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  • Hustle Westbrook

    Aasim aint a real nigga

  • RayJay

    this was his record first. ryan leslie had that song and hook for a while.

  • izzie_fareal

    “but ya mothers a moolie….diary of a mad black woman” MOOLIE????? WTF…foreal tho?

  • dll32

    beat is hot…rapper is not !

  • Jordan Cohen

    There is a reason he’s been on Badboy for YEARS and you dont know about him.

  • the One

    That beat is fire!

  • jorge

    whatsup with hating right here aasim is better all if this rappers people been listen to this days

  • Draconis

    hot rapper i will really love to hear an album from a newyork young snapper for old times sake. i really love how he approached this song.Dope kid!