New Music: Machine Gun Kelly x Ester Dean “Invincible”

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You might remember hearing this song in the recent commercial for the new HTC Rezound, but now MGK releases the new song in its entirety featuring Ester Dean. Produced by Alex Da Kid.

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  • KoldCase

    so fuckin dope

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MGK just earned my respect.

  • suppppp

    Interscope’s fail safe method… AlexDaKid on the beat and a bitch on the hook.

  • ..

    Reminds me of Love the way you lie kinda. Pretty good though I dig it.


    bab boy over shady records any day 24/7

    alex da kid got something hot on mix buss drums insert.


  • JHP

    Dope song, but I think “Words I Never Said” proved that an Alex Da Kid beat with a girl on the hook doesn’t guarantee you an actual billboard hit, and Ester Dean isn’t as marketable a name as Rihanna either, but we’ll see what MGK can do with the buzz he got going right now.Good song though by the way..

  • Tommy Fraind

    MGK next big thing.. lace the fuck up

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Not big on MGK but this was dope.

  • unKut

    why is he signed to bad boy? this is going to be a big radio/crossover record. I commend Interscope for getting behind MGK with a big song. You can see what’s gonna happen to the rest of the bad boy crew- nothing. French maybe. Cafe – not! He’s too old and has no support on the street.

  • unKut

    Interscope radio $ and he’s off. Ester Dean wrote most of Rihanna’s latest album amongst other artists.

  • Dope song…Much respect

  • Lookin Clean

    I started crying for some reason while I was listening to this

  • bane

    follow the formula. the only thing this accomplishes is declaring that you can make the same kind of music as other artists today, thats all.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I wanna hate this guy so much but this song is dope.

  • timothy Adems

    Well done MGK. Shit sounds good. I heard it off the commercial and thought it could be a hit.

  • MegaMan

    It’s dope as fuck. I like catchy pop songs like this. Machine Gun Kelly is the next Eminem.

  • MegaMan

    I don’t like white rappers, but this is dope as fuck. I like catchy pop songs like this. MGK is the next Eminem.

  • hopsis beats tyler

    alex da kid is ruining the fucking industry ugh

  • Baby Of Stan

    MEN, even my dad would be proud of this one.

  • herohiro

    this shit cray

  • Real Talk

    God Damn!

  • Someone

    I’m impressed…

    Dope song still doesn’t make up for “Wild Boy”

  • Devil


  • Luks

    MGK… LACE THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!