50 Cent Launches G Note Records

50 is continuing to make big moves and yesterday announced the launch of his new label, G Note Records with Hot Rod as the  artist. Hot Rod currently has a new track, “Dance With Me” on iTunes and is listed under the new record label, which will focus primarily on R&B and Pop acts.


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  • ben

    az bitch! hot rod is a horrible name.


    this muafucka aint stop makin money since the start of the decade.. and he in all type of shit.. just constantly makin money some where.. all ventures.. its crazy ..

  • ronnie_moe

    So, is it safe to say the Boss won?

    Because apparently, G-Unit is no more.

    Yayo is garbage, Banks just underperformed and 50’s flop is going to be a monumental moment in hip-hop history.


  • Ha! Pop? Dam 50 stay selling out!

  • Santa

    Signing Hot Rod counts as a big move?

    …..and on a related note, whos Hot Rod?

  • UPT

    Big Moves Tho Big Homie?????…How Bout Sausage Moves???

  • Goldie

    Okay so what is the difference between G-Unit Records and G-Note Records?

  • MoMoney

    A) What does this post have to do with Rick Ross?

    B)Long term you can hate the man all you want, but he has had more of an impact on hip hop in 8 years than over 75% of the rappers in the game

    C) Lets see how Ross will be financially in ten years and then come holla at me…oh and lets see how relevant maybach music is a few years from now. G Unit aint what it once was domestically but Internationally they still sell out arenas everywhere. Yayo, Banks, Buck and Game’s first albums were all platinum. Nuff said…



  • Post no billz

    Whats the point of having 2 labels..Is the new label gonna be independent? I havent heard from hot rod in years.. Fif must really believe in him..

  • Yeezy Reupholsterd my Pussy

    wtf you doing 50,,,, get back on your get rich or die tryin shit if you ever wanna be relevant smh how do you fall off that hard??


  • Hahaha


  • KC_Mafioso

    A big move?????

    Nobody gives a fuck about G-Unit (these days) and G-Note Records.

    the fuck is a “Hot Rod”?

  • ifuckinhatehaters



  • @MoMoney
    those debut albums went platinum 5 years ago, and I can’t name anything else 50’s done for hip hop besides make a lot of money & drop Get Rich or Die Tryin… oh and those mixtapes he dropped when he was on the come up

  • ronnie_moe

    @ Mo Money

    50 said that he was going to end Rick Ross career.

    He said that he was gonna fuck his life up.

    Did he do that? No..

    Ross been dropping hot shit ever since that beef started, while 50 has been dropping brick after brick after brick.

    I don’t care how much money 50 has, he still ain’t shit nowadays.

    Ross had the song and album of the summer. What has 50 done lately?

    You G-Unit Stans are still holding onto those memories of ’03 but those days are dead.

    Ross Won!!


  • fuk waka

    R&B and pop <—– thats where the Money is!

  • 106

    50 is smart and gets mad money. Hot Rod your flagship artist no bueno IMO I think he should just make money leave music alone it’s over. You can’t sell banks he was once a triple plat artist.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @ronnie_moe Ross had a pretty cool club album. I still think Big Boi’s album was better than his as far as production Em’s album was better than his lyrically and Kanye’s album was better than his conceptually. I don’t see where Ross album made any kind of impact except for getting a few niggas in the club some ass time with a hoe

  • @Ronnie_moe

    Let me ask you something because this is something thats been bugging me for a while. If people are so willing to overlook the numerous fallacies of Rick Ross because of his “lyrical skill”, why are people so quick to look at other lyrical artists as not good because they’re “not real” or “not hood”?
    Ross has done so many things that NOBODY ELSE would ever get a pass for i.e. fucking a stripper rawdog and nutting in her, taking your life story from someone else and the real owner of that story doesnt even fuck with you, constantly saying how many albums you sold was huge and yet you barely went gold and never had a platinum album in your life, repetitive subject matter, had a career in law enforcement (and there’s nothing against that) and lying about it and having a website not only publish pictures of you wearing your uniform but also your social security number and a pic of you receiving your certificate?!?

    If someone with all this can get a pass, how can someone say that 50 is whack or “lost”? 50 had two classic albums who’s sales far surpassed Ross’ discography completely and Fif is still making money now. Ross’ crew hasnt sold shit, while everyone in G-Unit has put up numbers at one point in time.

    If anybody lost, it’s Ross. Its just that his fans don’t wnat to see him die, so they keep ignoring the facts and gassing the fat nigga up.

