Lil Wayne & DMX At LIV Nightclub

The last time Lil Wayne and DMX shared the same stage was over a decade ago on the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money tour. But last night the pair reunited at LIV Nightclub. After speaking to the crowd, X performed “Get At Me Dog” and “What These Bitches Want”.

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  • The Mak

    Kinda disappointed. Didnt think X would associate with a fake like Wayne.

  • Jamel

    Kinda disappointed. Didnt think X would associate with a fake like Wayne.

    every ones doing it now they need to make money too just look at mobb deep doing songs with wacka french montana officer ricky and his people

    It is sad i just hope X keeps it real on the album

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Kinda disappointed. Didnt think X would associate with a fake like Wayne”…X NO !!!!!!

  • TheChosenOne

    Rights now it’s what alotta vets are doing to make themselves relevant to the younger generation. When you’re cold, Yo gotta stand next to the fire to get hot.

  • Frayzer

    If X signs to Cash Money then its done Xs career is over nigga needs to sign to Shady or

  • Frayzer

    If X signs to Cash Money then its done Xs career is over

  • Black Shady

    lmao Birdman gonna signs X….just watch haha

  • Vodka

    disappointed 🙁
    X what are you doing?

  • Ha, if DMX signs to Cash Money it’s a rap

  • MegaMan

    DMX should sign to MMG, because with his style he wouldn’t be at home, if he was with Eminem and Slaughterhouse.

  • ReyMysterioFlow

    DMX ft. Lil Twist


    fuck this….y X??

  • Anon DCPL

    The Mak says:
    Monday, January 02 2012 at 11:07 AM EST
    Kinda disappointed. Didnt think X would associate with a fake like Wayne.

    I know right. And that lil nigga w the faggot ass haircut bobbin his head to a track he prob. never even learned the lyrics to smh.

    X don’t need to associate w anyone. As long as he has a set album date, his fans will support that shit.

  • Truth

    i’m upset to see him associating with these clowns as well, but i guess it’s all part of the hustle to stay relevant. just please don’t let them cash money niggas rub off on you!! pun intended.. faggot ass camp

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  • Real Life

    Busta disappointed? DMX disappointed? Kanye disappointed by taking pic with Wayne at the ball game? who is next? Lil Wayne the best act of the new generation, old heads fans your favorite rappers already spoken, you may choose to ignore it but its about time you accept the reality in front of you.. because YMCMB is not leaving anytime soon with a 3 star lineup. Reality keep setting in that day by day…

  • Y U MAD

    Lil Wayne is from the old school, old rappers have a history with him, aint no way they wont cosign, and Baby being next to him.. well damn

  • Real Life

    Dude do you need 4 hanlde names on one site just to prove LIl Wayne is fake??? Get a life pitiful boy..

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis aka @The Mak aka @Jamel aka @Anon DCPL – is one person trolling against LIl Wayne,, get money dude and ofcourse a life.

  • matt

    Why every good rapper has to colaborate with dis stupid fake mutherfuckin’ bitch. Fuck wayne.

  • biggiesmalls

    maybe because his not stupid bitch and you just are hater and nothing more.


    lil gayne worst rapper of all time traaaaaaaaaaaaaash

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  • just posted part 2… cheers:

    had some busta rhymes footage but wasn’t a good angle. Cee Lo got on as well but just said what up.

  • room2roam

    i love how weezy was tryin to big X up but the crowd dont seem interested at all. especially the bytches…

  • BitchPlease

    X doesn’t need to sign to’s Ruff Ryders 4 Ever and that’s where it needs to stay..

  • Kemosabi

    Can’t remember who made the old school weezy comment but I think that is dead on. Weezy isn’t some new nigga he just happens to be the face of a new hip hop generation. Believe me this ain’t stannery I’m really a jigga Stan lol but when jay and em moved to legend status think about who put the game on there back. On top of that like it or not Tha Carter IV was solid and that might be an understatement

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