• Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Your so cool Diggy…….drink ur shirley temple and get back on Daddys monthly allowance you donk.

  • John Macabee

    Damn you Lyor Cohen and your money making ways.

  • PRG

    I like what diggy did…but this is even better http://youtu.be/S_rtqf1f4dQ?hd=1

  • mm

    my chicks gonna dig this, i dont….NEXT!

  • Coochie Mane

    This song was supposed to be Nipsey Hussle’s lead single off of South Central State Of Mind. I was hoping it would bring Neighborhood Nip some mainstream success, but I guess the labels knew Diggy is more marketable to the radio due to his family ties. Nipsey > Daddy’s boy Diggy

  • Belize

    Diggy is a betta rappa den 2Pac. lmao Gucci would kill dis beat

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    diggy & bruno > lil wayne & drake.

  • Mo

    They are just taking all the hits from LUPE!! LASERS ALL DAY! L’s UP!! 😀

  • Fan Ced

    bruno mars and diggy…this is straight..Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

  • Junior

    What were the 5 lupe songs he gave away?

  • Belize

    shout out to my @Belize groupies! Keep the good work up little ones!

  • CP

    almost everyone that has commented is a PURE HATER, whats your reason from talking shit on Diggy? Kid has skill.

  • i underestimated dude when he first decided to rap.

  • WOW

    @Black Shady

    idc what u say that shit is homo.

  • B

    Don’t get mad cause his people got money. According to yall cornballs you equate money with skills. So if that’s the case if u you were judging on that criteria he the better than most rappers out there. In reality the song is good and he real because he just being himself and staying true to who he is unlike some people that rap (Officer Ricky). He didn’t choose to he the good life it choose him what he suppose to do be broke so you can like him? Get off his rich b-lls and judge him for the nice M.C. he is.







  • JHP

    Bout time Diggy got that breakout single, niggas acting like he can’t rap need to STFU, just because he happened to be born rich, doesn’t mean he ain’t got skills. At least, he staying true to himself, and not trying to put up some whack ass gangsta front like Soulja Boy or something.

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    Diggy, I blow up your fucking house you pussyy!!!
    tell yourr ghost writers to kiss my hairrry assh!!

    *HIDE N SEEK CHAMPION 2001-2011*

  • The YOUNG Hov

    Why does it sound like Lupe actually wrote this? Sorry, but I think he has ghost writers. If he puts up a documentary that looks like hes actually writing his stuff and recording it, then I will buy his album. This dude sounds good, but too much like Lupe writing for him. No hate, just my honest opinion, y’all seem to think everything is “hater” or Stan. For his sake, I hope he writes his own material.

  • Real Deal

    So what does Atlantic just give lupe the single, lupe passes, and that’s the sign that it’s a hot single so they give it to the next emerging artist LOL.

    Lupe >> Altantic’s army of pop rappers

  • @B
    Well said

  • Ya Boy G

    @ B
    preach. Shit is dead on.

    @ the rest if you just cuz atlantic said no doesn’t make lupe or diggy any better. And the way shit has changed, a mixtape is the perfect way to tell the label…Fuck youuuuu. Instead of whining.

  • Ya Boy G

    and music wise im not hating on lupe i got the last album. Eh..

  • chargers_87

    You know why a lot of us dislike suburban rich kids rappers(Diggy,jojo,jaden smith,OMG & Drake)? Cause these dudes are born in a better neighborhood, live in a better house and have better opportunities than us 2 become something important like a doctor or lawyer (which btw is great for them, cause I would want the same for my children). But what do they decide 2 do, they decide 2 rap! And what do they rap about? The money they have/spend and how life is golden. While the avarage hip hop listener and their love ones are losing their job/home and living off weekly paychecks. That’s why we talk shit! That’s why hip hop is dead! Because it don’t speak 2 us anymore…

  • YOUR pusha

    nice little radio song i like the hook, beat is cool, diggy did his little thing, it would have been interesting if lupe was on this tho

  • Donn


    Are u sure thats what Drake raps about. Maybe u shud listen back to him again cus Drake spits about waaaaay more than money.

  • Schwarzenegger

    Drake USED to spit about more shit, but TML was entirely about 1) his massive fame and success, 2) girls, or 3) how hes soooo easily hurt by #1 and #2.

  • Young Jazz


    I was not born rich and I still became a lawyer. I went to a top 10 law school and do the corporate America grind. I’m at work now!

    Here’s the thing, if my children want to become entertainers or athletes that is fine with me. There is nothing more important about being a lawyer or doctor than being in the entertainment industry. These are just jobs, like any other, and they generally are high stress and long hours. It is not glamorous, it is simply an opportunity to earn a good living and provide more things for your family. One of the things it provides is an opportunity for your kids to pursue jobs that they want to have instead of jobs that they need to have.

    We all want money, cars, clothes and ?, that is why those topics will always be popular. Read decoded from Jay-Z, their is an art to rapping about mainstream things in a non-mainstream way, or rapping about non-mainstream things in a mainstream way. Some people rap for the art of it, but most rap for the fame of it. To pretend differently is ignorance.

  • Nadirah

    OMG! I Freakinnnnnn Love It! I Love Bruno Mars And Diggy, But Together It’s Just Amazing!

  • Santa


  • Devante

    Atlantic strikes again giving us the same shit by a diffirent person

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  • tr

    Damn, I wonder threw refused this track. It’s better than half the beats he decided to accept.