• FreeMyeye


  • jordan cohen

    Wow, who is still checking for this dude?

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    ^^ lmao , i was just about to say the same , i mean like really how does this guy survive ?? it’s mind boggling

  • jordan cohen

    Rap Radar, I know its a recession but stop taking some of these dudes money. You’re better off putting up videos of regional breakout artists instead of these LAMES.

    Support some underground for once and i’m not talking about Lil B or those Odd Future f^cks.

  • jordan cohen

    notice that his chain is getting smaller and smaller.

  • roblo

    This is TOUGH!!!!!!!! Sumbody sign this nigga ASAP!!!

  • wickwickwack

    in 2004 u was the man homie !

  • Mars

    This nigga is trash

  • Doe Money

    I agree with everything that has been commented. This nigga is only getting press on blogs because he’s probably friends with Eskay or Elliot. If he was my friend, I’d tell him to consider another line of work…Maybe becoming a garbage man because he releases alot of trash.

  • ColoradoKnight

    His voice sounds way different from a couple of years ago?