  • Rick Ross hasnt done anything for HipHop. Period. He didnt open any doors. 50 changed the mixtape game and the investment game for artists.

  • Toya

    Why did he choose G Note? I guess he couldn’t keep G-Unit for legal reasons.

  • pathetic…

  • thisisravenstwn

    @ronnie_moe Both 50 and Ross albums went gold so does that mean they both flopped? Smh dumb ass nigga

  • The thing people missin while throwin around hate is that 50 is putting together a whole nother avenue to make money in a dying hip hop industry. A label titled after a crew scares away everyday young artists , they dont wanna be part of any personal drama related to their knowledge of that crew so it kinda hands growth.

    But making something wit a more ‘friendlier’ title that will be focused on radio music is easier to attract recruits.

    Akon made most his fortune by bringing out Gaga and Usher is only still relevant due to being behind Bieber so it damn sure the dont hurt to get that pop money.

    He didnt say anything bout him personally making pop or r&b,, people gotta understand the biz better

  • thisisravenstwn

    @Toya @Goldie G-Note is a subsidiary lable to G-Unit records. It for R&B and Pop acts. Hot Rod and Governor (Singer from Do you think about me) are the only people signed so far

  • FrostyTheDoeMan

    ^so its basically the kiddie table

  • folk

    I see ross fan -stan- all over this post, I want you to get something clear, ross isn’t on fifs level -musically,financially or whatever the hell you want to call it-, for ross to go gold is a success while for 50 is a failure. fif is held to a higher standards.

    ross doesn’t posses the ability, popularity or influence to lunch certain artists career or by his presence to secure a hit single – on which he is featured on -, even tho 50 isn’t on the same level he was back in 07, he still has ability, high level celebrity statues to do so [ jeremih “down on me”, mann “buzzin”, E-40 “bitch”& any future records he’ll be featured on].

    the only Challenger I see there is jay-z.

  • that new Hot Rod joint is fucking terrible and embarassing its sounds some florida black eyed peas wannabe bullshit….if 50 wants to make money he should just focus on rap and actually put effort and time into it like he did with get rich and stop all this rnb club bullshit…stupid fuck actually has the ability to make good music but hes distracted by all this wack shit


    yall hatin on 5th like yall know him personally

  • You Guys Act Like 50 Is Going Pop!

    G-Unit Is Still There

  • ronnie_moe

    @ S.H.

    Nobody’s ignoring 50’s past accomplishments. They are noteworthy, I give him that.

    But what has 50 done for us lately?

    50 reached his peak years ago.

    He vowed to end Ross’ career but didn’t.

    Ross is more relevant now than ever.

    As far as personal losses go, Wayne gets a pass for kissing Baby, em gets a pass for making racist tapes, marrying a crackwhore (twice), the bruno incident, ducking nick cannon..and I could go on.

    I guess people don’t care about all that shit as long as you making good music, nigga.

    And that’s what ross is doing….

  • 106

    Ross won because he exposed 50. What happened to 50 after beefing with Ross? Cause Ross still doing the same numbers even after the CO thing imagine if that never happened? 50 was numbers wise at the top of the game now if he never made another album nobody would even notice.

  • FrostyTheDoeMan

    ^I see what youre saying (and dont get me wrong, not a Rick Ross fan) but the point about 50 launching careers is just garbage. Dude remixes on every single that comes out through Interscope- he uses up and comers to keep HIMSELF relevent, not the other way around.

  • ronnie_moe

    Lol ya’ll niggas love talking about how much money 50 got and what he’s done in the past.

    Like he ain’t making wack music nowadays.


    I bet you niggas won’t even buy 50’s next album.


  • Mitch 3K

    LOL @ people saying “Get Back to the GRODT days if you wanna be relevant”

    When’s the last time a street record sold shit??……………..Dont worry I’ll wait…………Cant think of one can you??

    I always thought dude sucked anyway but he’ll have a better chance selling pop music, then making Hardcore stuff for the internet to bootlegg………. Fat Joe’s record got love on the web and look how that did

  • thisisravenstwn

    @106 How did he expose 50?

  • FrostyTheDoeMan

    Lets just be honest and call it what it is- its been years since either 50 or Rick Ross was actually GOOD. Now theyre both just trying to remain relevant enough for 1 more album.

