B.o.B.: #9 Hottest MC In The Game

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Coming in at number nine on MTV’s Hottest MC list is B.o.B. Lets look at the stats: Number one debut. Three top 10 hits. Obama. What’s he gon’ do next?

“For Mixtape Daily, he was one of the main featured guys, more than anyone else,” MTV News senior writer Jayson Rodriguez said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “To sort of solidify it with these records … I just think he did a good job of what every underground MC wants to do: sort of take that and cross over and do it in a way where it’s credible. Where he can make these pop records, but the hip-hop community is still like, ‘He came from here. We know what he did. He’s solid.’ “

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  • B.O.B had a great year,but top 10 STOP IT pimp.is this all about sells or pure skills.

  • Nathaniel

    too bad he’s a tool who has zero control over his image and career.

    good luck, chuck. the price of engineered fame, smh.

  • D

    He’s very talented but became a commercialized pop artist…

  • Sweet! B.o.B is the future!

  • mdot

    @ D
    So did drake..so should he not be on it either..and trust I’m not even a drake fan but he has done basically the same thing..or is it because bob can also incorporate rock in his music that makes him “less real hip hop”…besides the fact that when it comes to rhymin bob can spit…he had a great year so y not put him on the list

  • So Icy Boi!

    Waka Flocka gone be number 7

  • are u guys stupid or something? how is he not an mc?

  • G1

    I hate when ignorant people refer to “sales” as “sells.” Bobby Ray is that dude though. I’ve been listening to his CD since it came out. I’m really anticipating his sophomore joint. Well deserved to B.O.B., even though this is a shit list.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @G1 STFU sell des nuts in ya mouth ..Web teaching azz

  • RC

    This is all about sales and Top 40 pop charts. This is list is for the guys making hits.

    What the radio and the streets are listening to is vastly different.

    Its just that simple.

    You can go to any block and hear Waka Flaka before BOB, but turn on any radio and you will hear BOB on Top 40 before you hear a Waka Flaka.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @RC than why Eminem wasnt on the list last year?

  • RC


    I guess because of the criticism his album received from everyone. Even he himself said it was subpar.

    Eminem is on a different level so they grade him differently.

    Thats my best guess on Em being left off last year.

  • Nathaniel


    reading comprehension, son. nobody said he shouldn’t be on the list. what are YOU reading?

  • realtalk

    who is bob sorry drake blinded me dont know who he is

  • RC

    @So Icy Boi!

    my bad that @Eminem was replying back to you.

  • “is this all about sells or pure skills.”

    Do people read???? It says HOTTEST in the game. Not BEST. So dont get mad when Papoose isnt on the list.

  • G1

    @So Icy Boy what’s a des?

  • So Icy Boi!

    @RC yea i agree and his songs was trash but if Jay-Z or Kanye on the list ..then this list fuked up ..because Jay-Z didnt drop no new stuff this year and Kanye “power” single was trash and flopped and from all his good friday songs only 2 gettin radio play

  • So Icy Boi!

    @G1 sound it out then you will know

  • dashing

    Yeah, B.O.B most definitely deserves to be on this list no question. “Nothin on You” “Airplanes” and “Magic” are HUGE records. And “Don’t Let Me Fall” is about to blow too. He took over this year. He’ll only get higher on the list in years to come.

  • yes BOB deserves to be on this list its the Hottest in the game over the course of the year and i actually think he should be higher based of the numbers he did more around 5 or 6 ish. you really cant have a debut album do as well as he did. Drake album actually sold more but BOB pushed about 2 million more in singles than Drake did so i would say 9 is kinda low for the year he had because im sure the people above did have as a successful year with the exception of drake and eminem.

  • The Other P

    Hottest right now? Who is anticipating a BOB album over a Fab or L.Banks album?

    Everyone has their own personal bias and having so many mtv employees on a panel will skew results. People also don’t into account that some of the panel may of had a bad experience w/ an artist or someone from their camp & can’t objectively see past that. Maybe Banks fucked a panel member’s gf or a Street Fam nigga made a panel member run it 1 night in the club.

  • dashing

    Btw, every year people get mad at the list for the wrong reasons. The list is primarily about BUZZ, then talent. That’s why a lot of ya’ll are gonna be mad to see Rick Ross and Drake as high as they are on the list while “real” MCs like Jay Electronica, J. Cole, Joell Ortiz,etc. aren’t on it. It’s about what’s getting buzz so you should blame everyone else for supporting these acts rather than MTV for just writing it down.

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ yea but anyways fuck MTV Gucci shouldve been in the top 3 last year him and Drake was the hottest out

  • mdot

    Appreciate the attempt in an english lesson but my comment was basically towards D for sayn that he is a commercial pop artist..as if that is some kind of knock ain’t right..cause so is drake..the part bout sayn “y not put him on the list” and “he can spitD is for anyone who think bob ain’t an MC jus cause he do different shit..if u must kno wat I meant

  • rdizzle

    thats koo…….he derserves to be up there…..i would put luda at 9 though and bob at 10 imo….but thats a koo spot for him though

  • mdot

    ^b4 u even say it..yes I typed ur name wrong..

  • WilliamJacob

    this list is about being hot, not the most “hip hop” whatever that means
    bobby ray is big right now, he deserves a spot

  • G1

    @so icy


    dah eh ssss

    des like in DEStroy?

    des nuts!!!!!

