• toad3527

    ok i can fux with this rozay



  • Milli

    weak sorry

  • Meechie

    This ass……….sorry officer got that tm103 on deck tho!!!!!

  • zgan

    weak this is not his style officer ricky !! fu*** off TM 103 on deck now we dont care if he get up or he sleep again who care?? it s jeezy year !!

  • me

    bruh, he kilt this.

  • Who Else Tho???

    Ross only nice when he rap over original beats… doing other niggas songs aint his lane…

    I do wanna hear him over niggas in paris tho… Im just saying…

  • me

    ShaheemReid ShaheemReid
    Those @rickyrozay freestyles are just something Ross put out to thank the people for the love. The mixtape is all new material.

  • foe

    bet he won’t rap over a jeezy song

  • dumb dumb

    impressively boring.

  • ok

    did he shot out jbar and mike bibby …two random ass niggas

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Ummm. Wack. K.R.I.T. should add a verse for the remix.

  • Anon DCPL

    what the fuck, this shit is weak. What the fuck is he talking about??

    these niggaz is hating cause we got all the bitches
    stay in your lane, im pushing maybachs and benzes
    they call me the bawse, nigga think who u dissin
    i eat cheerios, then I grab a bucket of chicken
    thats KFC, yea my stomach is glistening
    MMG is the click, Meek be Scottie Pippen
    these bitches is birds, they wings I be clipping
    I cant see out these shades, yea, limo tinted
    my money ain’t fake, federal reserve printed UGHHH

    where Khaled at? Tell him I got them wings on deck

    ^^that’s what this shit sounds like whenever I hear a William Roberts song

  • Anon DCPL

    I swear these muthafuckas running this site have some filters to restrict comments about William Roberts.

  • CaliSteppin

    Jeezy is projected to sell 200-230k! Ross won’t sell that with his next album. Real recognize real!

  • Real Life

    I will keep it 100: Rick Ross is talented, sick verse! One love to Jeezy though.. personally i love both.

  • bcro28

    damn, this shit terrible.

  • pap

    50 created the mixtapes! Now everyone n their grandma is releasing mixtapes now!

  • mane

    hhhhhhhahahahahah pap well said he is jealous of 50 cent buzzz hmmmmmm tell jezzy killed his carrear and 50 is performing @ xfactor

  • MegaMegaMan


  • kayandgee

    i swear haters hear their own things, u cant deny this, rozay just made this average joint into a banger



    WHERE ARE THEY NOW??????????





    JEEZY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WILLY!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM NOT A JEEZY FAN!!!!!!!!!!

    WHERE ARE THEY NOW??????????

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Rozay – “I’ve got a hustler’s ambition…”

    Rozay jocking Jeezy?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts is the #1 comedian rapper in the game. He gets a million laughs before he gets a million in album sales.

  • seriously tm 103 sucks compared to jeezys other albums
    and wether you sell 180k or 230k aint that big difference
    im pretty sure jeezy wont break the 200k mark in the first week
    album had no good single to ship big numbers

    and rozay is at the climax of his carreer
    this track sucks

  • RB

    Rozay murk everything!

  • Luks

    Jezzy in this bitch Nigga !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Fuck Officer Ricky…. I guess 50 Death Blow came a little late this time but oh well his a big ass nigga… it takes time !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


  • BlackAnastasia

    I gotta give Jeezy props because I thought he was done and hurt by”The Summers Mine”,but 200k is very impressive considering the many failed singles and pushbacks.I’m sure Ross is somewhere shaking his head in Astonishment at Jezzy 1st week Triumph.50 deathblow arrived right before Christmas for Ross,Ha.Ha Ross won’t do Jezzy numbers with GFID so Jezzy is wins.

