Nicki Minaj: #6 Hottest MC In The Game

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Nicki Minaj, the first Female rapper to make MTV’s Hottest MC list, takes the number six spot. Bet some folks would have had her higher. The remaining five will be announced Sunday on MTV2 at 1:30 p.m.

“She showed that not only is she the most talented female right now, she’s one of the most talented rappers,” MTV News’ Shaheem Reid said during the Hottest MCs roundtable discussion. “This girl has star power. She took a little bit of [Lil] Wayne’s blueprint … and she just jumped on records.”


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  • Joey

    This list sucks.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Rick Ross should be nowhere on the list then cause Nicki is DEF hotter than him right now!!

  • still best rite now!!

    Thats a fair slot..congrats to Nicki! Ross did say “the summer’s mine” he had it on lock so, I see him up next! lets see how Minaj delivers on the LP tho.

  • D

    “She showed that not only is she the most talented female right now, she’s one of the most talented rappers,” MTV News’ Shaheem Reid ????

    I knew that Shaheem guy was a prick. I mean, come on, most talented right now? I respect what Nicki is doin’ but she is certainly not most talented. What about Jean Grae and other female mcs?

  • Rhyme

    lol. she’s defiantly hotter than Rick Ross and Jay-Z (right now). MTV gonna piss cash money off.
    she should be right behind Drake, at maybe #4. behind Em, Drake and Kayne.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nicki should be at least 4 but she only had one hit “Your Love” ….they must gonna put Gay-Z on the list when he aint do shit this year

  • D

    5. Rick Ross
    4. Kanye West
    3. Jay-Z
    2. Drake
    1. Eminem

    I think this is the final 5.

  • TheTruth

    Guess all thats left is:

  • I think someone should trick her into thinking she’s doing a feature and then turning it into her own song. I don’t like her stuff nearly as much as her appearances on other people’s stuff.

  • Truth83

    surprised fabulous, gucci, jeezy or t.i didnt make this list .

    Also this list is supposedly taking the whole yr into account.

    whose hot this month dont equate if your luke warm last dec-feb

    its oct-oct

  • Midnite!

    Totally DISAGREE!!!This girl is OVERATED!!!!Not as good as these simple minded fucks at MTV think she is.Hip Hop is in serious trouble………

  • jeeeeeezzer

    MS ROQ a million times betta than dis hoe…

    gucci 4 goat.

  • biggs50

    bull shit….if ross is ahead of her thats wack…be real. honestly think ross >>nicki

  • mikedreamsmusic

    You may not like Nicki, but you’re trippin’ if you’re saying she shouldn’t be on this list at all. This list goes by who’s been doing the most THIS year.

    And you can even argue that other females are more lyrical than Nicki, but in 2010, on an overall scale of everything, including lyricism, radio play, popularity, etc; none of them are holding a candle right now. Of course Jean Grae is a dope lyricist; but people bring her up in every conversation when talking about female rappers, like she should be on there by default. She didn’t do much of anything in 2010. That’s like the Lupe thing. I’m a huge fan of Lupe, but him and other fans expecting that he should be on a HOTTEST MCs list for a given year when you haven’t did anything in that given year, and you’re trying to just go off the strength of what you did 2-3 years ago, that doesn’t make any sense.

    Don’t let the fact that a certain artists became extremely popular and somewhat got taken over by the machine, make you start being stupid and denying who much of an impact that made in comparison to others; even if you do think someone was better.

    There’s a MILLION better rappers than some of the top rappers in the game right now, but a lot of people don’t know them. It’s not only about skill, it’s about your overall influence on the culture. If you weren’t in that position, you couldn’t have possibly had that same impact. If it was solely based on skill, the “best MC” this year would probably be your next door neighbor, MC Dopeness, who just happened to be super sick with the lyrics, but never made a career out of it….

  • King Izzy2West

    I agree with ghis placement

  • dashing

    This is perfect placement for her. She only has 1 song that’s her own that has really blown up. “Your Love.” Ross has “B.M.F,” “Aston Martin Music” “Super High” not to mention that his album is probably the best hip hop album that’s come out in 2010 so far. 2 months from now she would be higher, but for now she still has to prove herself by putting out her own material.

    I’d make the case that Ross should even be higher than Jay this year. Doubt it though.

