Salt-N-Pepa Perform On Oprah

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Who says Oprah isn’t hip-hop friendly? Yesterday, Salt-N-Pepa (let’s not forget the lovely Spinderalla) appeared on her Rock Goddesses episode. After a brief interview, the trio perform their hits “What A Man” and “Shoop”. There’s nothing better than watching middle-aged women recite “Push It”. More on the flipside.


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  • Van

    If you don’t have Hot, Cool and Vicious your crates are garbage.

  • Ben Frank

    ^Faggot! Listen 2 some real music.

  • Belize

    Oprah’s a hypocrite. Feminist who is anti-rap but once she hears about a female rap group she goes bananas.

  • Van

    Ben Frank? That’s what you came up with?

    Named yourself after a slave owning mason? Figures.

    You have absolutely no knowledge of self and know nothing about hip hop pussy.

    It’s crazy how niggas have no clue or point of reference regarding the history of hip hop.

    You obviously don’t know about shit, so shut the fuck up.

    How can niggas be on the internet all day and be stupid?

    Do the research, learn something constructive.

    How about you tell me what real music is and watch me body you.

  • Ben Frank

    ^What is your defintion of real music? Anything is real music compare to Salt n peper lol! Stfu and thanks for the laugh!

  • LA

    @Belize Jay-z was on her show to? So you have no point!

  • slick

    oprah didn’t want to hear no hip hop til she had a convo with hov. now she’s still leery about it but she’s opening up little by little. big up to jigga for that cause all the other rappers were on some “if you don’t like rap fuck your fat ass” shit. hov explained the shit to her in an intelligent way that she had to respect

  • Van

    @ Lame Ben Frank: If you don’t know that “Hot, Cool, and Vicious” (1986) is a classic hip hop album you really have no idea what you’re talking about and I don’t have time to school you. Face it, you’re a clueless fuck dosen’t even know what “The Showstopper” is. SMFH.

  • Ben Frank

    ^Wow garbage taste in music! Still thanks 4 the laugh tho!