• i dont get it…

  • killakev92

    Big Sean Shut Up
    Cam’ron & Lil Wayne Had That Flow Back In 04-05

  • ZoomZoom


  • DallasTx_Greedy

    He Dissed Luda LOL

  • Nina

    He’s such a lil cutie!

  • ZoomZoom


  • ReppinHard

    You folks who credited him for creating that flow created a monster lol

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Luda been taking heat for that song basically I see. I’m still mad he ain’t respond when Drake put him on blast with that shit tho.

  • dll32

    cool dude. +1

  • Able Danger

    Glad it’s over 2 easy, eggs.

  • bob

    sean’s a real g

  • Tate

    I’ll steal your flow and make it wack, Ludacris.

    See what I did there?

  • Che

    GTFOH Big Sean with that patented flow just making similies and metaphors but leaving out the ‘like’ how the fuck can you call that pionnering or even patent that flow hell how can you say that similies and metaphors are dead. Stupid young ass mc’s fucking up the game real bad these days.


  • Word

    Big Sean is dope regardless. Waiting for that debut my nigga

  • Ya

    Lol @ able danger. And co-sign killakev92. Ppl forget bout that Camron dipset flow from b4

  • Ya

    And side note: I’m still surprised that big Sean outshined Lupe AND Kanye on that last good Friday trak, don’t look down. I used to always make fun of how big Sean raps were weak, but he’s steppin his shit up

  • Ziggy

    Yeah…he definitely didn’t invent the flow. He is just the first person to OD on it and use it for more than a bar or two at a time.

  • killakev92

    You Already Know @ZoomZoom

  • killakev92

    Exactly @Ya

  • eNoz

    “Over throw u niggaz planet, independence day” method man 1998

  • Money Mitch

    Kanye has even used It wayy back here and there like 5 years ago

  • @killakev92

    Thank you my nigga! When drake said him and wayne borrowed that shit from big sean I was like this bitch is so fuckin lame bruh, everything in hiphop today was done before.

  • WhatsUpSon

    “Minds get flooded…ejaculation.” Q-Tip

  • FAIL

    @killakev92 bro im sorry but your dead wrong. We’re talking about introducing it as an entire rhyme scheme… Like the whole song. And describing lines in the least amount of words. Man No one rapped like supa dupa before, stop that shit. Nas said it himself bro hip hop isn’t even 50 so kill all this OG talk. The founders of Hip Hop are still alive which obviously means its not that old, new shit is still coming out and he didnt say metaphors and similes are dead. He said HIS SUPA DUPA FLOW scheme is dead and over used. God I can’t stand hatin ass old heads. STFU! Go listen to cam and old wayne then and get the fuck off the blogs where you will clearly see new artist and new material. Fall back.

  • I95

    Joe Budden was using this style a few yrs ago on his mood muzik cds

  • So Icy Boi!

    This nigga aint start shit Lil Wayne been using metaphors lik dat since Tha Carter 1 he just dont say it as slow as he do

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  • Damn that song gone hang over luda head forever

  • LiftOff!

    FFOE Boiiii! big sean killin it!

    @FAIL nicely put..

  • pissed

    who cares that uninspired lazy shit was wack anyway. He needs to rhyme like he did in the BET Cypher & keep it that way.

  • Post no billz

    I jus heard fab use that shit,and he used to it horrible.. He said.. Im turnin’ heads/poltergiest.. Shouldnt that be exorcist fab? Any who i think he was tryna bite drake.. Fabs is biting drakes shit hard..

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    What? ppl were doing that shit way before you BIG SEAN !

    now dude is boosted

    drake used it better anyway though lol

  • BHustle

    Yeah, right. Kanye circa 2007 and early 2000’s Cam and Wayne had it before Sean

  • ben

    cam owns that style.

  • Cuttingsworth

    Angela Yee is a whore

  • Mac Attack

    News just in.. Eminem to appear on niki minajs album pink friday on a track called “romans revenge”.. – Mac a fact

  • Black McJagger

    lmao @ some of you…the fact is Big Sean popularized this shit with Supa Dupa
    POINT BLANK PERIOD Drake heard it and started using it next thing you know Wayne
    started using it and it just snowballed from there QUIT WIT THE FUCKING OH NAS DID IT BACK
    IN 94 & OH WAYNE DID IT BACK IN 05 lmao man stfu none of them niggas was using it back in 94
    or 05 like that and you know it it’s not that big of a fucking deal nobody was even talking about this until drake and Wayne started using it frequently in their records hahaha man I swear google is turning everybody into geniuses

  • All you people saying cam and everyone else had the style before put the lines up. Otherwise Big Sean is the only person I’ve ever heard do it for a whole song. People talk out their ass with no proof. Never heard cam or anyone is dipset spit like that.