  • original Will

    I listen to his one of his songs the other day I dont see whats the difference in what he’s doing and what eminem is getting praised for Like for the 1st time ill have to throw in that race card becuz it seems like when a white rapper do it its cool but when a blacc rapper does it its not hiphop he raps in every song every song he spits I would even put him higher becuz Jay is goign to be on this list but not deserve it and Wayne going to be on this list and not deserve it so he should be at like 7 IMO becuz He has songs like Cudi but he actually raps more than Cudi and his songs sound almost exactly like the ones Eminem been putting out

  • WilliamJacob

    @original will
    damn right wayne doesn’t deserve it after rebirth and this new album which is average at best
    jay is perennially hot just based on his continuing influence on the game and his unwavering skill on the mic, which is nearly unrivaled. so jay will be hot until he retires from rap imo

  • Yooo

    I’m glad BoB made it, he’s one of the few artists that I really believe in. I agree though that he doesnt seem to have a lot of control over his image and certain decisions that are made. But I’m a fan.

  • llll

    He deserved to be higher than number 9. Ya’ll gonna know what im talking about when you see the rest of the list….

  • flawda

    SMH at all three of dudes singles popping because of the featured artist on it, dude hasn’t even proven he can stand on his own. Nothing on You blew up because of Bruno Mars, Airplanes blew up on Hailey Williams, and Magic blew up because of River Cuomo from Weezer. Dude is a pop artist!

  • Thank Me Hater

    He should be higher

  • Thank Me Hater

    @llll EXACTLY!!! They gonna have cats like Rick Ross ahead of him. This nigga performed for Obama!!! That means SOMETHING

  • t-bag

    I Am Not A Human Being – nr 16 on billboard :)))))))))

  • if u really think BOB doesnt control his image you obviously was introduced to him from nothing on you. dude been the same now as he was when i saw him performing at open mics at places all around the ATL before he got put on

  • Truth

    BoB is the ILLEST. Thats wat im talkin bout. That album was amazing


    This nigga had potential. But damn, what a fucking pop act. Plus this nigga can’t stand by his own. Every single hit he created to this date is a fucking feature.



  • Android

    This list is complete crap. Why’s ths non-rapping ni99a on. I understand hottest but skill has to count somewhere. That adventures shit was pure POP. Cant quote one hot bar frm it.

    Its a sad state when sales and chart position make u hot. The blog bawses should make another based primarily on product n skill. YN?

    Dudes like fab n banks make gr8 street tapes n get no nods. Cant wait for nex yrs one.

  • racka

    i like the first two people on the list so i cant complain…yet. if they put wacka flacka faggot on this list i will personally go off them retards down at mtv



    The Notorious B.I.G.

  • crookedj

    bob is garbage

  • Truth

    Dont Let Me Fall is his fourth single by himself. When that goes in the top ten lets see wat you haters gon say then

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    i agree with whoever said this list is based on BUZZ. the artists who made the most impact and buzz on the game this year.

    off that, B.O.B. deserves to be there. it’s clear to me he had a huge, huge breakout year.

    i regularly come in his threads to hate on him because i think he has little skills on the mic. sounds like he just freestyles. like someone said, i listened to his album never heard ONE hot line. like a hot, funny punchline, or an insightful piece of commentary on the game or society. nothing but generic pop. every song sounded like a hit without him rapping on it; like i wish somebody who could SPIT was on it. like i wish Jay had this or Kanye.

    but i digress. atlantic gave him about 10 hot names like Eminem?! T.I., Lupe, Paramore, and the biggest producers. he’s got HITS. i never heard one human in my real life demanding his music or praising him; i only had places (who are in bed with the major label machine) like rapradar constantly hyping him, bogging about him. the machine put him here but he’s here and he is on this list. props?

  • original will

    @billy Ray

    B.O.B is signed to TI label so they give him TI TI is his boss also and Eminem reached out to B.o.B. when B.o.B was on that cover 2 years ago Eminem said that he was 1 of them artist that he looked forward to working with and he said that he was one of the new guys he liked to listen to

  • original will

    eminem aint signed to atlantic so i dont see how atlantic and eminem comes into play B.o.B raps better than Gucci Mane Waka Flocka and we all know both of these niggas are going to be on this list

  • John Wayne

    Check out this new artist sounds LIKE B.O.B NEXT BIG THING A MUST SEE ARTIST Check HIM OUT CHRISTIAN TV http://tinyurl.com/2bvfjdu

  • your pusha

    so far so good, wacka up next

  • bigjay2501

    ummm, im not that familiar with anything this dude has put out outside of his singles

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  • Belize

    U deserve it Bobby Ray!! Too bad this list ain’t real accurate, otherwise he’s be higher.
    #Best New Artist

  • still best rite now!!

    Good shit B.o.B.!! a helluva step up from Luda at #10


  • i am white


  • Luda is so much better than this shitty artist

  • Nicholas

    His mixtapes are nice, but his album was way too poppy, he can spit but atlantic doesn’t let him. imagine that

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  • Eminem & Drake Killed It This Year B.O.B Deserves To Be There Hez Talented Raw & Real http://ow.ly/2P9qA

  • King Izzy2West

    luda shuld b on top of this nigga he did more and better (smh) bobby gayy didnt evn write sum of his songs so how can i repect him or dare to call him an MC. Banks shuld b number 10 then 9 would be luda but wat eva i still respect the list

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