  • thisisravenstwn

    You hatin ass niggas love making up shitt

  • @Ronnie_moe

    you got a point, Ross is relevant (for now), but by no means did 50 flop or lose anything. Fif made a ton of moves this year alone. If i got to keep it on strictly music, Ross does a great flow, i wont knock that, but he hasn’t said anything new to me to give him any props for “anthem or song of the summer”

  • HOOD


  • ZoomZoom




  • Chris

    As far as 50 I’m a fan but homies music career is over. Hes washed up. His music is wack. Ross is still on the come up. Characteristic flaws and all. Is he relevant? He’s only on what’s considered the album of the year. Teflon Don sons BISD in every way. Beats, lyrics and even features. Dislike Ross all you want but that’s a fact. Ross don’t really have shit to so with this post but I had to be clear. And Hotrod?….Hotrod? Is 50 fucking this nigga or someshit? Is he blackmailing 50? This nigga been wack. He ain’t had no buzz in the 4-5 years or more that 50 announced his signing. Smdh


  • @Chris

    Well you may feel Teflon Don is better than BISD, but Massacre trumps all of Ross’ albums in every way. Album of the year? In hiphop, there are a lot of better albums than Teflon Don and in terms of music in general, forget about it. And if Hotrod hasnt had a buzz, oh well. Triple C’s is still some garbage. I still remmeber that BS video with Gunplay rapping in front of that homeless woman without a bra,, ughhhhhh

  • grodt wasnt just good cuz it was street but it was quality music thats what people want…thats what eminem did with recovery and everybody loved it because he put effort into it and didnt try to make any wack clubby poppy bullshit like 50 been doing so much lately…hopefully working with kanye will give him some quality beats to rap on and give him some more hits

  • Android

    The only reason TD didnt go plat is because people cant get over the c.o incident. But trust , if people couldve overlooked it, TD wouldve done Aubrey numbers.

    Say what you want too, But right now RAWSE>50( if fiddy would stop releasing garbage, we could talk)

    All the hate for RAWSE stems from that c.o. Nonsense. You can tell the haters want to BE BAWSE! And that they usually find themselves rapping along to the #Rozaygems but stop themselves because they cant get over the deception! GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!! Spin that Ashes2Ashes AND BE BAWSE!!!!

    ‘9piece straight 8balls….!!!!’

  • @android

    Whats makes an artist hot? The lyrics and flow or the fact on if its real or not?

  • Donn

    HAHAHAHAHA, thats wat i’m talking about. the world is bigger than Rap music. Fifty bout to get his Roc Nation on. If u only like one genre of music, u can’t call urself a music lover at all. Real music lovers love everything

  • 106

    @thisisravenstwn he exposed 50 cause he showed 50 wasn’t going to take it to the streets. Cause Internet used to talk that don’t F with 50 cause he a real G bullshit. He got bread now he ain’t touching nobody. He won battles on his gangsta look after Ross showed he not that no more his lyrics was all he had left which was never anything special. Now when 50 talk all that gangsta shit it’s only entertainment and nobody cares. 50 = WWE

  • Android

    The music?

  • @106

    If 50 is WWE, Ross is MC Gusto off CB4

  • Thank Me Hater

    @S.H. Well Ross doesn’t have lyrics or flow soooo…….

  • @android

    aite if its the music, how come people like Talib dont get the props of album of the year or anything like that?

  • @Thank me hater

    he really doesnt, but im just trying to be unbiased in the issue. Ross got flow though.

  • slo down

    Dam fif.


    Who is this clown? and i peeped that song and its gay as shit..

    These wack niggas stay losing, when we will they just fall of the earth for good?

  • yall some closed minded fucks.

  • GuNIt

    Nice 50! I LOVE HOT ROD,but he a rap artist…=//

  • tr

    aite if its the music, how come people like Talib dont get the props of album of the year or anything like that?

    Teflon Don was a better album than Revolutions Per Minute.

    And it is about the music – Big Boi, Janelle Monae, Kanye, Drake are all getting their props. If anything, the Roots were underrated this year.

  • @TR

    ahhh its a tricky subject for real lol

  • Chris

    @ S.H. I didn’t mean Teflon Don was album of the year. I was referencing Ross being on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I also agree that The Massacre( my favorite 50 album & better than GRODT) & Get Rich Or Die Tryin murder anything Ross has ever done. That being said 50 is lost musically. All the other shit goes out the window to me. Movies, money, record sales. The fact is 50 is making really shitty music and Ross is not. In fact, it seems every song Ross is on just keeps getting better. And I can’t stand his fraud ass. He is possibly the biggest fraud in the history of Hip-Hop. And Triple C’s? They’re lifelong friends of Ross as is Banks and Yayo. He’s just putting them niggas on off gp. Horrid Hotrod on the other hand is some dude 50 heard spit and thought he had the potential to sell records. Apparently he still does. I want 50 to win. He’s the ultimate underdog story un this rap shit. People don’t realize that shit. He just needs to make better music period.