  • smh, i was gonna try to clear the air that supa dupa shit like two weeks ago when he was in detroit.
    but his hoe ass yes man sabotaged the whole thing thing talking to much…any way read the story and see a nigga get knocked out the night he was shooting “Ambubiguous” with Clinton Sparks and Mike Posner


  • lilrizq

    @yprichb big sean is a biter not a pioneer…smh. super dupa flow???? that style is called “stop pause” and niggas been doin dat style way before sean. cam spit this like in 2006 or 2007
    Cam: ” so i let her go with zek in the cadillac, daddy back daddy back (gasps for air 2 times) ASTHMA ATTACK!!”.
    cam even did the “stop pause” style in reverse.
    Cam:” lemon head end up dead ice like winnipeg, jem stones FLINTSTONES… you can say i’m friends with FRED.”
    kanye finished “graduation” and released it in 2007, the same year ye signed big sean. so ye’s album been finished before he even met big sean.
    Kanye: “I mean damn did you even see the test, you got D’s mother fucker D’s… ROSIE PEREZ.” Rosie Perez got mad at kanye for saying that too, because kids would see her and look at her tig ole bitties and say that ye verse.

  • lilrizq

    more “stop pause” punchlines that were used way before Supa dupa flow.


  • @lilrizq

    son you one of them old heads that think everything sound the same lol..fuckouttahere sounding like duck cuttin the tv off on the kids watching flash at the end of five heartbeats.

    sean created that flow cuzzo

  • Nathaniel

    does this nigga REALLY believe he invented that shit? like… really? and he didn’t popularize it either, nobody was thinking about that nigga until drakes uninformed ass credited him, mistakingly.

    but remember… drake ain’t really up on old hip hop. i’m 24, he is too… this nigga said he grew up on jay-z, wasn’t really into hip hop when pac was around so he didn’t feel it. i was like wtf? cuz i remember juicy, award tour, nuthin but a g thang, VIVIDLY from being in elem school. and all my 5th grade homies was fucked up when pac died. point is, it makes sense that drake would credit big sean, he obviously started listening in his teens. niggas in the hood in the US came out the womb, birthed into hip hop culture.

    but anyway… somebody needs to politely correct that nigga big sean and keep it moving. we don’t want him thinking he’s revolutionized hip hop when he hasn’t done much of anything yet. these youngsters forget how fickle this game is… don’t get to thinking your spot is solidified. if this ain’t the tough love genre, i don’t know what is.

  • Nathaniel

    and when i say “nobody was thinking about him” i mean for some odd reason, people believe that just cuz drake said big sean created it, it’s true. so they just rock with that. that co-sign is all some weak minded niggas need. lambs. nobody was thinking about “ohhh they copying big sean!” is what i’m sayin.

    carry on

  • smh …stop it elliot & co.


    lol drake, big sean, camron, wayne… bunch of lames arguing over a bunch of lames

    minus nas


    p.s. craig cash – the most annoying poster on radar.. u better learn how to spell artist before u become one

  • Itz Yourz

    Ok I need to get put on to Big Sean. Who is this guy? How long he been in the game? For us to say thats his flow. How many songs, albums he’s been on with that flow?

    Only paid attn to him cus he was in the BET cypher. Thought he stood out, def. listen-able

  • SkidaRoc

    Its sad that these younger rappers really don’t know the history of the genre. Hell, John Wall might as well say he created the crossover.

  • ” Do not worry for I will come back my children, Resurrection.”-Jesus

    He bit Jesus style see ^ smh..

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  • still best rite now!!

    Thank you!! “Ive been tryna tell yall niggas Luda’s bars are lite……. funsize!”

  • original will

    people were doing it before him but he patented he gave the shit a name like no rapper i mean no rapper has did it close to as good as sean did it on Lemonade Especially that part when Cuz Was like “I just give them Line after line after line after line after Line…..BARCODE” no one has had a better supa dupa rhyme than that one but yea it was done but nobody ever patented as a style he said it on “Supa Dupa Flow” “I’s I;s Does it” and he does it thru out that whole song and its not his best but its an above average joint

    Yea that My Chicc Bad was a hit but Ludacris couldve did better than that it wasnt just the Supa Dupa rhymes it was the rhymes as a whole i mea c’mon:”all white tope all white belt all white jeans body looking like Milk”(wouldve been sicc if it was on that all white everything remix but it just sounded wacc) and my favorite “Test her and guns get drawn like cartoons dope i aint talking about homer”-what the fucc was you talking about Luda

    that shit was terrible Nicki supa dupa line was wacc too “Its going down Basement” LOL

  • Belize

    What the fuck is up with all this news today?!!!!
    Em working with Onika.
    Cudi “tired” of rappin.
    Em taking another fucking “break”.
    Now this???
    RIP good music

  • killakev92

    shout out to every one who knows that big sean didnt start this flow

  • AudioCzar

    lilrizq says:
    Thursday, October 28 2010 at 4:03 PM EST

    more “stop pause” punchlines that were used way before Supa dupa flow.


