Lupe Fans Set To Protest Record Label

On October 15th, Lupe Fiasco fans plan to rally outside of Atlantic Records demanding the release of his long-delayed album, Lasers. In July, fans organized a petition for the distribution of the project to no avail. Protesters are asked to bring picket signs and sport the Lasers uniform. Here’s to taking it to the streets.


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  • Whateva

    If his fans were this dedicated in the beginning, he wouldn’t be in this mess

  • lol

    ^uh it shouldn’t take his fans to protest in the first place

    This isn’t gonna work, but hey more power to then

  • Why is that nigga holding a purse?

  • mac DIESEL

    Lupe Fans Set Protest Record Label



  • Ms. D

    Lupe has fans? :O

  • ghost

    lupe has many fans douchebag

  • @MSD

    more fans than Wayne Bitch

  • RedRocBoy

    I hope all you hating ass niggaz get fucked in the ass by a donkey! FNF bitches!!!!!



  • Haters are annoying

    um no he doesnt have more fans then wayne idiot !..anyways more power to them i hope it works

  • Ms. D

    To:: “@MsD” – who gives a flying f*ck about Wayne??

    heaux sit down!

  • Comedyjunkie06

    Let’s go!!! Kanyelive!!! This is happening it’s a movement!!

  • Greg

    Lupe has a lot of dedicated fans. The Cool sold 145,000 copies in its first week. It was the #1 Rap album for 9 straight weeks. Plus it went Gold. And didn’t you hear about that petition?

  • Haters are annoying

    and mac weasel works for rap radar

  • Belize

    He without a doubt has more fans than Small Gayne. Lupe actually a rapper, bitch.
    Kind of smh @ this whole situation tho.

  • team

    and they say black people are lazy..

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Haters are annoying




  • Post no billz

    Alot of people hate on lupe but i think hes dope.. I respect his orignality,first 2 albums were good.. Is the new music really so bad that atlantic dont wanna release it.. Beamin was my shit..

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Haters are annoying



  • G

    Lupe Fiasco has a lot of dedicated fans. The Cool sold 145,000 copies in its first week. It was the #1 Rap album for 9 straight weeks. Plus it went Gold. And didn’t you hear about that petition?

  • Briana

    I love mac deisel!! Always makes me laugh!

  • NuJew



    hopefully this works

  • Blacc Oaisis

    Lupe’s fans are WACK as hell…

  • CTE

    Trash just like his fans!

  • Sin

    He without a doubt has more fans than Small Gayne


    did it rly take all that effort to hate on that man

  • Mannnn, fuck it. It’s too late. I don’t even wanna hear that shit anymore…I’m kinda admant on hearing Food & Liquor 2 as well…

  • still best rite now!!

    man this new comment system is bogus! im startin an online protest against Rapradar!

  • SayAhh

    Lol what a waste of time… Atlantic doesn’t waste there time for another Wack artist too flop LOL and yall are really blinded by your dick riding that you honestly think he has more fans than Lil Wayne LOL

  • BigPoppa

    stop it just stop that foolishness he doesn’t have atleast a 25% of the fans Lil Wayne has… why don’t yall buy his albums instead of making ONLINE PETITIONS AND PROTESTING?

  • Its get released one way or another..Lu aint gone let it go to waste..and real talk if he left AR roc nation would sign him (altho he cant without putting out 3 more albums)

  • Cake Boss

    Lupe Is The Shit Fuck Faggot Wayne!!

  • Belize

    @ still best rite now!!: Where can I sign up, lmao

  • CTE

    @Belize where ever the trash can aT ha!

  • SayAhh

    LOL @CTE


  • jblaze

    yall mofos are wack that are hatin on lupe…this dude got a strong fanbase, maybe not as large as wayne, because wayne is more mainstream to where even 9-10 year old check for him n understand some of his ish, no hate, i liek wayne myself..lupe is on a different level lyrically tho, where, its for a more adult audience in my opinion, some of his shit lotta ppl wont get, sometimes includin me…but the reason i think his album wont drop is because hes exposin alot of ish that the machine doesnt want exposed, illuminati, mason, and that type of shit , so on and so forth, jus lke one of his dopest records…they want him to “dumb it down”…he wont stand for that shit…who should?? freedom of speech is gettin takin away each and everyday from us, someone gotta stand the fluck up

  • Butundi-tutsi boy

    He said it himself ..Lasers has something that some ppl wouldn’t like ( Brainwashed mufuckaz) .. Here is how I see it u can I agree wit me or go against nd even sue my ass but I still don’t give a fuck ..> anyways in lasers he I talkin bout illuminati(I’m beamin would b a good ex) so thats y dry wouldn’t release it… 2. They will end up releasing it or make my nigga do some changes which he(smart nigga) will end up doin but won’t really change his concept, he is jst gonna b using some deep deep deeep explanation that em fuckin crackers won’t b Able to understand 3. Lucky u nigga who gonna b there coz I kno lupe gonna show up ! Anyway praise the lord we we want somethin positive ! FNF UP

  • …meh

  • Butundi-tutsi boy

    FNF UP !
    Shout to distant relatives it is a dope album go check it out pllzzzz !

