’10 Mixtapes: #1 Wiz Khalifa Kush & Orange Juice

A little before noon Eastern Standard time on April 11, 2010, Wiz Khalifa turned it up a notch. After dropping seven mixtapes and two albums, he finally made a real splash with Kush & Orange Juice. Backed by whimsical production, Kush & Orange showcases Wiz’s growth as an artist and songwriter. He brings listeners into his hazy world with cuts like, “Mesmorized”, “In The Cut” and “Up”.  Meanwhile, his papers burn bright on joints like “The Statement” and “Never Been”. In fact, Kush & OJ came so freshly squeezed that even Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times took notice. If you haven’t, it’s never too late. Disagree with this list or join the Taylor Gang. Ha!

Previously: #10 Royal Flush| #9 Krit Wuz Here |#8 Mixtape About Nothing | #7 Don’t Feed The Killaz Vol.3 |#6 Friday Night Lights | #5 Str8 Killa No Filla |#4 Trunk Muzik | #3 There Is No Competition 2 | #2 Albert Anastasia

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  • assasin9

    big tape… didn’t think it wud be number 1 though — definitely grew on me, didn’t have the same feel as his previous works, but it does have longevity

  • kallywood

    i cant think of one better..Kush and orange juice nigga!

  • KennyD


  • LO

    Well Served #nuff said

    Taylor Gang or listen to Relapse on Repeat


    disagree. FNL easy. im from pittsburgh and j cole is unexplainably better
    tell me a song wiz khalifa has that compares to before im gone

  • Ronnie-Moe

    That’s what’s up….Finally something I agree with…

    No MM4 on the list though???

  • Gus

    Great tape. Still on the ipod. Deserves an EP release.

  • dutchmaster

    where the fuck is BOSS OF BOSSES series cam’ron/vado?????


  • comonson

    imma have to disagree with this list

  • ben

    i never listened. is it good?

  • illie

    AGAIN PPL DONT GET MAD..THIS WAS ALL YN’S PUBLICITY STUNT TO GET HITS…it Clearly worked! ha shit-radar… this is how the list SHOULD HAVE BEEN
    10. not quite sure but imma fuck arnd n give it to fan of a fan – chris brown n tyga
    9. Boss of All Bosses 2.5 – Camron & Vado
    8. Trap or Die II – Young Jeezy
    7. Finally Famous 3- Big Sean
    6. The Champ Is Here Part III – Jadakiss
    5. Kush & Orange Juice – Wiz Khalifa
    4. More about Nothing – Wale
    3. Albert Anastasia Ep – Rick Ross
    2. Friday Night Lights – J. Cole
    1. There Is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service) – Fabolous


  • 1of1

    Kush & OJ-Top 7 Good at best
    More About Nothing, Friday Night Lights, K.R.I.T. Was Here-better
    Trunk Music-I ain’t heard too much of Yelawolf but I keep hearin’ niggas give him universal acclaim

    & where’s Finally Famous 3?

    I think you makin’ these lists in this way to make convos
    Can’t knock your hustle

  • Connor

    #1 & #3 are my only agreed positions.
    wiz deserved this, really was a push for him. he’s not the best lyrically, no. But damn his flow is uncomparable.

  • King Jugganott

    Fuck a Mixtape didn’t make the list? Damn…that’s some shit right there. I am good with Wiz shit being number one though.

  • BigAnt !

    This does deserve to be #1….BUT I DISAGREE WITH EVERYTHING ELSE !

  • RRabitch

    Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit. mm4s not up on this list, and k&oj gets top spot? done with RR.

  • I don’t understand the “hype” Wiz gets. “Black & Yellow” is catchy and all but I’m not a Steelers fan nor am I an Alpha. I don’t smoke weed and I don’t rock Taylors. I must not be the target audience. The fact that No Genre isn’t on the list is a little perplexing, and FNL should have been in the top 5 easily. What happened to Kendrick Lamar?

  • BigAnt !

    Wow B.Dot you makin me look me stupid now dawg

  • Big Meats

    how yall leave mood muzik off the list? smh

  • ThisListSucks

    Cool mixtape, definitely deserves to be on the list.. But this entire shit is out of order ! No Jeezy ? No Spitta ? No Vado ? No Nipsey ? Cyhi top ten ????

    This shit must be political

  • casper21


  • Belize

    Definitely good, but RR goin all the Source on us!!! J.Cole’s was hell of a lot doper!!

  • Mr Xclusive

    Chris browns mixtapes are better than this, Fan Of A Fan is better than this, Well Done is better than this …this mixtape is for fucking potheads …normal people know this music sucks, stupid smokers

  • Mr Xclusive

    fuck Jiz Khalifa ….and fuck you potheads that support him. your opinion doesnt mean anything cuz your high dumbass!

