ATCQ Film Picked Up By Sony Pictures

Overcoming clouds of controversy, it was announced today that A Tribe Called Quest’s doc has been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics. The documentary was premiered during Sundance Festival 2011 in January. The film’s director Michael Rapaport speaks on the deal.

“I couldn’t be more excited and proud that BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST is being distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. As a first time filmmaker to have the support of SPC is like being signed by the NY Yankees.  Telling this story was not only a labor of love, but also the most fulfilling accomplishment of my career.”


UPDATE: Oh no, here we go again. Tip reacts.

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  • Real Talk

    I hope Q-tip supports this!

  • wickwickwack

    haha smh …i really wanna see this and why Q tip was against it

  • NuJew

    Michael Rappaport wins!

    P.S. Fuck louis farrakhan and the rest of the NOI

  • zezzoi

    Q-tip needs to stop being a BITCH.

    Worried about ATCQ legacy? Nigga shut the fuck up

  • mac DIESEL



  • mac DIESEL


    DAMN….TIP AIN’T PLAYIN’!!!! HA!!!!


  • mike

    i jus wanna see this documentary !!!

  • Real Talk

    Well Q-tip agreed to let the Mike produce the documentary…so what’s the big deal? Why is he so against it…maybe to bring controversy so more people will be interested in going to the movie to see what the conflict is?

  • EHHH

    q-tip is acting like asour bitch he should be happy some one cared enough about the tribe to bother with it and apparently he wasnt always against it either.

  • Black Shady

    Yawns….another episode of Q-Tip trippin…

  • LO

    Comedy at its finest. Tip gon hook off on the whiteboy when he see him

  • Nathaniel

    hmmm…. given what i know about black art in the hands of white corporations and schmucks, alike, i’m riding with Q-Tip on this one. we know Tip to be a class act soldier for the culture, the music, and the people alike.

    so… off the strength of that, fuck Rappaport, Sony, Michael Lynton, Amy Pascal, Jeff Blake, AND even Tony Mottola aka “the devil” (word to Michael Jackson) …and the NuJew who said fuck Farrakhan and the NOI. fuck all y’all.

    my Blackness has been activated and is on level 3. ha!

  • yacustommadehiphop

    i think tip is trippin and needs a damb hug!!smh!!!and why does elliot look like a damb crackhead????smh

  • petey wheatstraw

    why the fuck your illiterate ass spell damn with a b? euro trash.

  • haq

    When u don’t know what it’s all about it’s all about the money. Fuck tip.

  • jordan cohen

    okay…so clearly tribe isn’t seeing the right kinda $$$ for tip to be making such a stink. Honestly, Tip needs to take the battle indoors with Rappaport (ironically Mr Dunwitty might try to argue he knows Tribe better than he does!)

    This public knocking of a documentary (the first ever) for a group that is over 20 years old and most <25 year olds have NO IDEA of isn't making a very good case for encouraging people to see it. I <3 ATCQ til the death but Tip, wtf? You don't like Remy?

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