N.O.R.E. Joins Busta’s Conglomerate

Since splitting up with Capone, N.O.R.E.’s getting a fresh start by hooking up with Busta Rhymes’ Conglomerate. Not sure if this is counts as an official signing, but here’s to the next phase of N.O.’s career.

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  • RN (Real Nigga)


  • @OfficialPurpD

    N.O.R.E.? C’Mon Son…nigga has been nice since the Melvin Flynt days…

  • @OfficialPurpD


  • Black Shady

    washed up rappers signing washed up rappers
    sorry bus..

  • hoodmusicisdead

    two washed up irrelevant rappers who cares

  • phillybred

    You niggas,my bad dudes need to do some research smmf’nh..#dickeaters

  • HollyWood

    Everybody wants to make big clicks now. Recession has officially hit the rap game people. 1 Rapper can barely do it anymore.

  • Tucq

    Why is Busta “washed up”?
    He killed that Chris Brown joint.

  • changeclothz

    old ass niggaz still signing blind deals………..buhahaha

  • Doe Money

    “Niggas looking like Larry Holmes flabby and sick…” Tupac

  • slick

    conglomerate? does this mean he’s finished with the flipmode niggas?

  • brutally honest

    @slick yeah, this new regime surfaced during his Back On My BS album through the “Respect My Conglomerate” track

  • Busta has never been good with artists though. Bad move for both parties.

  • Last joint I liked from N.O.R.E. was the “Stompdashitoutu” joint on Def Jam Vendetta with M.O.P.

    ….I don’t think that’s changing anytime ever.


  • cool


    enough said.

  • D

    How the fuck is a “washed up” rapper still in demand on new artists shit? Like dude said the Chris Brown joint THe Romans revenge joint wit weak ass Nicki Minaj, the All i do is win Rmx, the new Khaled joint(all his songs sound the same) The H.A.M. freestyle, No love remix, Trey Songz(fake Kells) bottoms up remix, Tech9ne “Worldwide Choppers” joint, the Knock you out Joint wit a Biggie verse, The Killen Em song wit LL,?!?! Duke’s stayed relevant for 20+yrs fam! lol haters gon hate tho, so it’s all good. All these songs in the last year and the “Stop the Party” (iron man 2) wit Swizzy! You don’t have to like him. but dude is still relevant.

  • D

    Forgot the Raekwon “crane style” and Rock n Roll remix! Too many others to name, That Tity boi song “lalala” or whatever, Snoops “Platinum remix” etc. i’m tired of naming songs just to prove a point. Nore hasn’t done anything hot in damn near 10 yrs. and Busta’s BOMBS was a bs rushed album. But don’t sleep on the new one, or do i really don’t give a shit.

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