• chris_1254

    Swag, straight fire

  • These niggas suck.

  • so icy boi!

    I can’t hate anymore. This is very nice


    song is good i don’t know why niggas hate on it.

  • ask me

    i like this shit because it

  • worst song on the whole album…doesn’t fit the tone of it.

  • Huh

    Like seriously, who listens to eminem ? Not to be funny, but Im dead serious. Who actually listens to eminem.

  • Del

    song is dope, i really don’t see why cats hate on it… dope video

  • Zo

    ^^^white people

  • JenLights

    @ask me wow thhat is is so fuckin true ha
    but yeh the vid is dope, and song is good if bruno mars dint ruin the mood and scream shit. Love that em went to blonde ha slim shady shit right there!

  • rpqc

    Like seriously, who listens to eminem ? Not to be funny, but Im dead serious. Who actually listens to eminem.

    are you stupid

    alot of people cause he 1 of the biggest sellers

    who listens to rick ross ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • @ So Icy Boi, your a fag who gets fucked in the ass by yo daddy.

  • @ rpqc, stop lying to him. Only white people listen to eminem and you know it.

  • Brown Shady

    Icy boi quit choking on guccis dick you faggot-ass muthafucker. Shady Records taking over!

  • NBSX

    radio likes it and so do alot of people so who cares BITCHES

  • ous

    Dope video!! love the concept

  • ridalen

    I love em but this shit is trash….32 bar verses with a hook that barely fits? Em could really shit on a record and itd be a hit tho

  • rodipipes

    I am black and I know a whole lot of people listen to em nd dats cs he is d best! Even Rakim said if he was black he wud be d mohamed ali of rap! So who the fuck r u to hate? Stop playing d racial card and accept talent

  • Converse

    Wow? only thing they are missing is a rainbow flag

    Royce sold out? nigga sucking feminem dick on wax? and what was the outcome? a top 10 hit a #1 album? and a loss of respect


    not my type of song but its good to em has grown up and is making differnt tracks now cause he would have never done this a few years ago and i hear this on the radio quite alot so its all love

  • dbdb

    lol @ “ask me”

  • Converse


  • The Cold Death

    Why does everybody hates Eminem? Lil Wayne collaborated with Madonna, Cassie, Jay Sean, Mike Posner, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias. Fools say “Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive”. That gay nigga is a pop star, kissing man, making straight pop songs (“Lollipop”, “How to Love”…) and collaborating with gay pop stars.

    Where are they now?

  • The Cold Death

    Why does everybody hate Eminem? Lil Wayne collaborated with Madonna, Cassie, Jay Sean, Mike Posner, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias. Fools say “Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive”. That gay nigga is a pop star, kissing man, making straight pop songs (“Lollipop”, “How to Love”…) and collaborating with gay pop stars.

    Where are they now?

  • ColoradoKnight

    Not a fan of the song what so ever, but this video is well done. Bruno Mars needs to “jump on a grenade”. Can’t stand his whiny a**.

  • rap

    i swear u r bunch of fuckin loosers haters suck i know he is the GOAT with such critics and foggot haters fuckin bitches

  • Its the KING…Bitch

    Give it up for the King of Hip hop and Royce too.

    @so Icy boi

    Its Ferrari. not Ferrery. Its never to late to get an education.

  • TC

    You know eminem is trailer park trash and only white people listen to him. Im watching Jerry Springer and a white girl said she hasnt heard a good white rapper since eminem. Hahaha lmao. Eminem = white trailer park trash.

  • John Doe


  • Toya

    Ummm… How did they overlook the trap doors until this video (especially Royce)? And Bruno really had no involovement in the video other playing on a piano. But other than those two points, I like this video. The concept was original and the ending was great.

  • yall are idiots, if em was black with all that diff subject matter and rhyming skill our community would have been on his dick too.

