Lupe Fiasco Reacts To First Number One

Lupe turned to his Twitter account to express his feelings on Lasers reaching the number one spot on Billboard. He even gave a shout out to the good ol’ Double R. Congrats, Lu.

every year we do better, steady on the rise, the tears for lost ones weigh heavy on the eyes, dita sunny’s, gold prezzy, twin turbo chevy fo’ a ride of course, from the backseats of phantoms i thought of leaving thru suicide doors, love got me thru it, best fans ever made the whole world care, had 51st & 6th looking like Tahrir Square! apologize for dumbing it, but look what has become of it, “All Black Everything” some old white southern woman humming it, Took Gaza Strip’s Politics and put them number one and shit, took the myth that concious dont equal commercial and mothafuckin pummeled it! weapons for the weak, lessons for the meek, the too proud to beg, and the too poor to speak, the too smart to listen, and the too dumb to teach, two sides to every story so i listen to both speak, shout 2 all the dj’s, who gave a nigga replays, @fakeshoredrive @rapradar & the whole internet space, U put it online I put it in they face, and there it will remain, for atleast another week, right at number 1, hahaha yeah nigguh, stay strong Japan, Nate Dogg REST IN PEACE!!!

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  • winning


  • mikey

    Lupe WINNING

  • TheCoolestNiggaWhat

    Too bad it had to be Lasers….

  • So Icy Boi!

    Album was wack as fuck. And Gucci did 500k first week with The Appeal so beat that Lupe Fitraschco

  • Donn


  • puerto-black

    Now who gets to choose the direction of the next album, Lupe or Atlantic?

  • killuminati

    I don’t know what to make of this.I love you lupe and I respect your values but ”we” can’t take the credit for this!!!!!!!!!!this is atlantics album,you were more or less a hostage.this is all just too confusing.

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  • @So Icy Boi!

    Man GTFO Gucci Mane never did numbers like that. His highest first week numbers was 89k (State vs Radric Davis). Gucci Mane has never even hit gold. The man would die to have The Cool numbers!

  • MP

    What makes selling records cool? That means just a bunch of white niggas (not from the culture) bought your shit. THEY DON’T BUMP LUPE IN THE STREETS and that’s all that matters! LOL

  • Yeezy taught me

    @So Icy Boi!

    The appeal did 60k in the first week dummy.

  • ptone814


  • puerto-black

    @So Icy Boi!, Radric did 60k first week, Men Lie, Women Lie, you know the rest….Now who gets to choose the direction of the next album, Lupe or Atlantic? They both were right on this

  • puerto-black

    @MP, “To tell those kids that’s livin’ in the ghetto
    That the niggas holdin’ back that the world is theirs
    Yeah, yeah, the world is yours, I was once that little boy
    Terrified of the world, now I’m on a world tour
    I will give up everything, even start a world war
    For these ghetto girls and boys I’m rappin’ ’round the world for
    Africa to New York, Haiti, then I detour
    Oakland out to Auckland, Gaza Strip to Detroit
    Say hip-hop only destroy, tell ’em look at me, boy
    I hope your son don’t have a gun and never be a D-boy”

  • Clos1881

    Atlantic wasn’t right. What made the album sell was the build up and lupe fans wanting to support him and show the label. First week sales are always about the hype next week will be about the music, and unfortunately it’s not the lupe we have come to love. the album will take a big drop next week.

  • Jazz

    that thank you was better than verses on most dude’s albums

    the album didn’t sell because of the music atlantic made him do. it sold because of his strong fan base

  • puerto-black

    @Clos1881, Well said. I cant be too mad at Atlantic. Yes “The Cool” and “Food and LQ” SHIT on Lazers but there in a business to make money. Maybe one day the Machine will get that great music will always sell (Songs to the key of life, Miseducation, Illmatic, Etc, ETc). Hopefully a Compromise on the next and Prolyfic, Soundtrac, Ye’, Needlez Beats.

  • supppppppp

    Lupe should thank Atlantic for his album hitting #1 really…
    They went in, switched it up, and made a HIT.

