Kat Williams Fight At Jeezy Concert

Now this is funny. During Young Jeezy’s concert last night at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, comedian/rapper Kat Williams was caught with his shirt off scrapping with a local promoter. Eventually, he was escorted out the concert. So much for ‘flexin. Ha!


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  • jjpky

    why dont black people ever fight 1 on 1 with no weapons like real men???????????????????????

  • MXL

    This nigga’s washed up. Might still be funny, but can’t stay out of trouble long enough to get back to work — kinda like the DMX of comedy.

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  • Brutally honest

    I saw the clip of Jeezy stated if a dude wanna settle a problem, we can scrap outside 1 on 1 outside; on World Star Hip-Hop . This !!!! Ladies & Gentlemen, is the fall of “Katt Williams”

  • xxl

    Negros can’t fight that’s why they group up and or shoot somebody… They can never talk things out beacuse they have to prove dey some 25 to life real nigga lmao no wonder they make up most of our jail and prison systems

  • Nelson

    Tupac? No… Kat Williams..

  • BUNK

    I dont want be another nigga!!! Tell the world…

  • RC

    I wish you niggas would stop lying.

    Yall champion lyrics about shooting niggas instead of scrapping! Then you get on these blogs and pretend you guys are all about scrapping it up like this is the movie Friday.

    Sick of you lying ass niggas man.

    “All Iron slingin, no tusslin.” – Jadakiss

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Anytime i see Kat Williams name its always attach to something negative lately SMH. Shout out to JEEZY TM103 coming soon !

  • this n*gga kat was waving his shirt n beating on his chest. that boi wild.


  • Sc_r

    Katt Williams is a sad story niggas don’t even joke about it

  • @RC

    Who’s “pretending they’re all about scrapping it up”? Just curious, cuz I don’t see anybody here that agrees with this.

  • Cali’s Finest

    LOL where’s Kat at? I only see him at the end of the Fight with his Shirt off, but I don’t think I seen him Swinging!?

    by the way, whoever recorded this, is an IDIOT. we dont wanna see the full 10 Mins. Concert Nigga!!

  • And whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is this little Negro fighting at a Jeezy concert? Lmao! Smh. Material 4 his comeback special…

  • Que Dijo!?

    Lmao DMX of comedy!!


  • rajon chrondo

    this nigga 100 pounds soaking wet in steel toe boots

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  • Luck

    When was the last time Katt was in The D?

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  • get bucks

    Katt Williams is a fuckin’ clown (not in a funny way). He needs to get back to tellin’ jokes. I knew he was on some bullshit when he signed to Dipset to rap??? C’mon nigga we don’t u know u for that and ain’t nobody gonna pay u for that. Get back to the comedy Money Mike…

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  • yodaddy

    I didn’t see him fighting….I seen some other niggas fighting and he just happened to be around it.

    Plus….Katt Williams is like 5’1 120 LBS….he wants no parts of a club fight.

  • sway-z

    Katt was next in line, man. After Chappelle peeled off, the lane was wide open and this nigga had a classic standup right on cue. Then, right on cue, he starts getting involved in stupid shit. I want to know what grown man would even fight Katt Williams in the first place, c’mon son!

  • JHP

    SMH, Katt Williams is really a sad story, big fan of this dude’s comedy, but he been ruining his life lately

  • DJ Game

    OH SHIT! It;s Money Mike pimpin’!

  • Da Truthhh


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  • blynnty

    Ummm…It’s funny how everyone keeps saying that he is “washed up” and that him doing stupid things is getting in the way of him coming back to comedy…He’s RETIRED folks…Not to mention it’s pretty obvious that most of you commented w/o actually watching the video (probably because it was ten minutes)…He wasn’t even fighting…So, ummm, yeah…


  • Big Homey

    (Reasonable Doubt 22 Twos) Maria Davis voice: “See this is why our people dont have anything, we dont know how to go places and act properly” LMAO

    Arizona is not a good place for black stars….ask DMX

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