• Word

    I forgot this nigga existed

  • erik

    ripped it better than Wiz, biting Kanye’s flow though

  • nastyN

    *I forgot this nigga existed*


    but this was nice

  • Android

    this dude stil around? He isnt one of th chosen ones frm th freshman 10. Put the mic down.

  • Toby

    Sick beat

  • NuJew

    Anything is better than the overrated Wiz Khalifa.


    that ghostbuster punch should allow his a&r to void his deal

  • Android

    @nu’JEW’__Taylor Gang or get in a delorean nd land in auschwitz.

  • Flim Flam

    This dude is sorry as hell….and everybody in ATL knows that he is on the downlow. He didn’t do a good job of keeping his gay moves on the low is what I’m sayin. I personally know a nigga that sells kush and used to fuck with Donnis on some gay shit.

  • HK

    @erik dude biting Kanye’s whole swag, lol

  • Los

    @android u kidding me… dood shoulda been on top ten before half of those fuckers… especially o.j. #theacadamey