New Mixtape: The Weeknd Thursday

With Saturday and Sunday upon us, The Weeknd releases his follow-up mixtape to House Of Balloons. Whatever day it is, peep the tracklist and download link below.

1. Lonely Star
2. Life Of The Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone Ft. Drake
5. The Birds Part One
6. The Birds Part Two
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven Or Vegas

Download here | Alt. Link

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  • Weeknd>Frank Ocean…

  • TK


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  • HollyWood

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt

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  • Yeah


  • TheyKnow



    this mixtape has me seeing things

  • 2fabiola

    i wanna bleed..

  • ddave

    A nigga wasn’t expecting this. Not complaining. Can’t go wrong with the weeknd. Yeessir.

  • still best rite now!!

    Thank You BlogGod!

  • Jus Sayin’

    His “House Of Balloons” mixtape is still on heavy rotation on my ipod. OVOXO

  • itsMe

    2nd part to the Balloons trilogy …..”Echoes of silence” coming this fall….ovoxo

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  • Rapfan

    Why do black men insist on flaunting white girls? Putting white girls all over their covers, art, and music videos? I mean you don’t see black women anywhere, wouldn’t you want to uplift your own people? Look at the Otis video… is that light skinned arab looking girl supposed to be the black girl? What kind of message is being sent? At some point it stops being politically correct and down right offensive, psychological warfare.

    Wake up people, stop feeding into popular media. What is wrong with showing a black couple in a commercial, or a white couple? Why does it always have to be inter-racial? I’m talking all races here. It is as if being with your own kind is bad these days. Even worse, it is only the white woman who is being cast as the beautiful desirable woman.


  • nonstop

    Please go away. Facepalm…

  • Rapfan

    ^^^^ to follow up-

    Power is in the people and people are more likely to come together with their own kind. Advancing an extreme level of integration diminishes the people’s power. Alienating otherwise large interest groups- diffusing power.

  • poop

    its cuz black girls are ugly

  • no

    no rapfan no

  • No Swag

    Um Rapfan this is a blog. Nobody besides commenters and the losers that work the site will see your complaints. So either keep it to yourself or find a rapper to tell it to.

  • No Swag

    @poop go flush yourself down a toliet fag!

  • Rapfan

    @No Swag- I agree this isn’t the place, I wrote that impulsively. Just reacting to yet another example of what I’m talking about. Food for thought for anyone who chooses to read.

  • SWAG

  • still best rite now!!


    white girls are still a rarity in hiphop, hence the craze over mildly talented Kreayshawn, but if ur arguing skin complexion in leading ladies & the perception & perpetuation of black self-hate. you may have a point

  • No Swag

    Understandable I feel a little of what you’re saying but this ain’t the place though.

  • @Rapfan
    The Weeknd is white.

  • James Allen

    Xo til we overdose. Ovoxo.

  • a2z

    @Rapfan I feel you. Miles Davis had no issues beautifying black queens on his album covers. Hip hop needs less followers and more confident trendsetters like he was and Kanye West is. I know you name checked the Otis video, but the Runaway film made Selita Ebanks look just like the goddess she is.

  • chad c

    the weeknd is black(habesha)..and why does it matter?

    does every person need to fill ur skin tone quota…this has nothing to do with respect or self hate but maybe dude isnt attracted to black women or maybe he grew up around more white girls then black girls…

    rap stan how abt you start a rap career and you have the women you want in ur aesthetic ….who cares its 2011..

  • James Allen

    Plus the cover art is Ill. I understand how that guy feel tho we do need more back girls in music video’s tho.

  • chad c

    are yall serious?

    the majority of video models r black…the majority of bitches getting rained on in bikinis r black…i think we should applaud the weeknd for tasteful artwork….

    but let me ask you this if abel had some coon ass 2 live crew looking cover with dark skin women would yall be cool with it?

    hahahha yall niggas funny

  • Google ME

    Not Sold on that 1 track…..

  • James Allen

    Most girls in videos are half black or latina and im cool with the artwork I said it’s Ill


    you dudes need to shut fuck up and go get some pussy… black, white, chinese, latina… a nut is a fucking nut… who gives a shit.


  • infamous_R_

    The Weeknd, Liqour, Rain, Pussy. = My Weekend

  • nonstop

    Drake is on The Zone if anyone didnt know that. For those who didnt download it yet.

  • G

    @poop agree, they are ugly as hell. Thats why rappers have finally gotten smart and ditched the hood rats and put in classy white chicks. To Rapfan, thats life bro. Black men are tired of their ignorant baby mamas and decided to hit up the better chicks, which us white ppl have been doing for centuries. Preach negro

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  • The Cold Death

    Gay. The Weekend is gay. it’s gay pop and R&B. His high pitched voice’s gay. It’s fucking gay. The artwork’s gay. This nigga’s gay. Smh.

    Where are they now?

  • Thissa still OD’ing off of House of Balloons…couldnt this come out in like 2 months after that one has bored me? im just saying

  • Shade

    The Weeknd is boss. OVOXO mac DIESEL’S girl and mother at their next show

  • Loaded

    Better than any j.cole song

  • Real Talk

    Am I the only one that thinks this shit sucks?

  • Hatin 101

    I agree with Rapfan! Fuck white girls! Do you ever see white musicians putting black people all over their artwork? I don’t think so. I’m sick of this Uncle Tom shit.

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  • The Cold Death

    @ Hatin 101

    Where are they now?

  • I did a post on The Weeknd’s music and his sonic style.

    Check it out guys and let me know what you think.

  • Inglish

    Bout to check this out….

    And the broad he chose for the cover isn’t hot tho. Ol girl look less than average
    So it kind of defeated the purpose….

  • ColoradoKnight

    This is dope. Period.

  • imdope



  • no1

    Cosign morpheus and G

  • Queen B

    @Real Talk

    No.. I agree. This shit sucks.. I rocked House of Balloons non stop since it came out. This sophomore effort is horrible. I wish he came better to sustain the buzz.

  • christian

    @cold death

    If you think he’s gay and you don’t like his shit, why the hell are you commenting on this post. Go tell it like you think it is somewhere else.

  • Listenin to House of Balloons right now but i’m finna be onto this “Thursday” joint next! Thank you Weeknd and RR for gettin’ us hip!

  • #np this “Thursday” joint… this gives “dope” a whole new meaning…

  • Jersey

    Great tune. Shoutsout Drake bout to get up on The Weekend. Leggo

  • G

    Shit is dope

  • uwhat

    Good shit.

  • Yayyyer

    This guy is kinda a big deal… Drake is smart 4 making him OVO affiliated.

  • Black is Beautiful

    Such an ugly cover art.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Black Girls are not light skinned or white chicks , simple and plain. Black are too much drama these days look at wendy william’s and that bitch looks like a fucking alien.



  • tris

    this sucks…i think you have to be high to like this shit. good lyrics but this guys delivery is horrible. he sounds like a mix between jeremih and miguel.

  • Shaffs

    @G and @poop y’all hill billies should shut the fuck up and stick to ur country music black music isnt for ur type, get some education whilst you can

  • umm

    House of Balloons is still my SHIT rite now, this could’ve waited…dope tho

  • Fuck What You Heard

    Hw bout fuck all crackers. Hahahaha.

  • Been Bumping that House of Ballons mixtape all weekend. The cover to Thursday is dope. I like how the girl in the middle is surrounded by balloons. Makes me think of House of Balloons. I take the cover for what it is instead of dwelling on what it’s not.

  • 666string

    I have to agree with Cold Death. This sounds like music gay people would go crazy over and Abel seems a lil suspect himself..I bet you’d all feel dumb of he came out haha

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