New Video: Shawty Lo “Trap It Out”

Carlos takes a crack at some crack for his latest video, directed by Jordan Tower Films. As always,

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  • James


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  • Big mike

    Shawty fell off hard

  • Are Yall Serious

    Wow! I sure hope homie aint hustling no more, or this will def be loved by the DA to show to the jury exactly how the defendant was engaged in the selling and distribution of crack cocaine. SMH and the SMH! LOL

  • Uptown_dc

    WACK! maybe its just me but the guys I know who really live that life are busy keeping out of the way of attention. 97% of these rappers are wack, grew up in the suburbs and learned about the “hood” from gangsta rap songs. this shit is actually sad to be honest. these cats out here snitching on the cats who really live the life they are portraying on camera. The game is to be sold not told!

    agrees with Are Yall Serious 300%!

  • Shawty Lo Pregnant