Charles Hamilton Arrested For Assault

Where is Charles Hamilton? Well, he was arrested last week in Ohio for assault. Details are sketchy, but he allegedly was causing a disturbance at various bars. When he was confronted by a cop, he punched the officer in the face. Apparently he’s still in custody with bail set at $25,000. Below is the case information.

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  • killakev92

    The Young DMX

  • ZoomZoom



  • KIng JuggaNott

    Where did it all start to go wrong? I guess when that youngin’ slapped him eh? That was a hell of a slap. Or was it when Serious Jones wack ass beat him in a battle?

  • ronnie_moe

    This nigga ain’t been the same since Shorty knocked the coins out his Sonic the Hedgehog ass.

  • Ice Cold

    ^^^^ except dmx had money and a career jk

  • ZoomZoom


  • Ice Cold
  • Mitch 3K

    What an idiot, lol

  • Ice Cold

    @zoomzoom I know lol I’m trying to be nice, Charles got mental problems, suicide

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  • Yeezy Reupholsterd my Pussy

    shit this nigga must have a chemical imbalance. good job on punching that pig in the face tho

  • Nicholas

    too bad there wasn’t a bitch around to keep him in line

  • Starchaser KG

    And where did you hear he was released?
    He’s still there. 🙁

    The actual information is here:

    25,000 bail, that no one has posted…
    I’m with you, Charles.

  • This dude lives in a fantasy world. What’s the over/under for how long this n—a lives?

  • OAKtom

    the funny thing is this dude has such a great catalouge so taletend hes a amazing lyrically and his beats are amazing.. but no1 pays attention no1 cares about the music .. and the best part about it all is his haters always try to clown him for being a nerd or different or gettting punched by a girl when he possibly is realer in the streets than 99 percent of all rappers .. we all know drake, big sean , wiz will never punch a cop in the face or walk the streets of harlem by themselves


    this nigga just got problems.. he doing anything for attention .. he completely lost his mind.. and put um on suicide watch.. the nigga crazy

  • Starchaser KG

    @GUARE So, you seriously believe that he punched a cop in the face…

    For “attention”. -_-


  • p-from-t

    Charles next mixtape: The State of Ohio vs Charles Hamilton. Coming soon!

  • thisisravenstwn

    No way is CH a horrible rapper. Get the young money cum out your ears son

  • NoSoup4Yu

    I keep seeing everyone talking about when he got slapped by a girl, but I’ve never seen it. Is it on YouTube I gotta see it This nigga is too funny.

  • ben

    this dude on one.




  • * PUNCH

  • supppppp

    He dissed Jay-Z a while back… So now the Illuminati destroying him.

  • johnyy

    Bro how does a bum broke ass dude like charles make it to ohio, when he was in ny….that’s what I wanna know

  • props

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    OAKtom why the hell would wiz and drake be walking around harlem anyway lol

  • Hahaha

    This Muthafucka’s career ended before it Began!
    Damn Charles, what happened!? Pull it Together!!

  • mac PREMIUM

    LMAO @NICHOLAS haha too bad there wasnt a bitch around to keep him in check lol funniest thing i seen all day

  • pablo escobar jr

    posing for a pic like that is an assualt

  • killakev92

    Yall Killing Me

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  • @ pablo escobar LOL

  • Conway West

    Pow pow pow pow!!

  • FREE CHARLES HAMILTON!!! well check out my mixtape i got some beats from Charles for it

  • sunsun

    yall nggz taking ish dont have the nuts to punch a cop in the face. talking trash about this dude meanwhile hes produced and recorded more songs than the majority of rappers ever to rap in the history of rap. the dude is a prodigy, like him or not. prolific artists like this will never blend in with the “regulars’. pay homage to a guy that ‘aint never scared”.

  • Damn, CH is a fool now, im unfollowing this nigga on Twitter SMH

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  • Shoulders

    CH is better than 98% of rappers on the mic and 99% pf producers today. You lames like to make fun of dude for getting punched by a chick or arrested but would have probably bitched out in those situations. Was he supposed to hit the bitch back? At least he was real enough to punch the cop, you faggots would probably just gotten arrested on some bitch shit. Yall sound real hard over these keyboards. Real recognize real.

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  • what ever happened to taking a girl home, and taking off her bra and sucking the shit out her dick nipples, then taking out your cock and stuffing her fuck dwelling until she cried tears of period blood. I’m talking about letting her fuck your ass with a strap on while her mom eats out her ass while jerking on your man meat and right when your about to cum you shit all over the dildo that’s been pounding your poop chute and cum all over the mom’s hand while her daughter also poops in her mouth and while this is all happening the mom is pissing and shiting herself in a joy-us orgasm

  • Uh Huh

    man yal act like rappers aint human… the nigga needs help. no lol. Funny thing is if he was to have a number one single yal wud be screamin Free Weezy…i mean CH… niggas be dickridin..niggas be hatin.

  • Belize

    Smdh. Both po-po’s and Hamilton.

  • Santa

    out of pretty much everybody in the world, this guy is probably the last person Id expect to hit a cop

  • Dude got punch by a bitch? Damn what pussy azz nigga! I would have slam that hoe and rampage jackson her azz! Soft nigga look at that picture lol!!

  • Nick

    damn yall hate on my dude this kid can rap yall may not like his delivery because its hella different and damn near all of his freestyles are freestyles not pre written shit like most dudes are doin these days charles can spit his lyrics are sick

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  • Jason D

    Most true artists do have mental issues

    But those differneces make them artists

  • mmkayy

    is this charles’ twisted way of tryna reach out to Eminem one last time lol ?

  • mmkayy

    ^ u kno b4 he signs to Roc Nation

  • not fucking around

    i think charles hamilton is real living hip hop, he DOES have an impressive catalouge of mixtapes and he comes original always… im just starting to realize this and i think he is one of the most over rated rappers ever, if he keeps persisitant with his art i think hell drop classics in the years to come but theyll probably be more under ground

  • puerto-black

    wonder if he still gonna wear pink and sonic shirts in the bing

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  • Oh no…. What will we ever do without another emo hipster rapper?

  • Poor Charles… I hear Judge Room is a hardass lol

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  • Punk Ass Chuvk

    Charles Hamilton, Young Berg, and Soulja Boy need to form a group, a support group. Whoever thinks Charles Hamilton is a real artist needs to be bitch slapped.

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  • Sometimes you got to run Sonic, so can’t always stay and fight, you got to get away….

  • Heavy on it huh? good we are too now lean back dont cry bout it we aint hearing you so be silent. millions more billion on oh and over 500,000 females all the time holla! DONT START A WAR WE WILL WIN TRUST AND KNOW THIS RR. 345455435345

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  • aka

    GRIMEY! The dude has the biggest buzz right now. His stunts are the future of self promotion get with the script, all the hate out there sells dummies. Get it?


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  • mac DIESEL



  • ohioindishoe

    dont fuck with ohio

  • k


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  • TheJuice 81

    Fucking Idiot!!!!!! he just needs to dissapear…….. Get some help, society does not need another carzy guy

  • Young Yung

    I bet every single person hating on Charles for NOT HITTING A GIRL was screaming Free Lil Wayne with all the other 13 year old Lil Wayne fans.

  • The Hip Hop Culture

    “…I aint related to that nigga….”

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