    5. Rozy
    4. Hov
    3. Drizzy
    2. Ye
    1. Em

  • dashing


  • Android

    Rawse, ye top.3 thats all.


    WTF? This bitch aint shit

  • studiothuggizmz

    ross top 3. I’m glad lloyd banks didn’t make it. fab should have tho!

  • Deuce Lee

    Nicki’s ass is coming in at number 5

  • dirty south

    Why do people insist on hating on the only female MC making it big… it’s sad to see

  • Nathaniel

    she’s #6 popular, y’all. this ain’t about personal preference.

    she’s not as popular, this past yr, as jay, ye, em, drake, or ross. <—-that's the top 5 (in no order). #6 is a good spot for nicki.

    hate it or love it. fan or not a fan. "hot" = "popular" or "in demand". #6 is a good spot.

  • Deuce Lee

    In Jay-Z’s defense, he ain’t put out a new album this year but Blueprint 3 had just come out around last year’s list. He still had some of that momentum going into 2010. Don’t forget about him and Em’s big ass concerts too. They’ll probably count that book and Forbes list shit too

    REALLY Kanye hasn’t done shit this year… except for the last 2 months. He’s probably got the biggest buzz RIGHT NOW but now it’s getting close to the end of the year

    5. Kanye
    4. Ross (cuz of that damn BMF)
    3. Jiggaman
    2. Drake (even though he’s falling the fuck off now, he still had the second biggest LP)

  • G

    if she keeps taking from wayne’s blueprint by jumping on records people are going to get tired of her real fast

  • bigjay2501

    fair spot for nicki. FINALLY nyc gets some love!

  • D

    She desereves to be on the list but they said she is the most talented! Does this Shaheem dude knows what talent means?

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  • Deuce Lee

    @G cosign

    That’s also why Drake has lost like 80% of his buzz. He oversaturated himself. He was supplying more than what the ppl were demanding.

  • TRU


  • smart dude!

    i expected her higher, i think the rest should be

    5. kanye
    4. jay
    3. ross
    2. drake
    1. em

  • JAYE


  • Word

    I guess imma miss the list then cuz the 24th is Sunday and I ain’t missing Sunday football for this bullshit list. POST IT RAPRADAR

  • smart dude!

    i want ross to win tho, but not gonna happen im afraid

  • Android

    Tru is a Bawse!

    @jaye_u gay?

  • MC

    What the fuck did Jay-Z do musically this year?? Niggaz will never hop off this dude’s sack!

  • Yooo

    Wow, I really expected her to be higher.

  • HeezyFK

    Hov had the Best Verse on Drake – TML & Rick Ross – Teflon Don… he killed Monster… & Murdered the shit out of So Appalled…. Had the biggest show of the Yr.. Has a book comin out & is on the cover of forbes…. REMEMBER HOV ALSO HAS A “WATCH THE THRONE” COMIN OUT TOO…
    My List —–1. Ye 2. Em. 3. Hov. 4. Drake. 5. Rick Ross
    MTV List—-1.Em 2.Hov 3. Ye 4. Drake 5. Rick Ross

  • B. Digital

    Nicki Minaj’s voice is annoying and her flow can be irritating. However, I have to admit that alot of young women gravitate towards her and she has done very well considering she hasn’t dropped an official album yet.. If the list was done in December she would have been in the Top 5.

  • dani

    She should be higher in my opinion…

    this is a list of whose hottest… and she’s hot right now.

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    i agree thats the perfect spot for her…drake, eminem and kanye will be top 3

  • MC

    Hov killed Monster?? That might’ve been his worst verse ever. He did more this year than Fab and Banks?? C’mon son!

  • Black Shady

    I love how Banks & Fab are better than 6-10

  • flyrah ///now this is hip hop let me kno who had the best verse

  • 106

    I think that is a good spot for her she hasnt dropped an album yet. She is everywhere though so she deserves to be on the list.

    I think we can all agree Em should be #1.

    I think Drake album was the softest album I ever heard for Hip Hop. He is selling out shows 2 nights in a row in the same city though.

    Jay didnt do anything this year? He headlined the biggest tour. All the festivals he headlined. Home and Home tour first concert in the new Yankee stadium. He did alot of features most her murked.

    I dunno who they putting after that.

  • rap

    she sucks! cant believe the rap community is digging this chick! hip-pop is dying and fast!!!!! we need the old g to come back!!!!

