New Music: Yelawolf x Kid Rock “Let’s Roll”

Welcome to the best of both worlds. Detroit’s 95.5 FM premiered this earlier, but here’s the CDQ of Yelawolf‘s latest single. Recognize a hit when you hear it. Radioactive on November 21st.

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  • Luke

    Yelawolf goes hard

  • YO

    Dope song


    this shit bangs, Kid Rock murdered that hook. Great single. RADIOACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 123

    not bad

  • ous

    Dope song!!!!! Shady

  • Black Shady

    When i saw the title and the feature I was like WTF

    but this actually good. SHADY!!!

  • Casey Anthony

    Love this song as much as my baby gi…. ummm nvm

  • Infinitus

    Too many dudes hate on and underestimate this guy. His album’s gonna fucking be incredible.

  • Vodka


  • DaDey

    I can see why some wouldn’t like it, but this is a PARTY ANTHEM. Plain and Simple.

  • Skinny Jeans – Fatass

    Looks Like Someone’s Buzz Is Gonna Be On Fire

  • gjgJJ

    This is nicceeee. Shady

  • Phillinois

    This song is dope.
    I hate the Stans that only clicked on this because Yela signed to Shady
    But it was a smart move on his part.

  • ppppp

    oh no

  • birolex

    Great track Can’t wait for the album

  • ppppp

    so you all like this shit but hate asap rocky?


  • James Allen


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  • Just having Kid Rock on the hook makes this song fucking awseome. Yelawolf is dope

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    1 of my new favorite rappers. This joint is nice right here Yelawolf lets theses dudes know. Shady Records ! (no skateboarding, no barbie talk, no sappy love songs).

  • woweee

    Wow this is what I’ve been waiting for yela is going to blow up.

    I love this song

  • Firepower

    This is awesome, Yelawolf!!!

  • zezzoi

    SMH at the shots MGK was shooting at Yela in that Breakfast club Interview.

    MGK ain’t shit. Yelawolf got talent. MGK horrible.

  • casper21

    big tune, get em Yela!

  • ben


  • Word Son

    I like these type of anthem type songs. Dope.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Dope shit I gotta feeling Radioactive is gonna be somethin serious, can’t wait for it to drop no more push backs.

  • drakesucks

    that kid cock sucks…please die kid cock, i aint fuckin with white long haired rock faggots!!!

  • rodipipes

    DOPE!!!! YELA!!!

  • crazy

    YELA!!!!!! 11.21.11 !! SHADY!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @drakesucks…Get a life lil man.

  • DJ Game

    Something to look forward to. Been a fan since I heard Stereo. Always knew Em would sign him!

  • TATE

    Yeah, He about to drop a nice album if this is any indication of whats to come..

  • drakesucks

    ZoomZoomDad-Otis, fuck you bitch!!!

    i know your hurt cuz i shitted on your false prophet “GAY-Z”

    it sucks to worship a fat lip camel, ha?

  • ballsackjohnson


    been waiting to hear this one for a minute and it lived up to my expectations. hopefully this will get some radio burn.

    can’t wait to hear that mystikal track and the eminem/gangsta boo collabo

  • DAstan

    anthem of the year!

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  • Devil

    Wow! better than I expected…

    BTW…MGK sucks dick! that dude tries too hard to be a “bad boy”, he ain’t shit

  • God


  • mikey


  • 1234…

    fucking sick! mgk shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

    eminem (legend) signed yelwolf ’cause he recognises talent

    diddy (fag) signed mgk ’cause he recognises other fucking fags (except b.i.g)

  • vejs23

    shady 2.0 is the crew

  • trajce12

    this is bad for all you suckers…radioactive will pop

  • Jay

    For real… this is the best track I’ve heard in a long while man.
    Yela stepped his game up when he got signed to Shady. I mean, he’s always been dope but now he’s even more so.

    This track is fuckin’ sick! Laid back and a pump-up song at the same time… Kid Rock murdered that hook too. Amazing hook.

  • vado-fan

    nice!! good!! exelent!!

  • marsh8e

    That’s what we’re waiting 4

  • em_world

    This shit? is hottt.

  • Tobs

    awesome, realy digg it, i will buy yella’s album. Not cuz of this single only but because of his music general. He does good music!!

  • em_world

    I really hope Yelawolf becomes? the most successful…deserves it more than ANYONE else!!

  • youRbest

    this song is fking great

  • wuior45op


  • shady23

    straight fire

  • Bangers N Mash

    pretty solid track

  • D


  • Kid Rock >>>Drake. Kid rock been singing and rappin and he always stay true with his. hope he puts out another rap record though cause devil without a cause is one of the best albums ever. look up EARLY MORNING STONED PIMP

  • Frankie

    Now thats how you make a calssic track Dam yelawolf is bout to blow and make all his haters fans for life Cant wait for that album

  • King

    lmao at these shady stans comin out on force…this song is ohk…nothing gr8 unless u got that shady 2.0 dick in ya mouth

  • M.T

    this is dope.

  • thank fucking god for yelawolf. i don’t care if the entire album sucks ass, the first two songs to come out plus trunk music 2.0 is better than anything anyone has put out since lil wayne was doin his mixtape thing. got damn.

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Calm down.

  • Jo$h

    This shit is hot!

  • almarti5

    Hate as much as yall want but….

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @king u must a be a MMG or YMCMB groupie? You wouldn’t know good music if it punch you in the face.

  • fat nigga

    Dope song and the hook is amazing,that is real music.

  • young lucci poppin cucci

    *this song is fking great* hahaha


    this goes hard, dope, dope dope!!

  • the wolf named Yela

  • Lux Aeterna

    Dope track. Could’ve had some more of that intro/outro piano though!

  • DZ Force

    Dope Shady Records

  • fuk waka

    if u dnt get yela by now then u wud neva like him.. so dnt waste ur time with him! this song is the shit! dope single! this is indeed real music!

  • fuk waka

    lets roll > free spirits, real her, make me proud #fact

  • yomama

    Shady 2.0 all day, dope track


  • Spok

    Shiiiiit he going to blow shady 2.0 yaowaaaaaaaa

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    isnt it produced by Shady himself?

  • Coroner

    @wahrheitsgetreu Yes it is.

  • The Guy

    My white dawg killed it! Fuck yall

  • The Guy

    My other white dawg Em killed the beat too!

  • crazy

    Too fucking dope

  • mundL


  • Someone

    One word..


  • dodo

    hmm… wheres that EMINEM joint?

  • yomama


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  • Shooga

    His best single so far.

  • Shady 2.0

    Dope as fuck! RADIOACTIVE 11.21.11

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    fully sick! – can’t wait for the full album, em’ killed the beat too.

    eminem >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> yelawolf >>>>>>>>>>>>> mgk + mac miller + asher roth

  • res1

    can’t wait for radioactive..11.21.2011!!!

  • yomama

    this is good

  • freakt

    This shit cray

  • 313

    shady gang !! 11 21 11

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  • res1


  • res1

    radioactive november 21st!