  • funny how when the album leaked and cats said it was wack…he told us it was Atantic’s album…now that it goes #1, the story is “WE DID IT”. C’mon son just b/c you rep Chicago it makes you no Obama, stand by your shit or get off the mic…someone cue the sandman….

    PS still waiting on Hov to bring Lamas to the hood…

  • So Icy Boi!

    @@So Icy Boi! @Yeezy taught me @puerto-black: fuck u haterz n liars…. Gucci sold mo album then Lupe Fitraschco

  • puerto-black

    ok, boy

  • So Icy Boi!

    @puerto-black: i shot ya bitch

  • LO

    Damn Lupes Writtens>>>>>>>>Niggas Spittin

  • kwame

    the album didn’t sell because of
    the music atlantic made him do.
    it sold because of his strong fan

  • Fuck Donns faggot band wagon ass. Dissing Lupe about his album, and now suckin his dick when he realized all his Pop Friends was digging it… LMAO FAKE ASS FAGGOT FAN!

  • LA

    WE DID IT????

  • Donn

    @Kidd Rapp: I respect that ur frustrated with me,but no need 4 name calling.

  • @So Icy Boi!

    Search Gucci Mane then Search Lupe Fiasco

    Gucci is ass just admit it. his buzz has been dead since 2009. And when he had buzz the guy only sold 89k first week lmao.

  • puerto-black

    @So Icy Boi, aw shit shun. im hit with a internets bullet. Now go tell your internets friends, how internets gully you keep i, in the streets of Imternets. Boy

  • Gucci Is GOAT

    @So Icy Boi! What up my nigga!

  • Drake Stan

    Lol RR has the most entertaining commenters. One of the best things about this site.

  • ptone814


  • ptone814

    So after ready @soicytoy’s comments i looked up gucci lame because i had no idea who he was….after some research i found out he is a wack ass grammer school rapping toy…[email protected]….after looking her up it shows who u really are….troll…..cucci lame hasnt even gone gold on any of his 3 albums….so what are you talking about? LUPE THE GOAT!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


    Lupe >>>

  • So Icy Boi!

    @ptone814: get off mah dick cracka

  • @Donn

    Kill urself man, nobody here likes you

  • Donn

    @ Kid [email protected]

    I know your on a super mission to destroy me lmfao, but uhhh

    Heres the thing, i love pop music from artist who have started that way and stayed consistent. Katy Perry didn’t try to rap, Taylor Swift never put out a rap record or worked with Raewkon. For an artist like Lupe Fiasco to give me Food & Liquor and The Cool and steal my heart as a Hip Hop fan, and then turn around and make an album like LASERS loses my respect as a fan. At least stay consistent and keep your fucking integrity

    I agree with dude up top, first you say it’s Atlantic’s album and now its WE DID IT???

    Lupe you lost a fan this time around, hope you go back

  • sway-z

    What’s the point of having a message with no audience? Let um hate Lupe, the real fans know what time it is

  • [email protected] you see lupe gave enough love to receive back more it/s the only way.
    + lupe is the artist with the most soul at #1 since sade did last year + this one is a lesson for keeps.

    Great news on this day of morning.

  • 5k on my wrist

    good for him but i’ll wait for a better album to purchase

  • Belize


  • That guy

    yo can we have a ‘You Played Yourself’ for that loser Shake @ 2dopeboyz? also for the fact that he’s been promoting Tyler the Creators album for 3 days hahaha.

  • Hater Patrol

    Clap for him

    @rapradar y’all should keep YN on there for another week -Hater

  • Van

    People have to realize Lupe has established a Roots like fan base.

    He’ll go gold every time he drops an album.

    FNF UP

  • that is too dope and i didn’t even get a chance to buy Lasers yet, definitely getting two now

  • 2wenty

    wow, the album he hated and the label wanted goes #1…I’m anticipating Lupe droppin a “mixtape” of cuts he wanted on the album…they already starting the leak..

