New Music: Slaughterhouse “The Illest”

Fresh off their BET Cypher, Slaughterhouse returns with their first full-fledged recording. In fact, this is what they previewed a few days ago. No tellin’ if this will end up on their sophomore album, but for now: Rappers are in danger.


UPDATE: Dirty. No Tags.

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  • ES


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  • Nice!!

  • D

    ok i see yall

  • inyourmomsmouth


  • toad3527

    royce got da best verse hands down, then joey, then joell, the crooked

  • Bangers N Mash

    Gotta wait for that new DJ version for download, but this shit is real nice.

  • D

    so dope

  • dmc

    yup, thats ill

  • mikey


  • NuJew

    Biggie (sample) verse > > > >

  • DOT



  • Bx Slime

    Damm this is fire!!! I hope these guys get far, people are suddenly taking a heavy interest in them now. But please don’t do that fucking “I was here before any bandwagon fan”, “These guys sold out”, “underground rapper>Slaughterhouse” bullshit that plagues almost every dude making it big.

  • yooo

    “this isnt even a group, just one real nigga multiplied” !!!!! HOLY SHIT. they really cooking up some shit! already a trending topic on twitter! who doubted they would go plat? they got some hot shit! been a fan since be4 they signed with em

  • MyName

    This is what the fuck I’m talking bout. Need this flex free and uncensored

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  • Bangers N Mash

    Updated with no tags, that was fast as hell but props. Soo dope.

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  • 732

    the album is gna be retarded

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  • BlazeDaFuture

    I wish RR would Post Download Links To The Tagless Versions

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Push them release dates up. Shady Records running Hip Hop.

  • hip hop

    thats was dope!! thats the shit i wanna ear keep it up

  • Protektah X

    Pure Fiyah!

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  • nahhhh


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  • sergio*

    Is good to listen to dis type of records, aLmost giving up on hiphop after dmx, Ice cube, Nas, B.i.G, nd Eminem dis right now R my favorites ……….

    P.s Fab nd T.I r nice to loL

  • RC

    Man these niggas is crazy.

    Joey took that one.

    We aint comparing verses but when you get spitters like this you can help but compare.

  • nahhhh

    Crooked’s verse >>>>>>

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  • Awesome

    This shit is mad dope!! SLAUGHTERHOUSE on the MAP! Trending Topic Worldwide! SHADY 2.0 TAKING OVER!

  • micsnatch


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  • nzo



  • OOPH

    Slaughterhouse first album was damn near classic. This album on Shady is going to be nuts.

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  • bay1son

    got damn…. head nodding with that bitter beer face

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  • Blog commenter


    ArE YOu rETArted?

  • Shady 2.0

    Their album is going to be disgusting! They’re on the RISE!


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  • Life After Death

    Now this is Dope!

  • omegasupreme914

    Pure Fireworks! Smh

  • this shit is tough!

  • Everybody talk about mac mill buzz but who got WAY more comments on new song? SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!! buzz is way bigger then i thought it could get! go shady! feel like it should be obie trice instead of yelawolf, couldnt believe it when i first heard em signed him, i think the only reason em signed him cause he thinking it might sell alot since hes white and wit em so em pockets stay fat

  • crazy

    this song is too good. hip hop at its finest.

  • ItsTheTruth

    4 lyrical niggas, 0 skinny jeans. Fuck ur favorite rapper

  • snypz


  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    NO Lex Luger production needed….NO skylar grey on the hook needed….NO pop singing…
    just Raw fuckin Lyrics!!!
    I would love to hear these nikkas on a Dre or Em Produced beat!!!

    Bye Ymcmb, Bye Mmg.

  • @yankeeluvngiant

    nothing better

  • Thank Me Hater

    Its abt fucking time. This shit is ass ill as a nigga that fucked Kat Stacks without a condom.YES!!!

  • DrDreThatDude

    Mommas callin the kids to come inside! Ain’t safe out there!

    Crooked is my dude right now.

  • carlo

    HI RIHANNA!!!!

  • Joeycrack

    How more hiphop can this get ?? Fucken insane…never been this excited when it comes to wanting to Listen to what these guys say..there cleverness and metaphors are crazy

  • Thank Me Hater

    If Drake and Nicki Minaj get more comments than this post I’m moving to Cambodia…FUCK!!!

  • rango

    Smh insane.

  • firefly81

    Can’t stand Slaughterhouse. I would rather listen to Wu-Tang Clan than this shit. Just cause they rap fast does make them good rappers. Say what you want but every rapper in the days were not only rappers but musicians and these guys are definitely not musicians.

  • Seriously

    Aight, aight aight stop taking shots at The Throne already. “Will Kanye West Only Find Redemption in Death?”:

  • Luke

    Damn , Fucking dope!

  • hmm

    Is it safe to say….that….lyrics are BACK!

  • Black Shady

    this is what im talking about!!


  • crazy

    Dear Hip Hop Heads,

    we’re back.

    Sincerely, Lyrics.

  • bo

    crazy, i dont mind people using Biggie in the track if it is some dope shit, not Lil B or some garbage but real dudes that you could see Biggie working with if he was alive… cant wait for the album

  • woweee

    This is fire! Best group in da game! Shady aftermath!!

  • yma

    This beat is so fucking ill.

  • Tim

    This is crazy

  • CutZ

    i’m surprise to see everyone has the same view on something, thats dope

  • crysis

    The illest fer sure. these 2.0 boys are gunna kill the industry. lyrics are sick nobody fucking with the shady camp.

  • Saw

    Make way for these guys. Holy shit!