  • The Kid Frankie

  • @BigAnt !

    You disagree with the whole list EXCEPT the #1 spot? Really?!?!?!?! *in Seth Meyers voice”

  • BBoggz

    Fuck a Mixtape hands down the best of 2010.

  • Jacob

    Friday night lights was way better, all wiz talks about is weed and its boring as shit say something new j cole actually has meaning to his lyrics its fucking bullshit

  • original will

    finally famous 3 is missing really too fake;final hour;High Rise;Made it;Crazy;5 buccs;fat raps

    really finally famous 3 didnt make the list sean should make something on one of these top 10s list

  • Rodney Rodz

    How is Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 4 not on here?

  • Jzik

    this list needed big sean finally famous vol.3, b.o.b may 25th, curren$y smokee robinson, jeezy trap or die 2 and cam and vado boss of all bosses 2. i really dont know how these were left off…

  • Brahsef

    Man, all you posters care way too much bout lists. It’s RRs lists, if you don’t agree, then move the fuck on. Personally, I feel FNL was the best mixtape of the year, but I could see Kush & OJ takin the top spot. That shit blew the fuck up. I know bitches who be fuckin with Kush & OJ.

    Ya’ll gotta take your periods and move on.

  • Money Mitch

    Mm4 was better than this whole list and 90% of
    The albums that were put out rapradar has become like the ybf or missinfo just a rap gossip blog, zero rap credibility anymore. Yn praises these pop acts so high and shits on real hip hop. I’m gonna find a new site this yr wrap up killed it for me.

  • Catcher freeman

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MM4 on the list wtf is wrong wit u YN. nigga did u forget joe budden. wiz is cool and all. i dont listen to him much. he cant rap, he has a cool personality. THIS TAPE IS SO FUKIN OVERRATED. i bet u tomorrow u make a top 10 rap albums list, and put drake and em on top of kanye. if u do, u are wat u look like…. ON FUKIN CRACK.

  • redrobin


  • swins89

    i say he re releases it as an EP like drake did and put…..THAT GOOD on it

  • redrobin


  • Speaking of Kush & OJ. If you have time please read my blog http://whenidiefuckitiwannagotohell.biz/wordpress/ and comment if you like

  • Word


    I feel like list are made to be debated. From I can see the commenters just debating and stating they opinions ain’t nuffin wrong here

    That being said I feel like mxtape of the year is something all hip hop heads can somewhat relate to right? This shit right here…I don’t smoke, how can I enjoy the tape? its just weed talk!

  • NYC

    Wiz sux . He’s a lil better than Flocka

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  • @word “I feel like list are made to be debated. From I can see the commenters just debating and stating they opinions ain’t nuffin wrong here”

  • I agree with you @illie and Fuck A Mixtape, ,MM4 mixtape, Boss Of All Bossed 2 & 2.5, and May 25th shoudnt been threre. Also Kush & Oragnge Juice is the best mixtape ever.

  • King Jugganott

    It’s just bad because some of those mixtapes have like ONE or TWO solid tracks on ’em.

  • ODM3TheTruth

    No Genre was too legit not to be on the list.

  • Hey everyone! I just compiled my site’s list of Top 10 free projects of 2010 as well and we got a couple overlaps but I also included some that y’all may have missed. Check out my list here:
    Please leave a comment and let us know what you think! Thanks in advance for your time, it is much appreciated!

  • Cheat

    No MM4 or FF Vol 3?? Man idk bout this list

  • get it right


    Completely agreed. This a foul list right here that’s what it is.



  • suppppppppp

    YN is the type of nigga that he won’t acknowledge Joe Budden… But when Joe Budden signs to Shady, will then kiss his ass. Welcome to the Industry folks.

  • BigAnt !

    I Take back what i said earlier
    Tell me if im wrong?
    1. J.Cole-FNL
    2.Wiz Khalifa-Kush n OJ
    3.Big Sean-FF3
    4.Fan of a Fan
    5.CyHi Da Prynce-Royal Flush
    6.B.o.B-No Genre
    7.Wale-More About Nothing
    8.Tyga-Well Done
    9.Joe Budden-MM4
    10.T.I-F#%K A Mixtape


  • Now I get that K & OJ is a dope mixtape, but up against J. Cole FNL no effin way. There was way more consistency with Cole. I don’t think that Wiz truly deserved this #1 title. Don’t get me wrong I am a Wiz fan all day, but I am for certain that J. Cole won this #1 spot hands down. Unless they are going by twitter and FB.

