while he and his two siblings were coming up. pac moved out the house (never graduation from high school) and obviously since marin city was a fuckin slum there’s only one thing that could go down.

    his black panther upbringing made the nigga fearless and very socially aware. but he was STILL in his early 20’s. i don’t know why niggas expect a young nigga with a mom on crack and all potential father figures locked up political prisoners to be martin luther king positive. say what you want, the nigga’s resume speaks for itself. and the hood loved the nigga everywhere he went. but yeah his big reckless ass mouth AND actions got him in a lot of conflict at the same time. regular street shit.

    aside from the shooting, pac’s biggest gripe with biggie and a lot of NY rappers was this: they killed niggas and were mafioso drug king pins in their raps…fucked babies in the ass, all kinds of crazy vivid violent and street imagery like they were bosses…but outside of the booth they didn’t live none of that shit they talked. = fake. if anything, right or wrong, the shit pac talked, whether it was revolutionary, political, or street shit he was IN THE STREETS. all the time. WITH THE POOR from which he came. he’s a young black panther, nigga. they don’t do that “move out the hood when u get money and never look back” shit. nope, they never leave. objective = build the community, tell its story, never sell the people out or exploit them. niggas definition of real is so fucked up. lmao. but the nigga was STILL early 20’s, so his immaturity with being so fucking famous and well paid with little direction made for tons of problems.

    some of yall niggas should read more. books. not wikipedia. books. it’ll help you get your facts straight. you’ll learn some shit. peace

  • Nathaniel

    and he didn’t start targeting fake ass rappers till he got shot 5 times and went to jail for 8months for some shit he didn’t do. so its like this:

    niggas you’re supposed to be cool with set you up? and if not, biggie is the boss of NY and he can’t tell you who shot you up at HIS OWN STUDIO. logically, he’s a fake ass nigga. THEN when you’re locked away the same niggas you showed loved to tear you down, callin u crazy n shit.

    then a black woman accuses you of some rape shit. 8 months. and all u can do is sit in prison and watch all this shit…niggas thinking shit is sweet and in his words “taking my kindness and love for niggas for weakness”…thinking you gone rot in jail? okay.

    you come out bombing on them niggas like theirs no tomorrow. and since they tried to destroy you for money and fame. X you out the picture. obviously you’d do the same to them. worse if possible. niggas be acting like getting damn near murdered aint nothin to be angry about lmao. and biggie ran with Puff…we know he’s a certified snake.

    i’m just saying. from pac’s perspective it all makes ALOT of sense. can’t deny that.


    2pac G.O.A.T



  • NYCs Own

    Illmatic & Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, greatest albums EVER!!


    FUCK J.COLE i dont give a fuck what this nigga likes, i just wanted to see why he chose makavelli.

    well said the only person on here who made REAL sense of this blog “beef”
    you are very stupid. all you did was make biased opinions(B.i.g. dick rider) without
    even backing them up. you should probably kill yourself.

  • changeclothz

    @fuckyall i will fucc u up

  • KRphreshhh

    I agree with “fuckyall” and if you guys go back and listen Pac was good not great. He shook rap up not with his rhymes but with his explosive personality… maybe its purely from a stance of preference that I can say that but idk I like the album tho


    PPL r retarded when they say pac wasnt great. he might not have had the lyrics of a big daddy kane or the flow of b.i.g., but pac was one of the most passionate and sincere rappers ever, period! not only that but sum of the topics he choose were never seen and sum still havent been created to this day. while pac may not be the “best” and obvioulsly not the best lyrically, but no one, i mean not even nas couldve pulled off brendas got a baby and sound so sincere.


    Pac relied on passion and emotion in his rap songs, which makes him REAL(dude said he was a fake lol!) his emotion and passion carried his songs unlike most other rappers who rely heavily on punchlines and witty wordplay, by writing songs intricately like that they lose reallness and passion. so pac was a differnt type of rapper then all these new fruit loops

  • Fabregas4

    @ FuckYall….wat the fuck r u talkin about lol….Pac did do ballet and whatnot in Baltimore skl of arts but that was paid 4 by his friend bcoz he was homeless and broke with no electricity and lights. Even Jada Pinkett said Pac had a two sweaters and a pair of pants. His mother was a crack addict and he dropped out of high skl bcoz he didnt have enough credits 2 graduate. He was homeless and smoked weed and sold drugs 4 bou 2 weeks. Then he joined digital underground and made records about how fucked up the world is and formed thug life and then got beat up by the police, every1 like Dan Quayle and Delores Tucker and Dionne Warwick criticized and spoke out against his music, he got accused of shooting 2 police officers, he went 2 jail 4 the beating of the hughes brothers, he got shot 5 times and accused of sexual abuse and went to jail and cme bak 2 this so called East Coast West Coast shit!! Whilst being scrutinized constantly by the media and then got shot a further 4 times…Pac as a person was a militant revolutionary leader, as a artist in his later albums, a hardcore thug nigga!! He fucked biggie up on Hit em up…the same biggie who opened 4 pac at pacs concerts because pac let him, the same biggie who pac referred to as friend so no pac was not jealous of biggie, dat bullshit u cme up with lol….if biggie was so lyrical he wouldve responded 2 pac, but that pussy waited 4 pac 2 die and dropped bitch ass subliminals in Life after death…fat prick…biggie rapping about no food on the table and 1 room shacks in Juicy and his own mother said that them lyrics were a lie!! Pac tore up Biggie, Mobb Deep, LL, Nas and Jay Z and the last 2 bowed down and Biggie and LL only mentioned pac when he died kuz dey bitch niggas!! So fuck u!!!!

  • makaveli

    spored men toi e nai-dobriq rapar

  • TWIN95

    Tupac was a real dude!…name in any rapper in the game NOW! that can spit that real shit and MEAN IT!……PAC made his rhymes believeable!..look at all that shit that man went thru!….these new niggaz on the mic now!..tellin fairytales!…NY don’t hate on J. Cole!…The 7 Day Theory is classic material!…PEROID!!!!!

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