2Pac Covers XXL

2Pac Back—and on the cover of XXL. On the 15th anniversary of his death, XXL reaches out to the people that knew him best, including his biological father, Bill Garland. Issue on stands August 16th.

“[Tupac] cared for people,” he said. “That was his main thing. He really cared for people. I think that’s why he would get so upset when people tried to question his commitment, his love for Black women or Black men. The East Coast/West Coast, you know, that’s a fabrication. I don’t have to begin to tell you that. So when that was questioned, it bothered him. Because he would give his heart or soul. He was a giving person. He would give anything to people. He would go in a store. [If there was a] Black man who couldn’t afford a $1,500 pair of boots, he would buy ’em for him. Think that Black man would ever forget Tupac? That’s just the way he is. But I don’t think that he did it for that. He did it because he had it, and he didn’t. That’s the way he is.”

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  • catcher freeman

    Damn man it’s been 15 years, i was five when he passed man. RIP Pac

  • lloyaa banks

    RIP nigga pac

  • immortal

    i was only 8 when it happened. through out my life i had 2pacs music to help me get through hard times and im so grateful for that. nobodys ever inspired me like he has. thank you pac. R.i.P to the greatest of all time

  • mac DIESEL


    …R.I.P. PAC!!!!


  • Robdin

    thats a good look…RIP to Pac..greatest rapper of all time..
    The 3 Rules of M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches) http://goo.gl/bWFAu <–see this ish!! ONLY Way to Get Money!

  • S.M.H (Show Me Hate)

    RiP Pac, west coast miss you !

  • Belize

    disrespectful. the man is dead, just cuz some wack lil boys rap about him for attention don’t mean 2Pac is “back”. He is a legend, and as the cliche goes, a legend’s legacy never dies. you stupid bitches

  • CaliSteppin

    R.I.P. Pac.. His music still sounds as good as ever even after 15 years

  • History_of_Negrum

    Rip hnic

  • Thats a good look XXL! Thats whats up! Respect is eternally due Pac was and is my mentor as a MC and a poet. His music inspires me and what I do. Ya’ll check my record Run that plays on the website http://www.hardheadglobal.com. Pac is the Goat!! Still Breathing!! Hard Head Music! Download the free album M.I.L.F. and mixtape Scattered Abroad at http://www.hardheadglobal.com!! Ya’ll enjoy!!

  • huh

    “That nigga Dead.” Kanye West

  • Nat Turner aka Rock Solid: IM ON YOUTUBE!

    I miss my brotha from anotha motha and fatha. But……..


  • Sohh

    I understand pac was a great but seriously we gott move on…there’s great artist like drake that we need to appreciate that are here now..we can’t live in the past forever..this guy covers magazines like it’s 94

  • Truth

    blackthis black that i swear black ppl the biggest racists

  • xavo

    @Sohh are you serious? Drake a great artist? Haha you must be on one. People haven’t moved on from Pac because he can’t be compared to any new artists out now. I know we can’t live in the past forever but we can still learn so much from Pac. R.I.P.

  • Jinx

    Damn 15 years already i was 4 when he passed.

  • Sam I Am

    In reference to the You Played Yourself (that really should get its own comment section), I know that dude DDot. True bitch nigga.Always acting like he had the exclusive when he would just copy and paste shit from other sites and his twitter overloads were so fucking annoying. Yup, he’s done!

  • Cali’s Finest

    Music will never be the Same!

  • bestofbest

    @Sohh, how dare you mention that faggot Drake under Pac’s post? -.- Drake isn’t even a hip-hop/rap artist, he is fucking pop star… Pac is a legend and his music will live with us forever!
    R.I.P. Pac!

  • still best rite now!!

    lol @ sohh

  • Word


    Drake puts out one album and you wanna mention him alongside Pac? Drake is good and all but the dick riding needs to cease. At least let the dude put out a 3rd nd 4th album before we mention him amongst legends. He’s good right now like Nelly, Ja Rule and 50 were. Lets see if he doesnt shares similar fate like them first before we look at him like he’s on that level Pac was

  • rick party

    R.I.P to the one and only 2Pac, he would truly be mad at the way the rap game is now. so many fake gimmicky rappers who lie about whole pieces of their life story( rick ross, lil wayne, etc..) and they suppose to be the best rappers but they cant even be themselves. nas was right, hip hop has been dead for a while now but rap is definitely on the decline because so many rappers jeopardize the integrity of this rap shit to become rich and famous. Nobody raps about the hood or underdog no more, everybody rapping about ten diamond chains and Bentleys and shit which no one has in the hood, this should be a clear indication that these dudes are not for the hood but people still support their fake shit that aint that good and has become monotonous. I would not be surprised to see one of the realest rappers ever to do it in a few years get no support because it seems people have got accustomed to being fake and soft about everything.

  • NorthernIreland

    The best there ever was and ever will be

  • NorthernIreland

    The best there ever was and ever will be R.I.P

  • Cali’s Finest

    Very Well Put.
    I hate Kids that say…”move on…..it’s 2011″ but yet. these little niggas bump wayne’s overrated ass!
    Pac is more than just a Rapper. and how can you move on when his all this new shit is Garbage!??

