• Lil Majer The Cartune

    LH at that first sentence!

  • Kryspy

    I bet google saying “Can’t touch this”.

  • coco loco

    whats deeper then google, wasting time and money…,

  • Black Shady

    LOL @ trying to compete with google

    good luck with that

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  • young hov

    I bet google saying

  • ….what you all aren’t seeing is the fact that if you come up with a solution to a search engine to make it better, and it ACTUALLY WORKS…and people start using it all the time….Google will come through and make an offer to buy you out…..yeah good luck with that Hammer, no seriously cause if you can walk away from the table PAID from just the Idea and the initial start up money to get that idea OFF the ground, that money will then flip like coke…stop playing around and hating and get paid for your idea’s ya’ll…..

  • Obama

    @DBtheGmc… What you aren

  • DBtheGmc

    Yeah…..I guess…You never know though.
    weirder things have happened

  • no1

    Circa 1997 – Yea… Like who would use a search engine called:
    or one called

    Google? Yahoo? Come on. GTFOH.

    WireDoo. …. Hmmm.