• I Be Sayin…

    Word to Craig Mack.

  • @last

    would sound cool if they dueted the chorus and alternated on the verses…

  • lob

    lol there are way better pictures of her. song is nice.


    kinda boring but there’s a few moments…

  • wow

    cudi i mean oceans version is better… better dynamic between his highs and normal singing voice… her’s kinda just went str8 thru but its a dope song nonetheless and had i not heard the original i would have been like finally this chic drops a song we could fuck wit… so ++

  • YeBoy

    i like this. better than all that up tempo dance stuff everyone keeps doing.

  • xtrajordinary

    frank ocean’s>

  • Sam I Am

    i hate when stuff like this happens. If a song is demo for someone else, it shouldnt be released. it completely undermines the artist. maes them look like a tool.

  • Sam I Am

    *makes them look like a tool

  • Rome

    I hate shit like this. I’m stickin with the Frank Ocean version. Artists should protect references.

  • Truth (The real one)

    Or….Just do a duet….

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Shes definitely gonna feel the effects of Frank Ocean’s version coming out first. Thats fucked up, she shouldnt have to deal with that shit. Luckily Jamie Foxx got away scott free (generally speaking, in my opinion Drake killed Jamie’s version) with Fall for Your Type. That is fucked up though.

    I dig the Duet Idea @ Truth

  • smh

    both are nice.. franks is better though.. or maybe its just grown on me.. i like this bridget kelly chick. though i;ve barely heard 3 tracks..

  • Sam I Am

    @tim lee

    did Foxx really get away with it? Not to me at least. and i think it helped because Drake still featured on it, but i wouldnt say he got off scot-free.

  • Converse

    What the fuck is this shit?

  • Kareem

    The difference is, Frank leaked it himself. And also pur the transcribed lyrics on his Tumblr, too. Drake ain’t do Foxx dirty like THAT. Some other third party leaked their shit.

  • Sam I Am


    thats foul

  • CJ

    This is not bad at all.. but I agree with mostly all of the comments above. It’s unfair to her that Frank Ocean’s version was released first. His is superior.

  • James

    Jay-z let one of his artist drop a song? LMAO…good job Bridget but we wont heard from you again….word to J Cole

  • blakep267

    yea, I think Franks range and the way he sung it was better. Her version is fine too, but come on, if somebody sang thriller after MJ did it. We;d know which version was better

  • Pete from Harlem

    Both versions are cool.
    I like Frank Ocean’s better.
    To me,this isn’t the best song for her.
    Waaaaay too moody.
    For her tone and overall feel.
    But it’s a Frank Ocean joint.
    It’s not a good fit for her.

  • Pete from Harlem

    She’s still trying to find her sound.
    Or should I say, Roc Nation is still trying to find her sound.

  • gthangrec

    y didnt kelly rowland use this guy!!!

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  • Yo

    Ahhh i get it,
    Frank Ocean wrote the lyrics
    thats why the leaked demo.
    Whyd he let that tune slip to somebody else though ? hmmmm

  • 106

    This version is better by far.

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  • Leevora Harris

    This is a good version but Frank Ocean killed it and his video to the song…no one can top that! He touched my heart when I first heard him sing it! Sorry love! But she does have a nice voice.