  • Steems

    Are you guys serious? Do ya know how much Wiz Khalifa and all these weirdo rappers be selling? Selling DOES NOT mean ur NICE…And if u guys think Rozey is worried Jeezy record sales, u have got to be kidding me. That man has been working. ANy REAL rapper will tell u that sells dont mean shit, only the label cares. The real money is shows, singles etc….lets compare Rozey singles this year and Jeezy….google and you will wonder why i sit here and scratch my head at ya calling Rozey a hater….P.S, Im both Jeezy and Rozey fan but FACTS are FACTS!……………………Steems

  • Cash Hunter

    when GFID drop you all gonna be speechless mark my words you suckers

  • Another Lame 50 cent stan

    “.50 deathblow arrived?” Smh.

  • Gboy

    i can’t wait to see al this mothafacka haters laugh when gfid is coming out !! jeezy can’t sell not more than 500k .. im not a hater of jeezy and rozay and im not a fan but i have hear tm103 and i think its good..but gfid i think is much better .. oow and jeezy said on mtv theres no beef between him and rozay !! i don’t know why all this bitch ass comments on rapradar about jeezy in rozay’s post !! its dooonee!! theres no beef! jeezy got his way and rozay got his way!! stop compares jeezy to ross !! port of miami sold over 2 milli PLATINUM !!trilla, deeper than rap and teflon don sold over 800k GOLD !

  • Benzo550

    @gboy none of officer ricky CDs have sold a mill go check facts!

  • CoolC

    @gboy ross has never went platinum in his life jeezy about to do 200k plus in first week and thts killin ross shit….. and jeezy 3 platinum albums ross 0





    WHERE AM I NOW??????????

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  • M.T

    “rozay just made this average joint into a banger”.
    this song was a banger even before rick ross spit his short mediocre verse.

    On another note, TM103 was a good album and its set to do some great numbers. 200k is more than ross ever sold first week so u rick ross fans that said jeezy was gunna flop could shut up now. In terms of quality and quanity, jeezy beats ross.

  • Bonilla Ice

    TM 103 is wack. I was a big Jeezy fan but shit is real weak. Rozay killed this verse.

    Rozay >

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  • iTunes – Music – Thats Right – Single by Are. Jae a.k.a Universalare Checkout my single (Boston)

  • modo

    No diss but this nigga is a weak ass rapper

  • d man

    u cn say whatever,ths ngga is doin his sht,keep it up big boss,frm ya boy down in south africa,big ups to u boss

  • Joey

    All ya hatin rick need 2 get ur filty branes checkd, he is hotter dan jeezy evn a cattle herdsman knows nd respect rozay in africa. Stop hatin and appreciate good music from mmg. Im done suckers

  • Joey

    Rozay haters get ur branes checkd, rozay is jst 2 real nd natural, jeezy is good but not dat good. Mind u, album sales does not determine how good a raper is, rozay is lovd nd respected by evryone in africa. Rozay for life.

  • trelliematrix

    For those sayin sales don’t matter, it shows relevancy. As u can c, more people wuld rather spend their hard earned money on jeezy. They wuld rather put money n his pocket. He has platinum plaques!! Evn if it didn’t mean shit, it shows that more consumers prefer jeezy over ross. And if u say “the buyers r white” why aren’t the blacks buying it?? They wuld rather buy weed than rickys cd?? U can’t denfend ross if ur illegally downloadin his shit! If 2 guys wanted to see who was better to the eye to females and they had to choose. If one guy gets 1 million kisses from girls and the other get 3, what does that tell u??? Ok then. Same with artists and sales.

  • bruh , this go hard as fuxx . so haters shut the fuck up please . don’t be mad just cause he did his thang on dhis bitchh . ayeeee , ROZAAAAAY . <33 '

  • Well Im A Fan of Rick Ross! He Did Pretty Well On This Track! Jeezy Did His Thang On TM.103!! Look At Us We Ain’t Even Up Dere With Them, We Down Here Criticizing William! iSupport Every Live/Good/Decent Rappers Rapper! #iSupportHipHop —