  • light


  • t

    i like the song but i dont think it tops anything off their first album
    hopefully its just a street single

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  • inyourmomsmouth

    recorded it off my sound card into flstudios exported mp3 put in itunes synced to iphone shit is on repeat ……

  • crazy

    real hip hop

  • ironic

    slaughterhouse is riding a well deserved great wave


  • biggiebestfriend

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they been killin it since 09 people need to listen to real rappers with lyrics ..unlike clowns like waka & gucci & souja girl etc radio music u get the point

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  • Snatch Patch

    “I’m ’bout to go Van Gogh and I have to reach for slavery guns
    That mean I draw a masterpiece”
    -Crooked I

    holy shit

  • hip hop aint dead

    thats was fire im feeling it as long as people like this get signed hip hop wont die. Slaughterhouse!!!! oh yh [email protected] drake sneaky jew

  • fat nigga

    Best group! I mean damn! Royce,ortiz,crooked and budden! Monsters!

  • llll


  • Royce>
    Shady Records>

  • HiphopsMusic1st

    I’ve been a JOEY fan since forever, but hands down….ROYCE! The flow, the lines….crazy! Where’s the d/l link !!

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  • yomama

    Freaking dynamite

  • Loe

    too bad rap music is same old crap over and over…it seeks to appeal to the savage lowest common denominator of people. people will always sink to there lowest if given the chance…part of what is destroying this country….


    this is fuckin amazin. straight raw, 100% pure hiphop. these dudes can spit, and the beat is fuckin hard. fuck.


    lol @ anyone who likes any ‘rapper’ that has anything to do with young money and all that shit. HAAA


  • Thank Me Hater

    I never thought these guys would get this much buzz even with shady’s assistance

  • dodo

    fuck young money! rot in hell you faggots…

    SHADY/AFTERMATH all the way.


  • Lux Aeterna

    Young Money……….. NO.
    Maybach Records…………. NO.

    Shady Records…………. BRING IT!

  • Lux Aeterna

    Bangin’ !

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  • SmokeYou

    Sure they can rap all day… but can they make a good song? Rain drops and cut you loose are the only 2 songs I still listen to off the first album. With that said I am in no way saying I’m not a fan because I am, but it’s always like this for “lyrical” rappers.

  • crazy

    smokeyou, their first album was done in 6 days.

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  • ???


    Uh dude this is a dope ass song wtf are u talking about what do you call a song? does a song has to consist of a fuckin pop formula all the fuckin time and fyi back in the day hot songs were lyrical as well so welcome to the resurgence of rhyme mofossss swag can’t save u now Shhhhaaadddyyy 2.0!

  • Mistah_Fab

    Get the firetruck…this shit is FIRE!

  • rango

    These niggas gonna forsure everybody proud next year

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    @??? and @smokeyou

    i understand completely what SmokeYou is saying. pretty much every song i’ve ever heard from them was a battle rap. NOT EVERY SONG SO DON’T BOTHER WITH THE EXAMPLES I ALREADY KNOW. but almost exclusively trash-talking about being sick mc’s. that’s all well and good. i know that types around here love that. but i personally, for example, like concept songs and songs about a topic. it’s called songwriting.

    like The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”. that’s a song. character(s) in a specific situation expressing some feeling, telling some story. that doesn’t mean they have to have some tired, radio pop formula of a love song to a girl with an R&B hook. but, yes, i feel like it’s a bit limiting to just do “lyrical battle rap” again and again. but that’s me. i understand that for a lot of people, it’s awesome to finally have that going on again in hip-hop. it’s refreshing to have MC’s back doing tongue-twisting, complicated ‘SPITTING”. I think the game needs that so i approve.

    it’s just i’ve seen a lot of mixtape rappers over the years who were good at winning on 106 and Park freestyle friday who never went anywhere because that’s all they could do is battle. they couldn’t make good albums or songs. i know these guys have proven, especially Budden, that they can tell sick stories so hopefully i’ll at least get that. but i don’t expect great songwriting and production like Kanye’s “All Of The Lights”, Dr. Dre “Nothing But A G Thang” or Scarface “Never Seen a Man Cry”. you know, with no battle raps about themselves at all, maybe a song about poverty, rape in the Congo, bank bailouts of Wall Street, a story about a sheisty chick, or something. anyway, i digress. they’ll do what they want; they know their niche and are happy with what they do. props.

  • rango

    These niggas r forsure gonna make a lot of hiphopheads very proud next year.

  • JMillionaire

    Thats Real HipHop right there!!!

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  • Bangers N Mash

    Even after a handful of listens, this is still dope as hell.

  • CrazyA

    Any member from slaughterhouse would outclass wayne….One verse, they’d expose him.

  • dmfslimm

    cant wait to get home to hear this on the beats. this computer dont do it justice.

  • Romayne

    Yo lets get it




  • rodipipes

    Slaughterhouse killing shit! When radioactive drops people r gonna open their eyes! Shady 2.0!!!!!

  • Devil

    “Now get that tattoo that say life, cause you a bitch” <—-I'm pretty sure that goes for Wayne's gay ass always talking shit about his life being a bitch and shit. lol

  • I always got respekt for a fresh piece! Keep it up!

  • deeprofound

    shady stays winning

  • slaughterhouseshady

    shady baby

  • jams


  • Wally Champ

    Very Nice

  • drake suckz

    dam fire fire fire fire Slaughterhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck mmg and young money

  • swag swag

    swag swag swag swag swag lol dead dat word 2011 all about the lyrics

  • dodo


  • Bangers N Mash

    never seen so many positive comments for one post on this site yet.

  • kgdunksonu

    royce went nuts on those first 8 bars – ended it perfect with bury my bones in mariah careys box hahaha. gotta have ems back on that one

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!

    “I’m S-H-A-D-Y
    Slaughterhouse all day, youngin'”

    S- Slaughter
    H- House
    A- All
    D- Day
    Y- Youngin

    DAMN! :O

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