  • Truth83

    funny thing is, how they doing this list is very very contradictory.

    kanye has only been revelent in the last 2months?

    in all honesty if they were consistent with this list. it would be.

    6. kanye
    5. nicki
    4. drake
    3. rozay
    2. jay
    1. em

    just is what it is. As #5-1 have been talked about for yr to 10 months.

  • dmc

    if she wasnt so corny it would be cooler but i guess she needs to hustle her way in the mainstream

  • Young Reezy

    if this is what the experts consider hot im dissapointed to see dat hip hop is dying before my eyes, and that the fans are nothing but dick riders.

  • Qwerty

    Wow. They bout to put officer Ross above Nicki? Last 5 remaining are officer Ross, jay z, drake, eminem, kanye.

  • okay mark my words

    5. Ross
    4. Jay-z
    3. Drake
    2. Eminem
    1. Kanye


    You’re buggin if you don’t think Nicki Minaj deserves placement on this list – she’s a nice MC, her verses are crazy, and she’s had an amazing year! Give the woman her props, #6 is reasonable placement.

  • Belize

    gtfoh mtv

  • Frontrunner

    I said it first…

  • shes the best

  • @Hov’s grey Hair hop off kanyes dick faggot he wont be #1 u know damn well Em will ur probaby from that kanye forum fuck you

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    My guess:

  • fuckawackfan

    nikki suck dickie wack that shit is lil kim reincarnated and kim is still hotter ross is false sucks drakes iz fake jay is gay since 97″ hip hop is bubbble gum teenie boppers who can’t wipe their ass cmon slick rick would mop the floor with these wack rappers

  • ODM3The Truth

    smfh at this list. smfh. The fuck is going on in the game today? I understand that this is who’s in style in the game… but the game is not hip-hop save for like 4 people. Nicki Bitchass is not one of them.

    This is is the pop shit that calls itself hip-hop, a fucking disgrace.

  • toad3527

    #5 will be drake and that will complete the young money trifecta
    #4 will then obviously be Hov
    #3 then has to be Kanye
    #2 will be rick ross
    #1 will be eminem
    not my opinion tho, i’m still reppin jay elect, and wiz khalifa should be there over waka
    follow me on [email protected]

  • Damn Gul

    5 Hov
    4 Ross
    3 Drake
    2 Kanye
    1 Eminem

  • Damn Gul


    Wake up boi

  • kellan

    nicki should definitely be top5 personally to me only em, drake and maybe ross should be in front of her jay aint really done nothing all year and kanye just started getting back at it lately she been doing her thing on charts radio play , features all year she deserved higher than #6 whether you like her or not…this irks me especially since i no ye and jay are going to be infront of her and she worked way harder then them this year ..she is like the drake of last year and he got #3 last year on this list so how did she get #6

  • theshyiet


  • theshyiet


  • meg

    her songs suck but her features are decent. she shouldnt be on this list in my opinion. there are other rappers more worthy. mtv needs to re-evaluate.


    @deuce lee

    you are spot on. great analysis.


    5. Jay-Z
    4. Eminem
    3. Rick Ross
    2. Drake
    1. Kanye West

  • original will

    Nicki is Number 3 or 2 if waka is number 8 and they basing this off fanbase she needs to be 3 or 2 because she on everybody shit all that barbie bullshit she got these hoes ratchets trying to talk in different ugly ass voices LOL

  • original will

    no shots but that List looks awkward as fucc only name that seems to fit is wayne’s Luda its too late like look at that list that shit seems off

    and where do niggas get that Ross Should be number 2 like come the fucc on Drake sold a million ross aint sold a million singles Kanye is killing it right now number 2 his good fridays hov shouldnt be on this list and idk man Wiz should be somewhere on there

    but yea idk that shit looks weird notice besides Sway all these motherfuccas that do this list always got a former headline next to thier job description

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  • Nicki Stan

    Nicki is #1 NO DOUBT! NICKI MNAJ IS THE FIRST LADY OF HIP HOP! She is paving the way for soo many female rappers out there. Nicki Minaj is #1 in my book. #TEAMMINAJ #LESSSGETTITT

  • Nicki Stan

    1. Nicki Minaj
    2. Kanye West
    3. Drake
    4. Eminem
    5. Jay- Z