• what an assclown. how old is this guy anyway?

  • this was painful to watch. i couldnt go thru with it 🙁

  • Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what an assclown. how old is this guy anyway? NOT MUCH OLDER THAN BIRDMAN

  • D’s

    i see you white people making fun of black stereotypes

  • Nickey Black

    That’s his wildass personality. If you think Jordan or Flav got anything in common besides being to black brothers then your the “assclown.”

    Let Flav do him, he doesn’t rep the entire black community. We know he wild and probably gets more pussy then every male in to family.

    HA HA…….,yeaaaaahhhhh boyeeee!

  • Nickey Black

    In yo family(it should say)

    F it!

  • Salve master

    What a coon sorry but this nigga sets us back 1000 years…. Llike wendy williams use to do on her radio show play jigg music and call him COON!!!! What a idiot!

  • sway-z

    Niggas need to stop acting like Flavor Flav is a part of your family or something, like that’s your uncle an shit, that nigga don’t represent us no more than Charlie Sheen represents all white people.

    Just because a nigga on tv don’t mean he got an obligation for the whole race, any nigga in a Viking helmet is obviously his OWN stereotype

  • Ahaha

    Heh at least he’s having fun AHAHA!