Ice Cube Unfazed About Playing A Cop

With a new television series and album in tow, Ice Cube’s got a lot on his plate these days. And this summer, he begins filming his next movie Rampart. The film stars him as a Los Angeles detective investigating a corrupt cop. Ironically, this is the same guy that recorded “Fuck Tha Police” two decades ago. But Cube isn’t bothered by the role. He tells Rap Radar that it’s all in a day’s work.

“Movies aren’t real. Basically comes out of that. It’s just a movie. If I want people to take me serious as an actor, I got to take myself serious as an actor. So it’s just a movie. Just a role. And its a good role. I’m playing a homicide detective who think a dirty cop did the murder. So, I’m on a dirty cop. So, it’s cool to get a dirty cop thrown in jail.”

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    If your a good actor, it doesnt matter what fuckin role you play. even if its the guy who killed your closest family member. its not real, but its your job to make it real.

  • Ghost

    Exactly, so who cares if he’s playing a cop. He’s acting. Like Rick Ross does on his albums.

  • Where Wallace At?

    No, what Ice Cube should say is I sold the fuck out … but they got to pay me booooooyyyyyyyyy

  • B.Dot

    He’s acting. Like Rick Ross does on his albums.
    *spits out water*

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  • EZPimpn

    lol @ B.Dot

    Except Ice Cube is a rapper ACTING like a cop, and Ross is a cop ACTING like a rapper.

  • the grime

    freeze cube between 90-92 and you have the greatest rapper of all time. lyrics, depth, street life, realness, and ability to speak on the black communities problems.

  • HawthorneFinest

    hahahahahahahaha @ Ghost
    that was just mean!
    cops should take notes on how to be a good cop like Cube tho…lol

  • Justin Poindexter

    @the grime
    He the greatest rapper alive…

  • He is West! And he is an actor, there is no big deal with playing in this movie

  • Ghost

    Ha sorry about that. If you need a writer rapradar I’m here………

  • Mars Blackmon

    1st Ice-T now Ice Cube. Who’s next DMX? Oh wait he alreay impersonated a cop.

  • bread215

    We all know cube certified so this aint bout shit

  • yaboitone

    who KNOWS cube is certified?
    and what does that mean exactly?

    people pick and choose who they accept. One hypocrite, liar, actor, manipulator and fake gets a pass while the other gets crucified?
    all with no REAL evidence that supports either side of the opinion.

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  • OOPH

    So, actually being a cop would be bad? Ignorant ass muthafuckas…

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