  • BigAnt !

    Hold up let me correct myself
    2.Kush N’ OJ
    4.Royal Flush
    5.More About Nothing
    6.Fan Of A Fan
    7.No Genre
    9.There is no competition 2
    10.Fuck A Mixtape

  • BigAnt !

    Where are my comments ?

  • SMH

    I guess you gotta talk about weed in every song to be considered number 1 … SMH , just goes to show what the people that run this website is on … KUSH i guess. How about SOCIAL AWARENESS, talking about the PLIGHT of BLACKS in this country, something UPLIFTING ! A SYMBOL OF HOPE ! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WAS CLEARLY A BETTER MIXTAPE THAN EVERY MIXTAPE MENTIONED ON THIS LIST … Embrace the INTELLECT of our people not the NIGGERIZATION that spews through most of ” Hip Hop’s” MC’s

  • relax

    soo RR definatly missed mm4 that shit def deserves 2 be in the top 10. other i personally think they missed was no genre, dope as fuck, bad season, tech one of the best atm, and bar exam 3, bunch of fillers n shit but regardless still hella good mixtape.

  • Black Shady

    SMH!!! Cole’s FNL is #10X better than Wiz’ overhyped mixtape and career

  • Donn

    Chris Brown – In My Zone 2 ——–> MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR….to me that is.

  • kawz

    I really think Friday Night Lights was the best of 2010.

  • me too

    No Jeezy…..No Vado…..this list is shit

  • Albrecht44

    another reason to only come to this website only for news. the idea that this was the best mixtape of the year, is downright foolish.

  • JunnBug aka Jun Nishihara

    lmfaooo @ YN’s last line “Disagree with this list or join the Taylor Gang. Ha!” YN’s a genius.

  • Wow no Mood Muzik 4? SMH

  • This Shut DOWN TWITTER
    had to be #1
    hit the name

  • Pap Smear

    Like this site but the fact that is tape is ranked above FNL & KRIT Wuz Here & MM4 isn’t listed at all make this list kinda ridiculous & can’t be taken seriously… Y’all check the Smoking Section for some more accurate write ups…

  • BFP501

    So no Trap or Die 2, Finally Famous 3, or Boss of All Bosses….. guess hip-hop is going in another direction now. I fucks wit Bogus Boys but its not better than any of those 3 YN. Stop being politically correct and be honest. No Kendrick Lamar…. Mr. Wilson can we get an explanation to why some of these got overlooked

  • IIG

    Yeah, Wiz takes top honors easy. I bet Kush & OJ will end up being better than his album.

  • peter

    you guys are fucking stupid on this site.. Im a huge Wiz fan but this tape was not better than FNL. And Krit Wuz Here isnt even a mixtape so why the hell is it on here?

  • bbe4eva

    i cant complain at tha list 2 much but i do think Kendrick Lamar shoulda been in tha top 5 (even tho it was released on itunes and free as a mixtape as well it was jus 2 good 2 me!) but i can see kush and oj being number 1 cuz it was a good tape 2 me and it changed everything 4 him…my top 10 is…

    1 Kush and OJ – Wiz Khalifa
    2 O verly D edicated -Kendrick Lamar
    3 More About Nothing – Wale
    4 Friday Night Lights – J-Cole
    5 Ashes 2 Ashes – Rick Ross (its jus better that tha Albert Anastasia ep to me but tha ep had more hype because of BMF and MC Hammer)
    6 Here, My Dear – Terrace Martin
    7 TINC2 – Fabolous
    8 KRIT Wuz Here – Big KRIT
    9 Royal Flush – Cyhi Tha Prince
    10 CM5 – Yo Gotti
    11 Str8 Killa No Filla – Freddie Gibbs
    12 Dont Feed The Killaz Vol 3 – LEP Bogus Boys

  • bbe4eva

    i 4got TI Fuck a Mixtape!

  • BrandonTex

    I dont know how u could put that as number 1

    Statik and Terms 1982 was crazy!

    and Celph Titled Nineteen Ninety Now

    fuckin radar is broke

  • Pap Smear

    LOL!! GAT DAMN they deleted my post cause I said go to The Smoking Section to get a better list!! You fuck niggas!!

  • GI JOE

    This was my introduction to Wiz Khalifa. And I gotta admit I heard this shit and “Mesmorized” was actually mesmorizing. No skip, just let this muthafucka ride mayne. The boi came with it on this shit “Up”, “Never Been”, “Kid Frankie” all laid back playa shit. Well deserved # 1 for a timeless mixtape. *Got ya bitch cookin them cheese eggs too*

  • fuk waka

    hmmmmm fuck this liste BUT
    im gonna download this mixtape to see why this is numba 1!!

