New Music: Ja Rule “Never Had The Time”

It’s almost that time for the arrival of Ja’s Pain Is Love 2. And while the clock keeps on tickin’ ’til its release next month, here’s his latest, produced by 7 Aurelius.

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  • super duper gay track here.

  • At one point this guy was guaranteed to deliver a Hit,but ever since the 50 beef don’t have not made good music.With the exception of “Wonderful”all of his music have Sucked Ass!

  • BTW Ja,This song is Ass Crack!

  • R&G

    Too much Pop

  • RICO

    Awesome…I LOVE IT

  • Dat Ninja DB

    IDK u gotta give me sometime on this one it could work on the pop side

  • ThisisMe

    Art ! That Album will be a Classic !


    this is incredible sev and rule did there thing on this and jon doe on the hook is one to watch for in the future #HatersGoneHate

  • Real nigga

    I just never had the time to be a hater…

    This is nice, sounds good and very well produced. I like how Ja’s verses are meaningful, im tired of these ‘stuntin’ records rappers are putting out where the public cannot relate at all.

  • 50isking

    I was gonna try and hate but this song is stuck in my head maby this guy could sell anutha record who knows?

  • GED

    This jawn sounds incredible man! Free Ja Rule

  • Your Father

    This is so fucking sub-par.
    For years people claimed Irv Gotti hogged all the credit for the production on PiL and 7 Aurelius did most of the joints himself but after hearing all the wackness he produced for PiL2, I refuse to believe that.
    Production is so weak.

  • tiam lionel

    this is problem

  • wickwickwack

    he´s targetting the pop world …cant blame him
    u guys killed ja rule

  • ireland

    the hook was better when ja was singing it on the snippet now its horrible

  • bullti

    I don’t see the difference between this and any of 50’s pop hits etc… man you guys are sheep. This isn’t a terrible song, its not great but its going to get air time on the raido. Rule has actually put out a few really hot joints lately. Im looking forward to PIL 2.

  • The drums sound like a bite off Tupac’s Changes…. this dude really wanna be pac still.


  • arash

    this suprisingly good i was gonna try hate because i like eminem but this is a serious hit and i think ima give this guy a chance

  • Paperboy

    Nice! love it and its radio friendly 😉

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Ja can’t get away from Pac.

    This is that Pac’s “Changes” vibe all the way, even the flow is similar somewhat.


    I heard he upstate in general population getting sonned. Don’t believed them letters.

  • JDogg

    Very catchy, meaningful verses, the Rule IS BACK…….can’t wait for the album, the rap game need Rule,

  • RealHipHopBack

    This is corny sorry 50 cent ended murda inc years ago

  • JA

    This ish goes hardddd!!!

  • Dub-c

    Dis dat melodic flow dat only Ja can deliver. great track. really lookin forward to Jan 17th to get my hands on dat PIL2

  • bigRecExec

    I’ve never commented on an RR blog until I see all of these obvious Stans saying how great this record is. This is a 6 foot heaping turd of elephant shit. Unlistenable.

  • CODY


  • Mike Beck


  • Ca$h

    Im feeln dis joint,verses was on point,production was on point,hook was on point, but since its Ja i know ppl gonna try to find somethn to hate on, fuck the critics though dope song

  • Garbage.

  • bengy

    wow…sounds like that older music vibe is comin back with this one…dope.

  • whatup

    drums sound exactly like tupac – changes

  • Izmurdah

    Rule a legend u haters just stop and enjoy the mans music look past the hate y’all already missed out on so many unrealsed classics…such ‘ too long, streets done raised me…reminisce…baby.. Pushing it..and so much more material.. Just drop the hate and listen on.

  • Sephin

    something to relate to!!!
    #PIL2…merry hitsmas!!!

  • dredru20

    THis track is something special really looking forward to de album #pil2

  • Steven Lagos

    Ja is on the right track, sounds nice!!

  • real


  • Luks

    desperate nigga right here… he should just do us a favor and stay in jail for the rest of his life !!!

  • damn

    bunch of haters in there…

  • arash

    omg I never heard of ja rule apart from eminem dissing him but hes incredible i love his voice so sexy!!! and passionate “i need to get away from it all”

  • Blok Gang

    It’s been about 10 years since Ja made his major mistake by claiming Pac was gonna come back and niggas still jumping on that bullshit! Ja is dope…period!!!! Song has a nice flow and sounds absolutely nothing like changes, same old haters gonna hate! I’ve never heard or seen so much hate for a man for no reason whatsoever! Fuck the haters! PIL2 will be a classic album, but since it’s Ja, it defo ain’t doing big numbers! Album is for those who love his music, we all know Ja is a better lyricist than most of these wack ass niggas! There are only a few rappers in the game that can switch their flow up from a slow melody to a fast rap! Man got songs for days! Free Rule!!! PIL2 Bitches!!!

  • Kozak

    Too much pop?

    Tupac spit over pop, Ja Rule sounds good over it as well

    People these days just want a hard beat and don’t care about the lyrics… the true art of the music. Just go look at how many fans YMCB has.

  • d-block

    woah i wasn’t expecting that definite radio material

  • NEWZ Brklynstyle

    Yo This shit is a problem my nigga rule wassup with you in the joint come home soon homie