Bun B’s Rice University Photo ID

At Rice University filling out employment paperwork to co-teach this course next year! Still seems unreal!

As previously reported, Bun plans to teach a Hip Hop and religion course next semester at Rice University in Houston. Professor Trill got the ball rolling and posted his ID on his Twitter account. Don’t be late and leave your demos at home. Ha!

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  • MarksPPl

    Hip Hop and religion WTF

  • Able danger

    There so many bullshit classes in college. I had a class called philosophy of pop culture. We watched a simpsons episode every other class. No dis Bun but college is just sophisticated organized crime.

  • That’s wassup. Congrats Bun.

  • ZoomZoom


  • Distinguished! That’s right. I wanna see the syllabus.

  • Gwizzie

    Thats Hip Hop The Pimp would be so Proud (Bun B for President)

  • JBiggs

    Now THAT is major news for Hip-Hop, a real vet with street respect teaching a college course! Thats more gangster (yeah, not gangsta, gangster) than most of these cats rapping some bullshit on records about moving packs and lying their ass off. Infiltrate and effect change from within.

    @Able Danger, remember that YOU were the one that chose to take the class and had an expectation that it was one thing and it ended up being re-runs of the Simpsons. Do ya research beforehand, homie!

  • KJ

    Only a fuckboy would hate on this. Knowledge is power, and I’m sure Bun has some wisdom to depart on others. Why knock him (and education for that matter)? No, it’s not perfect, it’s a flawed system like any other, but it shouldn’t be dismissed or regarded as unimportant.

  • Thats whats up, I got to Pitt and I wish I was able to take a class like that …. there are alotta BS English Lit & Appreciation of _____ classes out there, so this would be a class you would actually look forward to.

  • Mega

    This is such bullshit yo…….How you gonna try to educate on religion when the content of your songs- getting drunk, fucking bitches, smoking weed, beating niggas down, etc…is a far cry from religion.

  • Able danger

    I knew what it was, an easy A that’s why I took it. My point is college’s are big buisness, they sell dreams and collect cash. The cost of books/tution is fuckin ridiculous. One semester I had to pay a grand for books, the next semester I didn’t buy any (I was waiting til I absolutely need to) never NEEDED them and made deans list, true story.
    So instead of streamlining degree programs they bulk up required courses to inflate their endowments.
    Did you takes notes, because there will be a test!

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  • Wow… can it get no betta? mr. thrill o.g./ 5 mics is really getting it in

  • tz

    hip hops real, religions bull shit.. class over

  • Devil

    What the hell is this nigga going to be teaching about?

    Rims, chains, money, bitches, weed?
    I bet this idiot didn’t even finish high school…

    C’MON SON!

  • Belize

    I would take a Hip-Hop class. Tho it prolly for old fatrs tryin to know why today’s youth into that type of thang. No one who blogs on RR would take it tho…
    And RELIGION???? Seriously? Since when is Bun B religious…

  • Anthony


    Have you realized that religion is at the core of the reason why the Twin Towers were struck down? Bun B writes songs about hoes, money, and drugs….BIG FUCKING DEAL. The dude ain’t goin out and creatin terror.

  • badjuju

    Who said hes a religious guy lol

    Hes just going to teach about the different religions of the past and present

    Read a book you fuckers

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