  • bk82

    50 is definitely the king of New York !!!!!!

  • Chris

    @106 I’m guessing you didn’t see the video with Khaleds mom? You think that shit was a game? Once they put 50’s son on that website 50 sent a hard message. He showed how easy it was to have them touched. “I have less compassion than your average human being”

  • lmao

    Hot Rod? Has to be the worst rap name ever, what is he a gay porn star?

    Never even heard of this loser, 50 cent your not relevant anymore GIVE UP!

  • powww

    damn 50 jus keeps on findin new ways of makin money….fukin unstoppable

  • nyyforever

    man alot of fif hate.. never thought i see the day where everyone sayin fif is finished it sad

  • @chris

    I cant disagree with you at all with the way you presented that. Ross really is hot right now, but what gets to me is that i cant believe a single thing that nigga says out of his mouth. Musicwise, 50 needs to step up because he really is too relaxed, but then again, who wouldnt? the stage that 50 is on right now, Ross is trying to get there. 50 did all that with business deals and two albums. Curtis and BISD was released for the hell of it IMO. Ross while hot now, cant touch 50 and he knows it. Remember the whole beef started from Ross getting angry because 50 didnt acknowledge him at some show.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @S.H. I feel that. I’m just kinda lost with this whole comparison between 50 cent and Rick Ross. I don’t understand how you can compare the two at all.

    @everyone else Even though I don’t fuck with 50 like that (not even with GRODT) I can’t deny his accomplishments. And by accomplishments I mean his CROSSOVER APPEAL and other endeavors. Whether people like to admit it our not it’s not cool to JUST have your music heard in the “streets” <<<<—–whatever that means. 50 has achieved international success with his rap group, clothing line, movies etc. Ross has achieved regional success that may be growing but nowhere near 50's status. Don't get me wrong…neither one of these niggas can rap though. And by rap I mean technically put words together, have a DIVERSE flow, and change their cadence on the mic to catch and hold a listeners ear.

    AND IT'S NOT just about the music! Not even Rick Ross thinks that!! ALL rappers if they get a chance will try to venture outside of rap in one way or another because in the end they're in it to make money. This is their career. Don't ever let a nigga tell you different!

  • @Thank me hater

    honestly, its a beef that Ross started and its one that’s tarnished his name. Both of them need to put in work to improve themselves, i honestly feel 50 has done so much more. yes, his music now isnt as good as it was before , but his classics are timeless. even the mixtape classics

    *pops in Follow Me Gangsta and cranks that shit all the way up*

  • thisisravenstwn

    No way is ricky better. Ricky cant even make a hot hook

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    Has 50 made a good song since The Massacre?

    And no, Im not really trying to hate, I just stopped checkin for him after Curtis, and havent really heard much that was worth it since. Its a real question, so kindly stay off my nuts and point me towards a good Fitty track. And btw, Rick Ross hasnt made a decent song since…. Hustlin? maybe?

  • @Ihatefuckinhatehaters

    the “Return of the Body Snatchers” mixtape

    a lot of excellent songs like “Good to Me” “The Mechanic” “You Need Me” and more. Peep it. and all those were long after Massacre

  • MoMoney

    “But what has 50 done for us lately?”

    Why do it matter what 50 has done for u lately when ur clearly not a fan of the man, and dont give two shots whether he drops a hot song or not. The thing is 50 haters are dillusional. Even if the man drops a hit record ya will hate and say he fell off and goin pop hes desperate blah blah blah…when truth of the matter is he went away from the formula that made him big in the first place in the industry which was a nice balance of mainstream club records for spins and an album full of street records that are downright catchy as fuck. ya the same niggas that said 50 sold out he need to drop that hard shit..what he do? he drops 2 or 3 mixtapes last year and before i self destruct, his darkest most hardest album ever and u know what u niggas said now?? oh 50 fell off smh this nigga made a dud hes irrelevant.
    smh, aint no pleasin u cats. only reason ross album is considered “hot” is cuz niggas in the industry gas him up and hes ALWAYS had suave production since day one which makes up for his lack of factuality in his lyrics. not to mention is voice is so downright smooth that u get this whole mafia don vibe when u jam to it.
    Trust me, 50 lost the hunger he had. If he ever gets back to that drive for music to prove u niggas wrong hes gon make records that make ya feel salty..and dont give me that g unit flopped hard shit no mo either…there one of only a hand full of labels still puttin out east coast rap albums and not compromising for the mainstream. banks didnt sell as much as a marquee artist but you gotta commened the nigga for puttin out the album that stayed true to his core and sound