  • Donn

    @Rick Party .. Your reaching with that comment. HIPHOP is about self expression. Thats it! Everyone expresses themselves individually. Ppl’s lives are different and thats why HIPHOP has a balance of a something for wateva you going through. Not everybody lives in the hood. Not everybody is going through shit. Some of us made good choices in school. Our parents made good choices. Let these Rappers breathe. Pac was great. And so many others before and after him.

  • Black Shady

    G.O.A.T – GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we do miss u!!!!

  • Converse

    Lets be real? Only bitches and sometime I cry ass nigga listen to Drake and consider him great? lmao

    Dude has two topic to rap about? bitches and fame? Its getting redundant and he could rap from the hood point of view? But nobody would take him seriously like bow wow haha

    So naw he want even leave a dent in hiphop? maybe r&b tho lol

    RIP 2pac

  • yma

    How Garland one of the people that knew him best? He was never even around yo…

  • G

    His biological father never even knew him. Pac never knew he was alive until the latter stage in his life and there’s been nothing to suggest they caught up,etc. Its part of the reason why dude doesn’t have even part ownership of Pac’s music and everything else.

  • Kieran

    Ok. @Sohh Wasnt Really COMPARING drake to Pac, he just was saying that we have to move on! If Pac were here I’m sure he would enjoy drake. PAC wouldn’t be the same Gangster Forever! Just Look At Jay-Z, When he was 26 ish, he made “Big Pimpin” and was Gangsta, now he’s married and Makes more money off business than Music! PAC would be the same. This is NO DISRESPCT TO PAC! RIP! he’s a legend, but calm down. @Sohh is right. We do have to move on.

    And anyways, Snoop hangs with David Guetta & Soulja Boy now so…

  • DBC

    The Teacher Of Hip HOP ……….now go study him.

    Thank you 2Pac

  • Ben

    @Kieren are you lost this site is hip-hip not Pop dumb hoe!

    PAC 4 LIFE

  • Killa K

    Hmm. we need to start sellin more mag’s.. hey let’s do another 2pac cover for the millionth time and write “special tribute issue” on it! yeah! we got it! fuck let the man RIP for fuck sakes

  • D

    Greatest. 15 years later still untouchable.

  • Shawn

    Sohh must be a female? RIP PAC

  • immortal

    Lmao @ whoever said drakes name on this post.

  • JMAN

    G.O.A.T. He did more for music than just create it and he inspired the next true legend Eminem.

  • Kieran

    @Ben Wtf? Your comment made NO sense…
    All I said was that PAC WAS GREAT and we can appreciate him, but it’s (unfortunately) been a long time since ’96. And Like I think It’s Great That He’s On XXL, but you can’t say that He’s the GREATEST of All time. I know what he did beyond the music, and how he’s like a god but, he’s put out: 6 albums alive and 5 #1 albums. Jay Got 11 #1s!!! More than Twice! Of All time Rappers, Pac is 2-3 but no matter what haters say, #1? you gotta put Em or Jay. I’m sorry. Eminem isn’t my favorite Rapper, but if it wasn’t Eminems 30 Million albums sold, do you think Hip-Hop Would Be this Big?!?! And Jay has more #1 Albums than ELVIS and is the universal symbol of Hip-Hop! so PAC is great and a true icon & legend! But he’s not greatest EVER. And we can still celebrate him, but we have to move on from him…


  • James

    Ummmm @Kieran Jay-Z released Reasonable Doubt at “26 ish”….u must be lost

  • Converse

    SMH at the stupid slut who think sells and #1 lp make you the goat? SMH go play in traffic dumb hoe!

  • James



  • Kieran

    Ok, @James I said Released BIG PIMPIN @26 big Pimpin was on Life and Times Vol.3, released in 200! He was actually 31-32 at the time. Are YOU lost. Smartass.
    And WhAt about #1 albums, I meant like real Rappers. Not at all saying That MC Hammer is the GOAT (Cause He’s a fucking Joke) but he did help Hip-Hop become more universal and more popular! Same as Eminem!

    And also @James Biggie is Great and a Legend, but he was alive for only 1 Album! ONE! and Only 3 real Albums. (Ready To Die, Life After Death & Born Again. Duets Didn’t really count)

    And Fuck All Y’All. I’m actually A boy, and Canadain. You Americans are Dumb and Ignorant as Fuck. if someone says one think Thats not your opinion, their a dumb ass motherfucker.

    SO Fuck Y’all! Go Listen to Ferrari Boyz you dumb Fucks!
    RIP PAC, I love you.
    But… Just to make the haters mad.

    ROC 4 LIFE!
    And to make them even more mad…

    (And no I’m not comparing Wayne To Pac)

  • Kieran

    **released in 2000**

  • SmokeYou

    Hip hop has yet to produce an artist like 2Pac. 99% it never will.

  • @James try 36ish dummy!

  • Dope

    It’s not like Pac is in the news every single day for you people like Sohh and Kieran to say move on.
    He’s in the news this once, and should be mentioned from time to time as he has reached something none of your popular rappers aka lil wayne, drake, rick ross etc will ever reach.