  • @ So Icy Boi, wtf ? Whats with all the shout outs. Anyways, you a flame job. Come to Miami and get stomped. Fuck Gucci mane. You parents are swingers. And they got charged with beastality. Get off this site nigga.

  • Me

    Niggaz lie like groupies claiming they dont listen to eminem in d hood…lol..then how does he sell that much????haters

  • OlliShady

    Whoah Em with blond hair. I never thought I

  • Converse

    Elton John said this video make him look str8

    Drake said this is gayer than the tramp stamp owl on his back

  • Osun

    I hate pop! bring in more bricksquad!

  • tomcias10

    fuck haters 😉

  • @ Me, is your question serious ? Obviously he sells that many records from white people. People in the hood do not go and buy eminem cds.

  • jake

    Omg stop hating! I have black friends and they listen to Eminem so stop talking shit!

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Respect Shady Records !!!

  • Amaya

    Video is kind of weak

  • Converse

    Black people listening to feminem? what is that a myth? a folklore?

    Corey: Yo bruh u got that new Feminem album?

    Quentin: What fool? Why would I spend my hard earn money? on a pardoy of hiphop? Im not gay or white? I cant relate to killing myself and fucking my pop

    Shawn: True *kanye shrug*

  • jake

    @Aj Stop talking crap you stupid n*****!

  • So Icy Boi

    @Amaya Can we fuck? Swag

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    They listen to EM everywhere hood or burbs. Em got a loyal fanbase and plus he’s talented. Look at the last 2 solo albums TALENT over B.S.(wayne, ross, drake, nick) anyway in my book. My opinion I think some people (icy boy) cant handle the fact that sum white boy is KILLIN hip hop.

  • vejs23


  • em_world


  • Word

    Cosign @ Cold Death. Next post could be “Lil Wayne x Lenny Kravitz “Pop PopPop” and niggas would say Waynes “branching out”. Bunch of hyporcites that comment forreal. News flash, your favorite rappers wish they could have even a fraction of Ems sales, respect, fame, relevancy, etc etc. Your hate comments obviously stem from jealousy of your favorite rapper not being as popular. Its okay, try buying albums more and maybe…just maybe…they can be as big as Em, Jay, Ye and so on.

  • i hope we get some blonde hair shady tracks in the future.

  • @ jake, are you a mad white boy ? Nobody cares about your oreo friends. Eminem sucks like white girls. Honk for honkey.

  • sweet lou

    I don’t get why people are obsessed with ” nobody bumps em in the hood.” Well elzhi, apathy, raekwon – madd dope rappers don’t sell shit for numbers. Em moves records – and it is the white audience who cops his shit. Why the hate? Rap is the mainstream now, and honestly more people CONNECT with eminem than Rappers like raekwon. It’s not 1993 anymore.


  • Black Shady

    SHADY we stay winning!!! Haters maddddd


  • Real G

    Not Hip-Hop.

  • Not a fan of the song but the video is fucking awesome. Not Dickridin at all. Its awesome, amazing, astonishing, made me look the song with other eyes

  • WestCoast

    we need Bad Meet Evil LP (producer’s : Dr.Dre &Dj premier & Alchamist & Cool & dre & Havov & Djkhalil)

  • @ icy boi
    u a dumb sucka black shady some1 else. Shady taking over. Ya Dig!

  • Bklyn’s finest

    Em= GOAT…. Not 1 rapper can match him bar for bar… Em is def the greatest to ever do it in this game… Men lie, women lie, numbers dont…. Deal with it suckaz…

  • @ sweet lou, I shouldnt even say anything to you because you have such a faggot name. Matter of fact, Im not even going to argue with you, because from yo name we can see everything u say is a lie and makes no sense.

  • Awesome

    The day this video is released, it’s the day my connection is slower than a fucking snail. fml.