  • Geebz


    “and then turn around and make an album like LASERS loses my respect as a fan. At least stay consistent and keep your fucking integrity”

    Dont even know where to begin on this terrible fucking excuse. You clearly have no idea on the situation behind lasers, why it turned out like it did, and everything else in between. If you did you would understand Lupe and the album but instead you throw him under the bus all because it’s too pop. (coming from the guy who pushes pop music like a religion…priceless)

  • mac DIESEL



  • ^^^ LMAO!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kidd [email protected] = fag DIESEL

  • Donn


    Like I said, and i’ll say this without disrepecting you and calling you names like most ppl do on this site to get their opinions heard

    I am a Lupe fan and will be for a long time and idc what the circumstances for this album were, he found ways to work around it with records like Words I Never Said and Show Goes On, he could have taken those elements and kept his integrity. And like i said, i love pop music, but i love pop artist who keep their integrity by doing what they do best and sticking with it

    If Jennifer Hudson or Lauryn Hill put out an electro-pop record, i’d call them fucking sell outs for sacrificing their dignity as artist to sell a few records. THATS what i’m talking about with Lupe. He sacrificed his dignity when he could have worked through the circumstances and still kept his pride. You can diss me for liking other music besides Hip Hop, thats fine cus Hip Hop is 30yrs old anyway, but don’t try and say to me that this album is ok for Lupe. CUS LUPE IS NOT AN ‘OK’ ARTIST, HE’S A GREAT ONE

  • damn, i got cha homie! that was a written freestyle indeed! i got cha homie, i understand you had to do what had to be done….thanx for the clarification mos appreciation for the music & hopefully the next one sequel to food and liquior hit hARDEST than this one


  • I hate that people think they know what Lupe and his Label have going on like they where there. Or like you know for a fact what he was made to do. Everyones a damn critic or blogger now, the problem with most critics is they rip those that do things they never could come close too. WALE SAID IT BEST HIP HOP AIN’T DEAD I BELIEVE IT’S JUST THE FANS (to many people critical of him 2). At the end of the day Lupe wrote the lyrics and its Lupe album.

  • B-Fresh

    B-more eeds more lasers cuz we use to bein the losers lupe stand up wit us…………….much heart out to japan the world is agry wit all civilization so start givn back to nature wat u think keepn this plaet in rotation open ur eyes……

  • gprof

    absolutely love food and liquor, as well as the cool… i would have usually considered myself a fan of lupe fiasco…but i can honestly say that lasers is probably the big piece of shit ive ever wasted money on. Wow. I’ve never seen an artist fall from such heights of greatness. My copy of Lasers is currently on the side of a highway. It was so terrible i literally threw it out the window. I will never buy this man’s work ever again….he really has to redeem himself for anyone to give a shit about him anymore. Fuck Lupe

  • See(sic)

    @ Donn… The songs you mentioned were both songs that were more or less shoved down Lupe’s throat, so the answer is no, there was no way he could get around it. Not like he didn’t make them good songs, but they weren’t 100% organically created and delivered by Lupe. Given the circumstances, I think he did a damn good job at maintaining his dignity and integrity. It could have turned out a lot worse for him. There was no “working around the circumstances”; he was backed into a corner with pressure from Atlantic to take their songs and make a record. He was about to self destruct, so his only choice was to play ball so he could get out of the jam he was in. If I was Lupe, I would feel humbled but at the same time incredibly frustrated that the album went down this particular road to success. The word bittersweet is a massive understatement in this case. As for him going pop, has he not made pop records before? What about Solar Midnite (from the Twilight soundtrack no less)? It’s not like he’s never ventured to a pop-sounding track, this didn’t come completely out of the blue. And yeah maybe Lasers was not what a lot of fans wanted, but I think people by now understand the story and what happened so much so that they supported the artist regardless. The sooner Lasers came out, the closer Lu’s contract is to being fulfilled, the sooner he can move on from this music industry nightmare, the sooner he can sign to GOOD Music lol

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  • The music is Atlantic but content is all Lupe. Bi-winning.



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