• Guest

    I don’t know why people rave about Wayne so much and say his the greatest rapper when little white girls from the burbs listen to him.


  • Coined Jenie

    it was etter than i thought it would be..i’ll say..that
    …I swear I wouldn’t visit this site as much no more if I wasn’t making money with every comment I make..smh…if u tired of JUST reading it..do this too http://goo.gl/cMCpm

  • lol

    and money on my mind

    I just watch them

  • datruth

    here we go again a nonfan wanna know why people fuck with dude going to the lil white girl played since C3 shit dude havent lost that C3 buzz an yall wondering why

    just stfu an enjoy your fav thats right they not droping no new music like wayne

  • llll

    Here goes another classic track ruined!

  • wow, i jus have a WTF moment! indeed, indeed re-evaluate…re-evaluate wayne

  • whitetrashlikesrap

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I aint no killer but dont play me/Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to kissing Baby…..

  • M.E

    Ya’ll retarded he just got outta jail and the 2nd voice relate to wat he went through



  • Buttfullofdragons

    @dattruth Id rather have 1 kanye album then the 7000 songs weezy drops a year

  • LOL -> I aint no killer but dont play me/Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to kissing Baby….

    that made my day.

    still a huge wayne fan fuck yall.

  • Jansen
  • Nat Turner

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You got fake Gs covering real Gs songs!!! Blaspemy! Fuck the World!!! This shit is lame… I can’t believe this shit. Some white dude at MTV gassed up Wayne to do this, and he should not have did it out of respect!!!

  • Markoni

    @IIIII noone can ruin classic tracks, just go and listen to the original and enjoy. this guy can only try and fail to cover Pac’s song, it doesn’t ruin the original song, it only ruins this guy’s already weak credibility of being a rapper.

    @Can’tGetRight now that’s a classic

  • 50


    that summer heat sounds like garbage. im not hatin just sayin u should rerecord that shit.

  • Monk

    i mean this is dissing 2pac giving a fake rapper like wayne to do his song where is this world going

  • JustSaying

    Some days this blog has like 4 post while other sites like http://www.urbandigital.me/ has a constant flow of information on every artist you know and even the artist you don’t know. I was a regular on this site but they don’t show love to the artist that I follow on the underground, this is a site for the mainstream but hip hop is both mainstream and underground. YN and B.Dot are lazy as far as gaining information goes and staying tuned to the streets. But congrats to Lil Wayne nonetheless cause I support his music.

  • Belize

    Pac rollin in his grave. Go back to Burger King fool.

  • LA

    Damn that sounds smooth!




  • Donn

    He’s paying tribute. STFU geez

  • CaliSteppin

    Plz shut the fuck up..
    Pac>>>>>>>>>>>> Wayne
    Even The Carter 2 Wayne which was when Wayne was at his best is still not fuckin with Pac

  • Real Fan

    I remember when eminem killed that track..even when waynes version comes out it wont compare to Ems…Bad Meets Evil is a classic btw and everyone should cop it, sorry wayne u can ” how to love” somewhere else…first single off carter 4? smh. people actually fuck with it though, i guess music is personal preference and i im so happy my preference isnt doo doo.

  • Real Fan

    and btw, wayne is definitely not the greatest rapper and definitely never gonna be on the top 10. top 20 maybe, but not top 10. If you think so than your just a 2000s decade hip hop/rap fan and havent grew up with other shit. just saying.

  • BANG!

    fuckin’ garbage

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    JIMMY is smoking that stuff. To make that statement u gotta be hanging out with BOBBY BROWN.

