• kaoz

    jimmy did it u bitch!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    HAHAHA !!! Who in the world takes GAME seriously? This dude is a fuckin clown.

  • Post no billz

    he is tryna cop out for having a snitch be his manager.. that stop snitching stop lying project is real ironic now..

  • jake

    i dare the game say the word 2pac ever again, fucking disgusting!


    @ GAME



  • rahrahrah

    The article says “former manager” does anyone know when their management relationship began and ended? Or is that too much to ask of rapradar?

  • Chan

    I don’t know. The situations fucked up, I will admit. although I kind of have respect for Game for sticking by his man. No one truly knows if Jimmys guilty or not. You should always be true and stand by your people, so I respect that.

  • u can always count on Angie to ask a GREAT question. i like how Game didnt dance around the answer though

  • Belize

    when does Game ever have anything important to say?

  • 2pacback

    jimmy did let that clown rot in jail

  • Original Will

    gotta love Angie for ascing him that like he said alot of host hasnt even asced him that becuz they some hoes all they want to talk about is how he about to kill this summer with this album n a bunch of bullshit like 50 cent too many djs and radio hosts be kissing these artist’s ass instead of staying real to their journalist integrity

    like i said earlier you can call Charlamagne The God a hater or whatever but at the end of the day he asc the ?s that ppl/fans want to kno the answers to not the 1’s that the artist feel comfortable answering you can tell by the tumbles and the bullshit references that Game was uncomfortable asnwering that shit Game when u was 14 u was also a Tupac fan my nigga dont see how u can leave a label becuz u didnt want to diss nas or fat joe becuz they are ur fav artist but u can remain under a dude who tried to kill 1 of ur favs a nigga u got tatted on you thats like if Game tried to wife the chicc That Gave Eazy Aids

  • The Hater

    Game is a fag, but he is right about this. I like how fickle & gullible hip hop fans r. Ain’t no proof of anything fake ass detectives. Y’all niggas act like y’all district attorney’s or some shit.

  • pap3rchazer

    smh Game is one of the biggest bitches in hip hop! his whole career is mostly based on his strong love for the west coast pioneers that came before him n hes gonna stick up n ride for someone who might have conspired to rob n KILL one of your idols. henchman hasnt done shit for GAMEs career other than put his hand up Games pussy like a puppet n put the battery in his back to flip on the crew put him on the map. I wonder if he would still ride for him if henchman starts to snitching to the feds

  • Amsterdam Mike


  • Inavator

    I know this idiot did not put bin laden and this shit in the same category ..between him and Lupe asshole education & rap don’t go hand& hand smh

  • Black Shady

    Game a PUNK for having a Pac tattoo and ridin with this bitch ass nigga Jimmy
    Its Fuck Jimmy..and Fuck Game too for that


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  • Chu Chu

    Pac Said Jimmy Did It So That Should Be Enough. How The Bout You Shut The Fuck Up Now You Wanna Be Hip Hop President Our Some Shit. Jts Sit Down Some Where Your On Time Out !!!

  • sway-z

    This interview right here shows just how weird and bi-polar this nigga is. How you gon tat a nigga you didn’t even know on your body, “out of love” like you loved the dude so much, then turn around and say you “riding” for the nigga that rode on him?

    Then he talkin bout Bin Laden’s body, like the Taliban ain’t verify the nigga’s dead themselves, but on the same token he acting like the talk about Jimmy for damn near the past 15 yrs is untrue?

  • West Coast til we croak

    Game drop this album.

  • Charile Sheen

    Co-sign Sway-z

    Yo seriously, Game tried to leave Jimmy as a manager and they threatening to kill him if he left. This was around the time he keep trying to get back with 50/G-unit and all the reunion talk, and when he said sorry to 50, Ivone etc…
    . I mean, anyone can see something wrong with the picture that Game would want to be back with 50 whom Jimmy (His manager) apparently had major beef with on the low. Didin’t add up. Game life was threatening and he stay. This is true street talk. Game is a phony.

  • Charile Sheen

    the former manager is obvious since that sucka Jimmy is in jail and will no longer manage any artist. he even apologize to all the artist he was previously.. R u that slow?

  • The Word

    Quit wasting time nigga put out the fucking album