• recordpusher

    damn that was fast… he just hung up the phone. lol

    Very happy he’s doing well.

  • Get well Eric Sermon. That just like Music song with Marvin Gaye on the samples was my song when I was a kid!! God bless you. You’re in my prayers…

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  • dmfslimm

    get well e. i grew up with you and hev. it wouldve stung harder if you left on that level.

  • Sean C.

    It’s good to see a true vet in the game get better. We have to do more to raise more awareness about black men’s health issues. Check out my site rapsandrings.com.


    e double.get welll ….awareness people….u r what u eat

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  • As A Man Thinketh

    We as black men have to watch out for our health. Diabete, HBP and other stress related illness, we can be predisposed to genetically. RIP Heavy D! For real, a true entertainer and showman.
    But look at what happen with Ross, The E-Double, we have to watch out lifestyles, the smoking, bad eating and drinking. I like to drink too! – but I don’t smoke ANYTHING or eat beef and pork, but that that don’t mean other stress related issues can affect my health.

    Get check out fellas, heart, teeth, blood pressure, kidneys, etc.

  • mistadoyle

    this scares me knowing im 27 and i have high blood pressure time to get healthy