• CG

    This dude just said he has ‘lyrical ability’. LMAO.

  • Cali

    Fuck this retard. He can’t rap for shit.
    Wayne’s Tha Carter IV in stores August 29th and Drake’s Take Care in stores October 24th…

  • RK

    Only reason Trump compared Em to this prick is coz they’re both white…

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  • Converse

    So Mac miller and Feminem arent the same person???

  • Black Shady

    This nigga is wack as fuck. who the fuck co-signing him? theres 1 000 000 better rappers out there smh

    Asher Roth had way more buzz than Mac Miller…and where is asher nowadays? exactly….
    you’ll be history real soon bruh

    SHADY 2011

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  • Backpack Scene Hipster

    Mac Miller is dope tho

  • Cali’s Finest

    (if you want to talk about white rappers Mr. Trump)
    who the fuck is playing this dude?
    No Hate. but C,mon…I havent heard this guy anywhere but on Rapradar. Donald is the worst man to ask for a Comparison.

  • Braniak

    I got love for Yella and Asher but this Clow? Has to stay away from the Game b4 he gets a can of woop ass. F* U wac mill!!!

  • Braniak


  • Lighter

    Mac is only 19 and has done so much as an independent artist. Good for him for making it this far.

  • John


  • Lighter says:
    Monday, August 22 2011 at 6:55 PM EST
    Mac is only 19 and has done so much as an independent artist. Good for him for making it this far.

    Independent? he’s been mainstream since KIDS which was his Kush and OJ, also signed to Rostrum for while.

  • Peter

    Stewie Griffin blew up!

  • Shane

    I don’t understand why all the hate from you guys…I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t particularly like his music, as i’m geared more towards Eminem, Tech N9ne, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar mostly but I don’t understand why you can’t let him be. I never really bothered sitting and listening to Mac Miller (i skimmed through KIDS but didn’t love it), because I thought/still do think that he is more of a fad. TBH I’m pretty surprised he’s gotten as popular as he has, but I don’t have him on my iPod. After watching this video, I probably will give him a shot and download some of his more recent songs.

    He handled the Eminem situation well and maturely IMO, and I agree with him. Donald Trump doesn’t know too much about rap, so all he probably knows is that Eminem is one of the GOATs, and coincidentally Mac Miller is white. Donald Trump even said he hasn’t heard the song, so I don’t think he meant lyrically similar, just that they are two popular rappers who are white.

    As for who listens to him, around 80% of my friends listen to the dude, sure they are all white but who honestly gives a fuck? Mac Miller doesn’t go around pretending he’s gangster, and doesn’t rap about being gangster, so its not like he’s invading into your (Black people) territory. I’m Indian so don’t bother thinking I’m white or something so I’m not really biased either way.

    He’s not even acting like he’s cocky…he can’t control the people that compliment him and he can’t choose who he gets compared to. Fact is if you’re white, you will be compared to Eminem. He took it as a compliment and left it at that. He was acting pretty humble IMO because I feel like if anybody else was in his position you’d be jumping for joy in your head and smiling your ass off.


    Good for this kid creating a buzz and all but he is not to be compared to eminem wether it be skin color or skill set.. Asher roth maybe but asher would rap laps around this kid

  • Well, they both are trailer park trash. And eminem one of the GOAT??????? What ???? Hahahahahahahaha. Lmfao. Funniest shit ever.


    @ real nigga… The ignorant name says it all.. Keep venting your hate for white people tough guy.. Lmao at digital thugs

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  • pablo escobar jr


  • drakesucks

    one word:


  • Cali760

    All the people hating on Mac are probably black hahaha what a shame. And this is coming from someone whose not much of a fan of this kid.

  • rajon chrondo

    @greengoblin independent means your not signed to a major label dumbfuck

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  • LD

    I really wish people would stop hating on this guy…….he’s dope and honestly none of you could ever come close to him. Mac Miller is ”on the rise”, not in his prime…..he still has plenty to come so let him develop and become A “HUGE” star before you critique him.

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  • Mike

    Idk what half these people are talking about saying that asher roth is such a superior lyricist to mac miller. Miller has good flow and pretty basic lyrics but some of his songs are pretty good and ive only heard a few songs from asher but was not impressed. Neither of these fools are anywhere cloooosee to the skills of eminem though

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  • Derty Kevin

    lol did anyone actually watch this video? everyone is commenting about his music, how about this interview? dude couldn’t finish a sentence without saying “like” every other fucking word. and he’s trying to say he only listened to big L and a tribe called quest growing up? then why you talking like a 14 yr old girl? get the fuck outta here.

  • Derty Kevin

    my transcription of this interview: “like donald like trump like helike never like listens to hip-hop, solike I don’t get like why all these people are all like ohh hes comparing him like to eminem”

    sorry if that’s not exact, I may have missed a few likes….
    is he a 19 y/o rapper or a 14 y/o girl?

  • Killa K

    OMG! Trump knows everything there is know about hip hop! what a huge compliment to compare him to another white rapper! WOW! he should be so proud. suck my dick Trump you wiggedy faggot mother fucker.

  • Aaron J
  • get bucks

    It’s more rappers than fans… Most people dissin’ this kid probably wannabe rappers. I don’t like his music, but I respect his grind. I didn’t like Wiz Khalifa either, but eventually his music grew on me.

  • L4U

    FUCK Trump PERIOD!!! Mac keep grinding

  • FAst LAne


  • Macc Millerr ? Heess Preettyy Chill . Buuht imm ann eminemm Fann ! Emm isss a Leqendd Yo ; & Macc Will Neverr Beee Likeee Himm . Donaaldd Needds Too Lisstenn Too all off Eminemms’ Sonqqs & Macc Millerrs . Whosee Gunnaa Winn . EMINEMM !!

  • Corey Zeimen

    Eminem – Survival
    is tremendous
    review of “name of song” here….Review: http://www.bitcandy.com/plogs/plogDedicated/music/best-alternative-pop-week-41-2013