Ryan Leslie Increases Laptop Reward

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About a week and half ago, Ryan Leslie was robbed for his laptop, and he offered a $20,000 reward. Now he’s upped it to a million bucks for its recovery. But we’ll let him tell you.

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  • ESCO

    damn, he must have some big songs in there.

    question, to the person who’s stolen it…why hasn’t he already released the songs? is it password protected or something?

    or does ryan not have other copies of the songs, and he can’t be fucked starting from scratch again?

  • Rome


    lol #fail #fail #fail

  • Mr Xclusive

    damn that really sucks

  • @Rome shut up

  • AudioCzar

    LOL he must have some gay shit on there were hes getting fucked up the ass or something i mean really 1 million bucks that’s HUSH MONEY !!! what music would be worth that much anyway ???

  • starting to seem like a publicity stunt

  • chantelle

    this dude must have some CRAZY stuff on that laptop for a million dollars. sorry i just dont believe he would pay that much for just music & ryan leslie really has that type of money to just give away?

  • Belize

    $1 Million?? He really must have some type of bananas shit to be that desperate.

  • Black Shady

    damnnnnn I know he got some HEAT. this niggaz is talented as fuck.
    I knew that 20K would turn into somethin bigger

  • The Other P

    A conversation overheard years ago between Puffy & RLes….

    Puffy: “Cassie told me you 2 made a bunch of homemade porn together. Get rid of it. I’m not the 1 to fuck with ask Positive K or Steve Stoute. I’ll beat a nigga’s ass real quick when my goons are w/ me. Don’t be next one.”

    RLes: “I got you Diddy. It ain’t even like that. Heard you dropping “Last Train to Paris” in 09, need some tracks?”

  • Sony Music Intern

    ^ LMAOOOO its true i was there

  • wax

    I dont even know who ryan leslie is.

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Eddie Arkadian

    A million for a laptop?!?! Two words: Kiddie porn

  • Dez

    a milli for a laptop… no, if it’s actual songs he recorded than i’m sure he has back ups… why would he keep masters on a laptop? nobody does that…. think about it

  • dll32

    It surely contains all of his plugins, VSTis and samples.
    If this leaks, then everybody can basically copy the “Next-Selection” sound and he knows !
    This is surely worth more than a milli 😛 Would rlly like to see the set up of his sequencer ^^

  • MiloD

    i think someone got it and reformatted it cuz they couldnt get in

  • DJ Kruel Herc

    Can we just STOP all this bullshit for a second. This is a marketing ploy. None of you commenting idiots are EVER gonna see a genuine cheque cashed to someone getting this laptop. He will ‘find it’ and put out the songs as ‘recovered and worth a million dollars’. Look at the production value of the video, with the drama and subtitles. With a million dollars, you can find ANYONE, rather than put out well edited Final Cut / Canon 7D videos on Vimeo. I respect this guys marketing abilities, but they haven’t stepped up a great deal from his MySpace days. Y’all just all getting caught up in the hype. Plus the first video didn’t get that many hits, so he’s stepped it up with cops and car shots now. GTFOH, and RapRadar y’all should know better too. Ha!

  • j

    amaya, why are u on this site? all u do is post RNB related posts?????

  • mac DIESEL



  • Money Mitch

    Must have some pics of a guy suckin his dick or some shit

  • go

    The Answer is… He is not gonna give anyone 1 million dollars. It’s a fucking trap. The person who stole it is gonna come looking for his million and dude is gonna get straight cuffed and go to jail.

  • Shawn

    You were better off keeping it at a realistic number that can fit into a brown paper bag.. You look foolish, And I actually like your music.
    You went to Harvard and you think a 2nd rate thief that steal a laptop is set up for a international 7figure wire transfer??? LOL
    Hope you gave Mom and Pops back the $140K they gave to Harvard.

  • papology

    I lived in Cologne for a minute and i can reassure you that people is straight BITCH over there, period!

  • Shawn

    I’ve gotten to travel the world and one thing that is consistent… Everywhere has certified criminals .. Don’t gas that boy up and have his family calling the Emmbasy cause he hasn’t come home all for a laptop..
    “it ain’t where you from/ it’s where you at!” -Rakim

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