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  • mean streets have potholes

    Problem with Lupe is he is a dope MC with dope rhymes MOST of the time.. but his beat selection and song crafting are inconsistent. Thats why he ain’t blown up more.. the only hit MOST music listeners know about is Kick, Push.. not exactly a calling card.

    Hope the nigga get some shine soon though.. don’t want the masses to riot. ha! real talk though.. free that nigga.. or put the album out.

  • Bang Bang

    They aren’t protesting for a release date…they are up in arms over a “leak date” haha. Them niggas aint planning on buying it anyway

  • Putoutdetoxmyself

    When is someone gonna do this outside of Dre’s house for Detox. Put down the weights and put out the album DRe

  • D. $cience

    Protesting outside of Atlantic for what? Release Lasers so these Lupe stans download it? If they released Lasers this week, less than 100,000 people would cop it. It’s like when Ghostface complained about Big Doe Rehab sales…he said he got 1 million friends on Myspace but less than 100K copped? So-called Lupe fans would do the exact same sh–.

    I think Lupe is ill too, but his fans are overzealous idiots.

  • Comedyjunkie06

    Lupes coming people it’s confirmed- lupes twitter!

  • D

    BORING+ Pointless

  • jacob

    Record labels are tightening their belts, its not worth their time to put out an album for 30k sales.

  • jacob

    Oh if that picture doesnt prove that black rappers need white hip hop fans then what will.

  • Yousef

    Mashallah!! Lupe is the shit!!!

  • Dem

    Bigger fanbase: Lil Wayne
    Better rapper: Lupe

    It’s that simple.

  • What protest?, this dude has four fans..this shit is embarrassing..

    *Please visit Crooksda1’s Youtube page. Thank You in advance!

  • Jaapero

    People dont understand lupes lyrics, thats why all this hating!

    Lupe > Lil Wayne


    That nigga Lupe dont care, why do his fans

  • Bored

    I’m buying 3 copies when this comes out. 1 for me and give the other 2 to friends who aren’t fans, yet.


  • Fuck him

  • Wat?


    How you going to say his music is more geared toward an adult audience when he’s surrounded by high school girls? Most of the people who LIKE Lupe are stupid high school kids who think every little fucking thing in the world is surrounded in “shadows” and “conspiracy” and “controlled by the machine” when they can’t just fucking realize that the world is a hard place to live in, and Lupe’s music appeals to those people because he throws out the same shit.

    Anyway, dope lyricist or not, Lupe’s not a great musician. His flow usually sucks, his voice is annoying, and he picks wack beats. His label ain’t holding the album because it “has shit people wouldn’t like” (shut the fuck up), it’s probably because that shit is wack as fuck.

  • k


  • Drucifer

    Who can blame atlantic??

    Like there gonna promote and release an album thats gonna sell at MAX 150K

    The Younger generation doesnt buy shit, they just steal it, thats why the only rappers sellin shit are Em, Jay, Wayne(People forget his career is 12 years deep) and Kanye is the rare of exception who hasnt been around as long……….Everyone else, lol, what a joke, Millions of dollars in promotion, 3 or 4 music videos and getting songs all over the radio aint even gettin these dudes to gold no more

    The Fans should just petition them to let him ut the contract. Go Independant and cut your losses,

  • iknowGOODmusic

    Lupe has a tremendous flow, and his lyrics are top notch, but he still doesnt get respect he deserve….this dude @ work say lupe cant fuck wit j cole…..smh

  • You should protest, yeah you should picket me

    Freedom of Speech is exactly what Atlantic doesn’t want to expose to the public through Lupe’s album. Because that’s what Lupe is all about. He speaks for himself and for others about real issues and real situations that matter. He’s subject matter in his songs are way more deeper and complex and important then what most rappers focus on like Wayne etc.

    But by not releasing this album Lupe fans are turning on Atlantic and showing them that they want that freedom of speech. Lupe’s fans are not selfish, they are dedicated. If they call themselves Lupe fans, they damn straight mean it. They act upon that title on their own, by making petitions and protests to change the way things are being handled. Their love and dedication to Lupe goes much further then listening to his music and bumping along to it in the car. They actually feel and relate to his music, so much that it moves them to contribute and do that little bit more as fans.