  • Chris

    Guess Who’s Back, GRODT, The Massacre, GRODT The Soundtrack, Beg For Mercy, The Hunger For More, The Documentary. After that many classics I guess it’s okay to burn out and drop a couple of duds.

  • Citylivin’

    that 50 & Jada track is mean…..5th better start a beef with somebody (hmmm lemme think Drake or Wayne) because the Rick Ross thing ain’t work….Curly was a #fail.

  • Chris

    @MoMoney Banks shit is tough. His album is all Hip Hop!! I love all music but it’s good to get that raw shit every once in a while and Banks delivered in spades. And what you said about BISD is true too. I don’t think it’s his best but that nigga switched his style up and made one of the hardest records ever.


    Fif aint start that beef, Ross did.

  • Citylivin’

    S.H. says:
    Saturday, December 18 2010 at 7:16 PM EST

    Fif aint start that beef, Ross did.

    lies told on Rap Radar.

  • @citylivin

    uhhhh dont know what you’re talking about, but Ross was the one that said himself a long time ago. he said there was an award show when mad peeps was there. Ross was looking around and he saw 50, im not sure he made some sort of gesture for his attention or something, but Ross was trying to get some sort of acknowledgement for something, and 50 looked at Ross like he was a nobody and kept it moving. 50 then came with a video saying that he didnt even see Ross and didnt even know what Rick was talking about. It all escalated after that. This was before the Pimpin Curly and the Tia Told Me and all that.

  • @citylivin

    here’s the interview right here in fact:

  • bomberzeek


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  • Belize

    Pop n RnB???? Geez Fif. U serious about rap anymore? We’ve all had our suspisions, but this is damn evidence. Too bad. Gues it’s safe to say 50 Cent has officially sold out. :/

  • WindyCityG

    50 still the realist dude in the game , album sales, music whatever and/or not , that just the truth.


  • http://www.youtube.com/staticmwp 50 needs to pull a dre and sign a whiteboy….. right here it is ha…


  • sfafa

    fifty turning into diddy ? fifty stop wasting your money on bullshit like this and focus on god damn music . u rich enough to say fuck mainstream and make some hardcore shit like grodt .
    fiftys new moto “get wack or die trying”

  • KanyeSmug

    I’m telling you now that Fif been killing it on Twitter. He going to be doing some new shit not old shit like what he put on his latest albums. And he’s hungrier than Rozay after it’s been a hour since he last eaten

  • frankles

    @mo money stop lying to yourself dude and do some research. Because the g-unit selling out shows days internationally have been long gone. In europe they are totally degraded to simple clubacts. big concert and hundreds of festival promoters are totally not interested. Nobody is checkin’ for these guys..

    Really how long are these thisis50 spammers gonna keep on faking the funk.



  • str8jckn

    HOT ROD AGAIN? if this were sports hed be a late second round draft pic.

  • Black Shady

    Make 50 the underdog!!! yall niggaz gonna be mad when his next album drop and he comes back with a “I Get Money” type of joint haha

    as long as he doesnt do some pop/rnb shit

  • MoMoney


    how bout u do some research…this is 50’s tour schedule from this past year..and this is just europe…yea these must be some clubs hes performin at…..they must call their clubs a”arenas” in europe..
    Tue 02/23/10 Berlin, Germany Columbiahalle
    Thu 02/25/10 Paris, France Zenith Paris
    Fri 02/26/10 Brussels, Belgium Forest National
    Sat 02/27/10 Essen, Germany Grugahalle-Messe Essen GmbH
    Sun 02/28/10 Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion Zurich
    Thu 03/04/10 Neu-Isenburg, Germany Hugenottenhalle
    Sun 03/14/10 Hamburg, Germany Docks Konzerte Disco
    Fri 03/19/10 Birmingham, United Kingdom LG Arena
    Sun 03/21/10 Dublin, Ireland The O2 Dublin
    Mon 03/22/10 Belfast, United Kingdom Odyssey Arena
    Thu 03/25/10 Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester
    Thu 04/01/10 Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade Arena
    Sat 04/03/10 St. Petersburg, Russia Ice Palace
    Mon 04/05/10 Moscow, Russia Olympiiski

