• Dub Ya

    Before anybody asks, the beat is “Sierra Leone” by Mt. Eden.

  • supppppppp

    My god, the part about “snitching on me” made me cringe.
    His voice is so soft, he sounds like such a nerd.
    Corny, I’m sorry.
    Learn to sample, too.

  • Zurchy_Zurch

    its ashame he only has 30k followers
    vizzy is dope

  • East ATL

    XV is lame…….

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  • Listin

    Holy shit! i always listined to the beat thinking this would be sick to spit over cant believe it actually happened respect to this dude!

  • Winston Churchill

    Twitter is lame. you know the government saves everything you say? shit is stupid. its just another way the government can control you. but who cares when the next big thing comes on the net everybody will leave twitter and jump on the newest shit. bunch of sheep

  • on demand

    this is garbage. mad artists better than this. even that chick down with red cafe is killin it and ya’ll don’t post nothing from her and you post this?

  • crysis

    not bad love the sample flows pretty good. not bad. better than some other drops lately.

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  • jerzy

    Who wrote this? Memphis Bleek??

  • JReezy

    XV is that nigga. Song is dope.

  • dll32

    @supppppppp: Go listen to Bricksquad, you hard ass muthafucka !! You’re way too dum..errm…hard for this ish. 😉

  • Jay $ BaGZ

    Let that boy cook!!

  • So IAy Boi!

    Man my three followers are gone. I`m a blood nigga because I called up my white friend who`s in a barbershop quartet called the red flag gang and they sing down by my local Hollister and I am really digging their shit. So i joined them. I`m om my rnb shit

  • yo, dis was dope! the homie can spit….his mixtape i heard was dope

  • wouzi


  • Kid Cashier

    someone can clarify this…. but i was just reading the most recent xxl mag and it has a half page article on XV. in the magazine he was saying how he was never outside gettin into shit but rather inside playing video games and shit. also he was in advanced classes at a good school…so if thats the case why in some of his bars he rappin like he out there gettin it in at a young age hustlin and gettin into trouble….

    he rap straight tho…. good as a newer artist but i hate when cats come out rappin bout shit they aint about…

  • Jay $ Bagz

    i’ve saw him do an interview where he described his personality now being a mixture of his 3 stages of school. like in elementary school he was a kid who played videogames and never went outside or somethin and in middle school is when he was n advanced classes and a quiet nerd. and high school he got influenced by the streets and endedup going to jail and kicked out of the school system. so i guess “XV” is a mix of all three of those personalitys. ive been fucking with his shit for a while so its cool to see him evolve into the artist he is now. and hes more than straight. listen to that Zero heroes. its one of his best!

  • Solace King
  • JermaineCole

    FIREEEE sounds like wiz but with talent, and the dub beaat is disgusting