    More people may be Wayne fans, just because they like his songs when they come on the radio, so they consider themselves ‘fans’, but I assure you three quarters of them would not be as dedicated as to begin protests and such things for Wayne. They are not true fans. So fine, Wayne may have more fans but Lupe has more “real” fans.

    The protest is great in my opinion, and even if it doesn’t work, the fact that they have taken the time and dedication to prepare a day and organize themselves in order to protest for what they want is one of the most powerful messages they can send across. Almost as powerful as the messages Lupe has poured into the LASERS album that Atlantic is trying to hide.
    Because these fans are expressing themselves, protesting for what they want. And that is what freedom of speech is about. Being able to speak and act your mind out infront of whom you please, exactly what Lupe fans are doing.

    This protest is a strong message to all.

    Love Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile! Free Lasers!

  • tharealness

    Who gives a flying FUCK about the AMOUNT OF FANS a nigga has? Lupe Fiasco is one of the GREATEST, UNESTIMATED, UNAPPRECIATED and OVERLOOKED artists EVER. Every song this man makes, every album he creates, every breath he lays on a microphone is solid GOLD (no pun on the record sales).

    Lil Wayne has never showed ONE lyrically excellent song with lyrics and metaphors that you actually have to look up to understand. Lupe is so good with his storytelling, punchlines and double/triple entendres that you have rewind his song at least 15 times to understand completely. Lil Gayne’s crap is so fuckin’ dull even a 7-year-old can understand it by listening once. Not to mention his GOD AWFUL voice and singing… smfh

    Don’t ever mention Lil Gayne anymore, let alone with Lupe. I’m sick of talkin’ about this ugly ass troll with his so-called ‘talent’. His fans are probably around 2 million 15-year-old lowlife girls who don’t have any education or literary knowledge. They give head to their local horny pimp to get their money and buy whatever Young Money bullshit they can buy.

    Lupe is a trillion light-years ahead of this faggy rugrat and he doesn’t need millions of dumbass bitches to prove that he’s better in making good music. He has true fans with a high IQ compared to these kids ranging from 5 to 19 years with an avarage IQ of 40 and lower…

    And that goes for any other artist and fan out there. Sales do NOT define artistic excellence. Another example is Joell Ortiz compared to Soulja Boy. It’s logic.

    The Cool is by far the best hip hop album of 2007/2008. No comparison to it’s lyrical poetry and artistic content. The Carter III won the Grammy Award for Best Album only because of the fact that it sold the most.

    I’d like to extend a very humble middle finger to any bitch-ass motherfucker out there that disagrees with what I said. If you think otherwise, then I have no respect for your opinion. You can just fall off and DIE. Fuck swag, fuck auto-tune, motherfuck Young Money, motherfuck skinny jeans and fuck you poppy dancing kids of today. All of you distroyed hip hop and it’s essence. In a few years there won’t be any artist that’s good that can actually release an album. I don’t blame Atlantic. I blame you fuckers. You idiotic lazy no good sons of bitches that don’t wanna read, don’t wanna know nothing else than party’s, dancing, drinking and having sex. You queers make me sick to my stomach.

    In the name of God and in the name of hip hop, I rebuke the devil for brainwashing the musical audience of today to support bullshit artist nowadays.

  • alex the kidd

    Lupe has a lot of fans but not that much, its just something that most likely won’t sell enough to satisfy the label. But if the fans feel dedicated to do that, go for it. But the record label will never care for the voice of the fans. Because those “fans” are the same ones who don’t even support Lupe. He needs to build a strong fan base, because 40 something thousand, won’t do.

  • 800mEric

    why are u people hating on people who are tired of being forced fed garbage and are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe and are willing to fight for music that is socially conscious,with substance…. and to jacob lupe hasn’t had a album that has ever sold 30k you idiot both of his albums went gold . both have been nominated for for multiple grammy,and have one 1 Grammy. and ah lupe fans actully go out and buy his album dumb ass people on this site…and f.y.i people are protecting for the release of lasers because the album has been done for 2 years now, and we’re tired of waiting..2nd it’s bigger then lupe music we’re standing up and fighting for music with substance ,and showing them we won’t set back and be forced fed crap…to all u people who are hating you people are absolutely stupid you people don’t realize that freedom of speech is getting taking away.smh just keep conjecturing haters

  • Sonic

    If you want authentic hip hop that takes steps to make something that is going to be remembered, lupe is one of the artist that does that. You want bullshit, that will be remembered as a disgrace to rap in general, then you are down with lil wayne. Sorry Lil wayne cannot compete with artist like mobb deep, eminem, big daddy kane, krs one, the wu tang clan, rakim, tribe and those are just some to name a few. His lyrics are about bullshit and not to mention he gets down with slobbing baby’s nob. Regardless hope this pushed atlantic to just release the album. Shit if no one buys it at least the fans of his music will if anything.

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