    And @DJ LIVE LONGSHOT lol wtf are u talking about this video clearly shows niggas with the flow way b4 big sean get off his dick

  • lilrizq

    lol, even when you give these young niggas cold hard facts, they still won’t believe it. there’s the TRUTH, and there’s the ACCEPTED TRUTH. big sean fathering any kind of style pure comedy to me, especially when he sound like drake,lil wayne,and kanye mix together. you young niggas need to just face it. ya idol big sean is rogue from x-men… he got everybody’s style. and i agree wit nathaniel. and Longshot is just mad cause he don’t got facts to back up his claims… READ A -UCKIN BOOK,LOL.


    zoom zoom ya diiiiiiiiiiiiig

    yeah killakev92 is right. wayne and cam BEEN doing that.

    can’t lie. its a super swagged out way to deliver a punchline.

  • ooo

    just noticed he subliminally dissed luda……who does this guy think he is respect Ludacris faggot

  • callirmuzik

    big sean is dat nigga for real and he did start that flow niggas always used punch lines bu i never heard it being used like dat until he did it…. i hope he ends up getting his big break soon in this game bcuz he really is a talented dude, he knows how to make a song… ” FUCK YOU DOIN……. BULLSHITTIN”……

  • Ooo

    Oh shit

  • B. Digital

    I actually never heard a song by Big Sean but yet I know his rhyme style..lol

  • lol

    shut up with the stop pause or whatever. hes not talkin about the damn flow. hes talkin about the rhyme scheme in general you ignorant fucks. you do know what a rhyme scheme is right? theres a difference between flow and rhyme scheme.

    @lilrizq Cam: ” so i let her go with zek in the cadillac, daddy back daddy back (gasps for air 2 times) ASTHMA ATTACK!!”.

    that is not the same thing. listen to his description of what hes talkin about before you start throwin out random shit. how does “asthma attack” describe a metaphore in that line? it doesn’t.. please go back to school

  • bigbrothershark

    gudda gudda also used the same flow sometimes

    …but we all know gudda gudda sucks

  • Ashin Kusher

    Big Sean about to make it big. G.O.O.D music. this guy bodied lupe and kanye on Don’t Look Down

  • ZoomZoom


  • yupp


  • I used to think that that style evolved from the “No Homo / Pause” game.

  • Stephen

    Wow. I think Big Sean and Drake need a rap history lesson. Don’t get me wrong, Big Sean definitely POPULARIZED

  • Stephen

    Wow. I think Big Sean and Drake need a rap history lesson. Don’t get me wrong, Big Sean definitely POPULARIZED the flow, but he DID NOT invent it. And if you’re a true hip hop head, you would agree with me there, otherwise, kill yourself.

  • Stephen

    Also, can we stop trying to generalize rap? There’s no reason for it. There are so many ways to rap and people are trying to define rap in one way only because you don’t like another way of rap, and if you’re doing so, you’re stupid. Drake has his own flow, Big Sean has his own flow, Biggie had his own, Em had his own, even Kudi has his own, etc. IT’S ALL RAP. It’s time for people to realize that just because you sing with your flow doesn’t make it R&B. Quit being lazy and credit their flow where it’s due.

  • lilrizq

    @lilrizq Cam: ” so i let her go with zek in the cadillac, daddy back daddy back (gasps for air 2 times) ASTHMA ATTACK!!”.

    that is not the same thing. listen to his description of what hes talking about before you start throwin out random shit. how does “asthma attack” describe a metaphor in that line? it doesn’t.. please go back to school

    @LOL YOU DO KNOW WHAT A ASTHMA ATTACK IS RIGHT…SMH. so how is it not the same? you describe the punchline(which cam did by gasping for air 2 times), and you say what you describe without turning the punchline into a simile(which cam did by not using the word “like” and saying “asthma attack”.) i know they made a feature film documentary about how dumb the young kids in school are getting(“waiting for superman”), but didn’t know it was that bad. and taking a rhyme scheme you heard done by someone else, and trying to make it your flow style is biting… period.

  • lilrizq

    even i can do that style more clever then sean,” my fist to ya face… aka the sleepa, ya face gettin stomp in the ground by my sneaka. then pee (P) on ya hat… WIZ KHALIFA.”

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  • @lilrizq

    even i can do that style more clever then sean,” my fist to ya face… aka the sleepa, ya face gettin stomp in the ground by my sneaka. then pee (P) on ya hat… WIZ KHALIFA.”

    hahahahah that was pretty funny

  • themufuckin1

    I just heard ODB do it on “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”
    “I get physco killer, Norman Bates”

  • lilrizq


  • dedra williams


  • me like duhh

    ludacris is one of my fav mainstream rappers but that line was garbage and at least big sean gave him a shout out unlike drake


    ” I got a big heart…and a big ass dick” LOL

  • Hallamoney

    that stop pause shit is played and only someone who gets all there rap music ideas from the BET countdown and radio and is under the age of 21 would thing that Big Sean is a good emcee or that he “created” a flow he might have popularized it but to say that he created it is retarded sheep talk. Just cause you just started listening to rap doesnt mean u kno what ur talkin about

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