New Video: Killa Kyleon “Ignorant Shit (Freestyle)”

With the new year underway, Killa Kyleon gets ignorant on his latest freestyle. T.R.I.L.L. (The Realest Individual Living Life) coming in February.

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  • Pingback: New Video: Killa Kyleon “Ignorant Shit (Freestyle)”()

  • chan

    national defense authorization act

    you are now a prisoner!!!!!!!!!

    look it up! please! big homie thoughts on this please!

  • advercity

    So, are the rappers calling remix’s “freestyle’s” or the bloggers and dj’s? Either way writers dont deserve a freestylers credit. Freestlyes are not written rhymes.

  • Brutally Honest

    Killa always was the nicest to me, besides Thugga and the rest of the Boss Hogg Click

  • Blacc


    Point is he did his thing on here.

  • Blacc

    ^^^@ Advercity