  • Real_G

    i dnt understand why mafuckaz hate so damn much….. jordan kobe….kobe will never be jordan but will be tha only one near convo….. 2pac and weezy…….in content they r different but tha impact they bring to tha rap game is tha same….. there popularity is tha game…… they both got white ppl thinkin they hard listening to them wanting to be hip in shit … prison situation simliar… yaw just wanna hate on wayne… why??? idek

  • CaliSteppin

    The impact that Wayne and Pac brought are not the same. Pac was a revolutionist in his time with his music and his messages he told. Pac started off as a thug but gradually changed and was trying to uplift black communities all though he still had that “thuglife” in him.
    Waynes impact on the rapgame is that he brought syrup to the mainstream even though down in Texas that was normal and he taught the game that if u come out in every dam song for nearly 2 years u will build a buzz for an album and move units.
    Not the same impact as you can see

  • Nickey Black

    It ain’t nothing but paying homage. Wayne will never be above Pac lyrically but he may have more songs then Pac and even then ME AGAINST THE WORLD album will MURDA anything Wayne ever made.


  • still best rite now!!

    its funny cuz a few years back he dissed Pac…

    but he got so much fanmail in jail wit ppl sayin 2pac & Tech n9ne are their favorite rappers, he had to pay homage!



  • Desman

    Wayne is beast!! Aslong as demolition pt1 pt2,drought 3 drought2 ,dedication 1 2 , no ceilings , Carter 2 , 500degreezs,squad up exsist Wayne is my top 5

  • Sportz

    funny thing is that if pac was still alive he would love to collaborate with wayne

  • Tom

    @Guest so you are basically saying that if an artist has a particular group of people listening to him then he or she is not good? That does not make sense at all. Plenty of people who know what good music is listen to him as well. Yeah some of his songs over the years have not been that great, but overall I think he has a done a pretty good job. Another thing man learn how to spell, esp before you go and bash someone. It is they say he is the greatest rapper. Its not his greatest rapper. I think you should think before you speak. It might actually do you some good.

  • G

    This dude just doesn’t have the right voice to do a cover song to Hail Mary. You need to have the right voice to do a cover. example, Jimi Hendrix “all along the watchtower”

  • Broke Iz A Disease


  • DMeat2DeJarlais

    Just a LEGEND paying his tribute to a legendary song, its gonna be raw best believe

  • The Word

    CaliSteppin co-sign

  • Coroner

    Wack! He ain’t like PAC!

  • Real_G

    calisteppin… thats not waynes impact…hate bias ppl

  • Real_G

    Wayne Aint Tryna Be Like Pac… he is a fan of him just like everybody in here….He Went Thru A Trial In his Life And Pac Music Related To That Just Like many Of Us.. So He Paid Homeage On “Unplugged” Which Shows Nothing But Respect…..


    2pac Had Every Rapper Wanting To Fuck Wit Him… Had Everybody From Black to White Ppl Fuckin Wit Him.. You Couldnt Turn To BET or listening to tha radio with out hearing or seeing 2pac…. Everything He Was Doin Everybody Else Wanted To Do…..Only Differfence Is That He Had Raps That Only Ppl In Tha Struggle Could Understand Black Or White. He Cared About His Ppl.. But Still Aint Give A Fuck What Ppl Thought Or Said About Him..Times Were So Different Back Then … He Still HAd His Songs About Bitches Hoes Money And Drugs Tho…. Ppl Act Like Pac Never Rapped About That…… EVERY SONG HE HAD WASNT A POSITIVE MESSEGE…

    Wayne Has Set So Many Trends Its Crazy… Like It Or Not Ppl Follow This Dude And Cares About What He’s Doin. Everybody In Every Music Genre Wants To Work With Him.. He has Literally Changed Tha Rap Game And When It Was At A All-Time Flow He Picked It Up And Made Niggaz Step They Game Up.. And His Work Ethic Is Second To None…. He Doesnt Rap About Tha Struggle Often Because He Went From A Lil Bad Azz Nigga To A Rich Lil Bad Azz Nigga… But He Does Have Meaningful Songs But Ppl Dnt Wanna Listen To Those…. He Does Him no Matter What Ppl Say and It Has Worked For Him.. ANd When He Is On His Spittin Shit He Is One Of Tha Best At It…. Which is Why He Has Ppl All Over Tha World Like Him……

    You Can Sit Here And Say They Not Similar In Any Kind Of Way……SMH

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  • James

    Real g cosign

  • damn now i have to tell my daughter to watch mtv unplugged uh?nuff said thou….