Drake & J.Cole Remember Aaliyah

Both Drake and J.Cole have shared their admiration and tributes to Aaliyah in the past. Recently, Drizzy spoke on Ms. Haughton’s musical influence with SoulCultureUK. After the jump, Jermaine recalls making a beat in tribute to the R&B singer shortly after she passed.

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  • Jacob McCaw

    Cmon Drake cant sing

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  • East End

    absolutely hate man utd,
    he’s probably just lost a million fans right there.

  • DR

    fuck man u. Chelsea all day.

  • leo

    MANUTD! damn how’s chelsea doing this year? Is that man u with the goose egg in the loss column? Ferguson is God. Respect drake.

  • postman

    does michael ballack still play for chelsea?

  • Fishing for fans with this. Why don’t they ask Justin bieber how he felt about milli vanillie ? Doesn’t make sense.

  • nnb

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  • Belize


  • LV

    corn ball shit

  • R.I.P. AALIYAH :*(

  • Toven

    How old is drake and j.cole? rite shhh!

  • Donn

    Who gives a damn how old these kids are. My sister’s 5 and she listens to Michael Jackson. Their music is timeless, are you gonna tell your kids listen to your own generation’s music and not ours?
    That was the dumbest fuckin’ comment ever. I wasn’t alive for Chaka Khan or Richard Marx, or Cyndi Lauper or Tears For Fears but i listen to them like i’m listening to JayZ. Music is timeless

  • Toven

    @Donn Guess what you’re dad should of flush u down the toliet instead of impregnate your mother i feel sorry for her smh.

  • dannidavito

    your dad doesnt know about CEE-LO GREEN! ima need for you to buy him a Goodie Mob album

  • dannidavito

    drake pops talkin bout don’t know rapper sing and does it well! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!


    Man Utd prob lost a million fans cause drake wearing their shit hahahhahahah

  • Donn

    Drake is 10x better than eminem and he can what ever he want

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  • juzzmaine

    @donn Ʋ sure Ʋ don’t need to call your sponsor? I think Ʋ я sliPping! Wth nigga?


    J. COLE > DRAKE !
    HIP HOP > POP !


  • Mr Xclusive

    @COLD BLOOD i dont hate you i love you

  • Drake kind of sounds like a stalker

  • jonny bizness

    To all the Man utd haters Top of the league with 2 games in hand and we r not even playing well. What does that say about your team? .Wind your neck in I’m still recovering from them 3 games on yesterday 1 2 many Red stripes by the time the Spurs game came on i was watching it in Double vision Lol.

  • Donn

    Takin usernames again? I cant with the immaturity on this site man.

  • Donn

    Please leave drake alone! Pop>Rap

  • drast

    Go Chelsea 🙂

  • zilla zilla y’all

    LOL @ dat punchline vid

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