  • shady>ur favorite rapper

    sit down and shut up for a min..u all need to look at wat yall r sayin…first of all ive been reading the comments for the past few months and there is way to much hate goin on…YES eminem is by far the best selling rapper in our generation…and YES wat he says on a track has way more meaning than watever gucci mane has to say…as well as other rappers too…yall hate the man cause hes white…so waT does his skin color have to do wit raw talent…hmm…nothing…if gucci or waka were ever blessed enuf to be on a track wit em would u start hating them to..even tho em would never waste his time wit those losers…EMS past 2 solo cds sold more then waka and gucci comined for there whole careers….brrrr…….stay in yall respected lanes and keep it moving..also @soicyboi….u need to get a life dude…get a job, make sum money and get out yer parents basement…real talk…..im sure u jus say the things u say cause u like to be provocative(big word for u i no) and deep down inside u really r a fan of ems…keep the comments nuetral or dont comment at all….and finnaly if em wasnt so respected y do all other major hiphop artist want to work with him so bad…cause they no hes the G.O.A.T

  • eminem says

    They say they don’t listen to me in the hood but I’ve been on tracks with dr.dre snoop dogg ice cube xzibit kurupt jay-z T.I. 50 Cent lloyd banks and ect.. Hiphop heads stand up and trap stars please sit down..

  • eminem says

    Opinions and racism are two diffrent things.. Keep debating but stop with the hating..

    Eminem > jay z – renegade

    Eminem > drake kanye west and lil wayne – forever

    Eminem > lil wayne drop the world

  • SmokeYou

    This song has yet to grow on me. It’s not the lyrics, or the corny hook, but I just hate the beat.


  • JHP

    Dope video, and it is a pop song, and the 2nd worst song on the album to me (I didn’t like I’m ON Everything) but it’s still a good song

  • Frankie

    Bad Meets Evil > Watch The Throne

  • S0 Ic3y Boi

    This shit is hot. Swag

    Fucking fag

  • dope

  • BM3 stays killinem!!!

  • sck


    I feel you but his last 2 solo albums are a bad example if you wanna argue that Em is the best. Relapse and Recovery aren’t his greatest material. As a matter of fact Relapse, in my opinion, is his worst album. Recovery was better but still nothing close to his first 3 albums.

  • Lighter

    The king himself!!!
    Long live the king!!!
    Long live the king!!!
    Long live the king!!!

  • eminem say

    Don’t let relapse go over your head.. Metephorse and wordplay we’re on point but I lost it a little bit with the voice overs.. Relapse was a play off my slim shady ego everyone wanted and asked for… Encore was by far my worst album but hey even Nas had nastradamus

  • Willie_mcfly22

    I HATE product placement!!

  • Statk23

    greatest of all time

  • breaks

    how did I guess A MONTH AGO that it would start with a corny handheld shot of Bruno Mars sitting at an upright piano in a dingy space?

    (rich lee)

  • Ben

    Whackest of all time!!


    Blonde hair = Slim Shady album coming soon

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  • ttomcatt


  • Uneedfeatures2makeuhot

    Lamest song on the album, kept album from being a classic. And id still rather hear this than R.e.d. Album BS. or Garbage 4 I mean carter 4 or pig ross. 2 much dickridin on here. My last question is for So icy boy how does gucci dick taste? Everytime I read comments I see u lovin that gucci penis. Dont hate my observation

  • eminem says

    @Ttomcatt thanks for the typo dick lol

  • drakesucks

    this must be the gayest shit ive ever seen! song wack, video wack! and i was a huge fan of eminem until he dropped recovery! he betrayed himself with this shit! hopping on the pop wave as a great rapper aint funny! eminem aint real anymore! someone must have brainwashed this white nigga! just compare this shit to his classics like stan, the way i am, without me, mosh, etc.! EMINEM IS DEAD, THIS WHITE GUY IN THE VIDEO IS AN OTHER PERSON!

  • demo

    Dope,,em looks great

  • Shady’s Queen

    Had a dream em was king i woke up still king.

  • Video is alright.They spit on here.This is for the pop stations

  • Ben

    Sold out wack!!