Drake: #4 Hottest MC In The Game

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Mr. October’s Very Own comes in as the number 4 Hottest MC In The Game. Initially, he was a spot higher but eventually fell down a notch. Congrats, nonetheless.

Drake was a staple on radio all year, whether it was “Bedrock” with Young Money, “Money to Blow” with Baby and Lil Wayne, “Forever” with Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, or any one of the songs from So Far Gone that stayed in rotation.

“He’s been on the radio all year,” RapFix editor Hillary Crosley said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “Like, I can’t get away from him. It’s impossible.”


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  • W

    wat the fuck?

    Drake is at least #2

  • Stan


  • Yooo

    Kanye only 4??


    Failed kanye is # 4 lol….

  • Dashing

    Wow. They fucked up here. Drake below Jay??? This year? No way. BP3 was buzzing like crazy a year ago but this year Drake’s been killing it with the joints off Thank Me Later. Jay has just basically been on tour.


    i think drake deserves to be higher and by the way…………whos number 1? MARSHALL MATHERS!!!!!!!!!!! Number 1 on BET and MTV…..white boy takeing over the world

  • oh shit..

    leaked… i’m so angry.. http://www.filmai.in/uzeik-268788.html ..

  • seemoregan

    you idiots…. bp3 came out after last years list.

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  • Belize

    #4 is appropriate. I don’t like his hit at all, but he HAS been pretty popular all year. And he IS a better spitter than Gayne.

  • Android

    This is some b.s! Drake? Hw is Rawse behind Aubrey. Ppl need to get over themselves wit tht c.o shit. Rawse killed the game this yr. This is pure shit. And Amaya go get a towel nd change panties ur Ym stanndom got u wet.

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  • Android

    Kanye no.3!!!!!!! Im done man. I quit this shit. That whole panel needs to be throat punched. Useless.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Even though I don’t like Ross I feel he was too low. You can’t deny his relevance and hotness this year even though he’s wack

  • what the hell is this fuckery? Drake should have been at least number 2…you gotta realize how much he has done this year….FUCK MTV and their bullshit list

  • ATLien

    Drake isn’t even a proper MC, go back to the likes of Black Thought, Andre 3000, Lupe and Nas if your looking for a real MC. I’ve gotta say all MTV do is look at the commercial side of things, if they actually looked at lyrics and creativity it’d be a LOT different. Absolute joke this list…

  • lilrizq

    drake is a copy and paste version of yeezy and weezy. he don’t have a style of his own so how can he be the hottest anything. a girl must of made this list and meant he was the hottest lookin rapper or something because he weak lyrically. biters like him just piss me off. and ATLien is right… nas and them should be mention.

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    i agree with mr xclusive drake should have been #3 or #2 Fuck mtv !


    This is the one I agree with.

    He ain’t even that good, but #4 is about right based on hype

  • Don

    They never said proper MC’s for this list, it’s based off of who’s hot, singles, and buzz. Love or hate him, Drake has all the above.

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