  • Ballzout

    Big BRIT number 9 dude sound be at least number 3 or 4….

  • lol

    10. Albert Anastasia Ep – Rick Ross
    9. Finally Famous 3- Big Sean
    8. Kush & Orange Juice – Wiz Khalifa
    7.More about Nothing – Wale
    6. There Is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service) – Fabolous
    5. The Champ Is Here Part III – Jadakiss
    4. V5- Lloyd Banks
    3. Mood Music 4- Joe Budden
    2. K.R.I.T. Wuz Here- Big K.R.I.T.
    1.Friday Night Lights- J. Cole

    that should be the list not this shity ass list they put up

  • Peterrrr

    Wtf. Wiz doesnt even rap on this shit, I Listened to this Once. If i wanted to Hear A Stoner Rambling Ill listen To Starlito.
    Trunk Muzic Was Tape Of The Year. And Wheres Earl’s ‘Earl’ at??
    Stop Riding Wiz. Shit.

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  • ArnoldNL

    MM4????? C’mon son! Should be SOMWEHERE on the list. U can’t deny that man

  • I dont agree with this… I honestly feel Wiz stole Curren$y whole style just as Lil Wayne did. But I still fucks with Khalifa, he got good music just not the same as previous work. Heres my list.

    1.) J.Cole (F.N.L.)- I dont fuck with dude, but a lyrical beast who actually speaks real shit.

    2.) Rick Ross (Albert Anastasia)- The Fat Muthafucka stepped his game up! Still dnt like him cuz he was a former cop, real niggas dnt rock with the boys.. IM FROM DETROIT!

    3.) Wiz Khalifa (Kush & O.J.)- Burn after rolling was his best shit

    4.) Fabolous (T.I,N.C.2) Stood tall with the first series. And He is one of the best NY artist the past decade. Longivity is key!

    5.) Wale (More about nothing) Big Year for D.C. W/ No Hands too

    6.) Big Sean (Finally Famous Vol 3) Put on for the D, BOOOIIII, plus one of the best cyphers on BET

    7.) Chris Brown & Tyga (Fan of a Fan) Grammy nominated single

    8.) Lil Wayne- (NO Cielings!)

    9.) Cam And Vado Series.. Them Niggas Good!

    10.) Young Jeezy (Trap or die II) 1000 grams was ass.. or Currensy (Pilot tlk or Don Cannon mixtape) *Slept on heavy

  • Trip

    you give wiz khalifa the top spot and wacka flocka the most underated album… FUK CRITICS


    MAN. No Mood muzik???? No Fuck a mixtape? No champ is here? No ba exam? Shit is crazy. That MM4 was better than any album that came out this year. REAL TALK

  • @WRONG

    @WRONG every single one?

  • GTFO

    I agree with the #1 decision, but everything else is a No Go. You should at least have Boss Of All Bosses 2 up there. Oh well, hope you guys had fun giggling with each other in the office while reading these comments.

  • Brock

    HOW YOU PUT FABO OVER J. COLE?? ill never know.

  • Jai

    the laws 4:57 big sean finally famous 3 curren$y smokee robinson were should have replaced 3 of these on your list!

  • where is Big Sean Finally Famous vol. 3 B.I.G.
    I figured it had to make the list

  • gabriel

    the list is pretty good, but friday night lights, krit wuz here and more about nothing are better than kush & oj. and where the fuck is finally famous 3 on this list ?



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  • Yooo

    Holy SHIT I didnt even think of MM4 until now how the FUCK was that not on the list? Best mixtape of 2010 hands down!

  • trust me

  • lilrizq

    disagree. FNL easy. im from pittsburgh and j cole is unexplainably better
    tell me a song wiz khalifa has that compares to before im gone

  • whatevs

    These lists obviously refer to the commercial success that the artist gained from the album/mixtape. Guess it’s more fair than basing them on quality, but on paper all these lists look sooooo bad.

  • K.R.I.T. Wuz Here should of been number #1
    Now dont get me wrong Kush & Oj was a decent tape
    just Big K.R.I.T. blows everybody out of the water with his tape
    Wiz Khalifa sucks now ever since he got signed to Atlantic he hasnt put out anything decent.

  • jdot

    Wiz shit is dope but it doesn’t deserve the number one spot. That belongs to J.Cole…….Wat a dumb ass list! FNL >>>>>>>>>

  • Shooga

    ONE question.Where is B.o.B-No Genre on this list?

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