    So why hate on this cover? You’d rather look at ross’ titties some more, or wayne’s skinny jeans. Let them put Pac on from time to time to remind people of greatness we will never witness again in rap.

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  • emmett wheeler

    for u youngsters pac was all these rappers wrapped up in one

  • James

    @troofa what the fuck are you talking about? Every time Pac or Big’s name come up some ignorant fuck tries to claim they were “overrated” in a way. This is hip hop listen to the content….NOT SALES

  • Devastation Inc.

    “How long will they Mourn me?”
    15 years and counting Pac!

  • emmett wheeler

    rappers like drake fool r u crazy it whouldnt be a drake if rappers like pac didnt com along u young mutherfuckers r so disrespectful he on cover mags like the 90s because of the impact he he made u didnt live it so u dont know

  • emmett wheeler

    @sohh fuck drake he will never get the luv that we give pac and biggie so fuck u fighting words bicth

  • Kieran

    Ok. Are you guys not understanding what I’m saying. I’m Thrilled For Pac. When It comes out, I’m probabbly gonna buy that magazine. But if you guys say that no one could ever be as good as Pac, how can hip-Hop progress?

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  • emmett wheeler

    @truth say ur just to young to understand why good parents will tell there kids the truth if u had a bully punking u everyday allday sooner or later ur mineset wiill change america did it and still doing it usa is full of hipacrits and u r one fagot black ppl lets keep running the ent.world sports and all say it loud im black and im proud………hahahahahahahaha

  • Mighty One

    RIP Pac and this issue will also review Game’s R.E.D. Album!! Prepare to see a XXL rating for that

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  • Tezzy

    PAC Album just went DIAMOND the other day… Who does that…?????????/ We love you PAC… oh and to them haters like SOHH and KEIRAINNND lol ” Its not about how many you sell its the Words Spoken that touches the people and in return they remember you “

  • Rick Party

    @donn, trust me I understand that and that is why I said hip hop has been dead for a while now, because there really is no more self expression, just rappers searching for a big hit. I also understand everyone is not from the hood but that does not mean that every rappers should talk about bentleys, diamonds and lap dances.

  • Shane

    IMO Tupac wasn’t as lyrical as he was unique about his topics…I also think that there are plenty of rappers that are better than him. Tupac’s legacy has definitely been exaggerated over the years, you all act like he was the greatest thing in Hip-Hop ever, but in reality he was just a great rapper who got caught up in the East Coast-West Coast beef and died before he should have.

    Did he affect and influence millions of fans and artists? Yes. But that doesn’t make him the “goat”, that makes him influencial.

    Truth is that before, during, and after both Tupac and Biggie’s lifetimes there have been better ‘lyrical rappers’. I know lyrics aren’t the most important thing, but ask any true hip hop fan and they will say lyrics are definitely one the most important things.

    Tupac and Biggie died fairly early in their career, and i’m sure there are a ton of other rappers that if they died before they should have they would be blown up to be just as big if not bigger.

    As an example I’ll use Eminem (yes he is my favorite but i am trying to be unbiased): If he died after The Eminem Show came out, he would have probably become much bigger than Tupac and Biggie since he had 3 classic albums, and had shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. Eminem didn’t die, and released Encore, Relapse, Recovery, and various other projects. He became bigger than Tupac and Biggie in his lifetime (saleswise, and personally i think he has more fans around the world).

    IMO although Tupac and Biggie can’t be blamed 100% for their death (their lifestyle was fairly dangerous), their death probably benefitted them more than it should have. Tupac and Biggie had little time to fall off, and death was a shortcut that kind of shot them up on a pedestal that would have taken ANYBODY years and years to reach. If Eminem/Jay/Nas/Cole died/die when they were/are at their peak music wise they would/will have all reached that same place.

    Of course all this is my opinion, so feel free to disagree with me, but this is what i’ve noticed. Eminem, Jay, Cole, Nas, and many others have proven that they are capable of being just as influencial and skilled if not more. The greatest thing for a legacy imo is death, but people like these rappers, especially Eminem/too soon for Cole, have in my opinion achieved what Pac/Biggie couldn’t in their careers. I doubt they would have stayed as popular, or even sold anywhere near the amount they have sold if they didn’t die.

    I know much of what i am saying is probably the consensus about what death did for them, but maybe it is time for them to not be forgotten perse but at least be put to rest. They are dead and there are plenty of artists today that deserve recognition but can’t get as much as they should because fans are still hung up on something that happened 15 years ago. Has true hip-hop declined? Yes. but there are also plenty of artists that have immense skill and could reach position’s but can’t because people compare them to glorified rappers who died and people can’t get over it.

    Tupac/Biggie might be your favorite rappers, but don’t go around saying they are the absolute best as if they it is a fact and say that Hip-Hop died with them. I could also say that rock died with the Beatles if i wanted to but that doesn’t make it true. You can remain fans, but don’t be so blind in your admiration that you don’t realize that there are many other artists that deserve just as much of your time and attention.

  • Shane


    wtf i didn’t realize how insanely long this was i must have really had to vent lmfao