  • MoMoney

    oh and heres his south american tour schedule of 2010

    July 09 – Salvador Place, Brazil – Wet n’ Wild
    July 10 – Goiânia Place, Brazil – Fasam University
    July 15 – São Paulo, Brazil – Via Funchal
    July 16 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Mineirinho
    July 17 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Marina da Glória
    July 18 – Florianópolis, Brazil – Passarela Nego Querido

  • MoMoney

    @ frankles

    you told me to do my research and i did…he just toured 3 diff continents this past year and u said nobody is checking for these guys anymore?? smh….

    yea i guess all the promoters is flockin to get ross…

  • Luger Lu

    Guess what this shit is gonna make fif a lot of money. Maybe not in the states but watch what it does Overseas!!! Fif is a business man and he knows the overseas market, so watch what it does and fif gonna be laughin all the way to the bank as usual. People hate and say what they dont like but fif stays winning. 50 is not a mc tryna get out the streets anymore. Hes a millionaire and a business man so expect him to make moves like it. Officer ricky was a C.O. and ppl give him credit but hes like an average nigga in the hood compared to what and where 50 is financially. Get Rich or Die Tryin is like Snoops Doggystyle only gonna happen once and never again so stop hopin for it cause he only gonna move foward.

  • Android

    ^B.M.F World tour. Sit down.

    In 5 days the Untouchable Maybach Music Group Shuts down the internet.

    Ashes2Ashes dec 24th.

    Its even deeper(p!)


  • 50, kill yoself 4 that shit. G-Note Records? KILL-YO-SELF-NIGGA!

  • Dr N Black

    I could careless about 50 now, but I still wanna see or hear if he can do it again and then maybe I’ll be a fan for the moment, but nope. I just feel Ross says the same drug dealing BS. I like Wayne way more than Em, and HotRod? Man I seriously ratha hear Olivia on Gnote records…… Overall, Jay z is the best still doing it. Ps- I’m not a big Ye fan eitha, so JayDayAllDay

  • Wake Up

    50 cent is a hustler, he tells you this in his music.

    His first CD was called “get rich or die trying”, that implies even if I have to sell out.

    50cent just wants to give the people what they want and what he is good at making which is dumb downed music that caters to controversy and or the radio. Dont get mad at him now for going pop, removing tats, and dating popular white women now that street gangster bullshit records aren’t making money in hip hop.

  • CH LFLOP2Paris

    CO BOSS lost, neva had a platnum album n 50 got 3, top selling albums of 08, ross – 8, n 50 – 3

  • Heavy on it huh? good we are too now lean back dont cry bout it we aint hearing you so be silent. http://www.thablackyoutube.com millions more billion on oh and over 500,000 females all the time holla! DONT START A WAR WE WILL WIN TRUST AND KNOW THIS RR. QWW3233112331

  • 12222312323

    Heavy on it huh? good we are too now lean back dont cry bout it we aint hearing you so be silent. thablackyoutube.com millions more billion on oh and over 500,000 females all the time holla! DONT START A WAR WE WILL WIN TRUST AND KNOW THIS RR.

  • sight


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  • The Gangbanging Nightmare

    Next move >> G Nation?

  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

    Keep fucking that chicken Fifty !

  • Duval904

    I see people can read but can’t compute, um understand….
    This is just a label for pop music… and G-Unit Record is still here…. this is a label under g-unit.. understand… Let a man find another lane to get that Lady Gaga money.. whats wrong with that. you haters kill me.. Fuck Ross and I’m in Florida.. You Rap Fans.. now .. not Hip-Hop fans but rap fans forgive anything…

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  • and the story continues….i don,t think that 50 cent shoiuld have put hot rod down as a pop or r & b artists he is a rap artist…so just keep him in that catacory okay…and his flow is very good also cause i heard him rap and he sounds very good…nough …said…thou….

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  • robert

    If 50 cent was smart being the streetprenuer that he is he would not only tap into pop, dance and R&B but the gospel scene to, that’s a huge money maker!!!! Personally I think the controversial gospel rap artist (XBanga) would be a good fit for 50’s new label and would blow over bigg 4real! I met him personally years ago after he did B.E.T’s teen summit around 96! He’s got some old stuff out online but I just heard one of his new joints str8 fire 50 look him up!