’11 Best Albums: #1 The Throne Watch The Throne

You are now watching the Throne—at the top of our list. Easily. What sounded like every rap fan’s dream on paper finally came true in early August. Jay-Z and Kanye recorded their masterpiece across the globe with producers Hit-Boy, RZA, Pete Rock, Swizz Beatz, Q-Tip, and The Neptunes. Mrs. Carter and Mr. Hudson are also featured but it’s Frank Ocean who ceases the moment, nailing the choruses of the opener “No Church In The Wild” and the moving “Made In America”. Still it’s the two superstars who take centerstage. Hovito unleashed the beast on the jolting “Welcome To The Jungle” while Ye agonized over the alarming murder stats of his Chi hometown on “Murder To Excellence”. The Roc Boys playfully trade bars back-and-forth on the hypnotic “Gotta Have It”, dub step their flow game up on “Who Gon Stop Me”, and share their moment of clarity on the prospect of raising children with “New Day”. Even the bonus cuts like the cinematic “Illest Motherfucker Alive” and triumphant “Primetime” are bonkers. You want a shot at the crown? Wait in the wing ’cause these guys are still doing their thing.

Previously: #10 Mac Miller Blue Slide Park l #9 Young Jeezy TM103: Hustlerz Ambition l #8 Wale Ambition l #7 J.Cole Cole World: The Sideline Story l #6 Kendrick Lamar Section.80 l #5 Bad Meets Evil Hell:The Sequel l  #4 MMG Self Made l #3 Common The Dreamer/The Believer l #2 Drake Take Care

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  • toad3527

    disagree but whatever

  • M.T

    wow this is such a surprise.(sarcasm)


    Loool. Best album….? GTFOH

  • John




  • get bucks

    Watch The Throne is better than Take Care??? Nigga Please:-(

  • No doubter…part 2 comin.

  • OBVI

  • John




  • Ea$y Bread

    Well deserved. Clearly thee most powerful album for the culture to be released this year if not… ever.

  • Real Deal

    I don’t understand the hate. This was a really good album. Even if people don’t agree that it should be #1. Yall actin like it shouldn’t be on the list

  • p

    Easily one of the most dissapointing albums of 2011.. You put this on the wrong list, big homie.

  • Jay

    I’m surprised the MMG album wasn’t #1 lol

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass


  • damone

    No doubt the best album of the year.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    this album was an event. if drake could break away from wack ass wayne and nicki he coulda had an incredible album but they brought him down yet again. still listen to this album everyday, and if you missed them in concert you’re missing out overall, it made me like the album even more

  • Drew

    How did red album not make top 5??? SMH!!

  • John






  • bry from boston

    As a Jay & Kanye fan i felt like the production was garbage, they copied the clubs with euro-electro club beats… Where are the rap/hiphop beats… This is Lady Gaga with some black dick in her lol… I was so dissappoint. I guess ill have to “buy their old albums”

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    um. um.. um… DUH! But you didn’t have to leave out Camp. This list is so fucking weak.

  • Weeeezy.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice album by Jay & Kanye. Hope Jay drops a new album this year.

  • The Riddler

    I listend to this album for one week and the never listened to it again.

  • RK

    Album was a let down tbh, think about jay and ya classic albums compared to this… I agree it is top 2, but you’ve put it wrong side of the top 2

  • John





  • CarreraLu

    All of you need to go back the album the 100th listen it deserves.
    Take Care was surpassed anything I ever expected from Drake, but
    don’t kid yourself.. It had nothing on the Throne. Section 80/Cole World
    got shafted. MMG.. really? K. Dot bout to change the game.

  • Collar Cali

    The production alone killed everyone else’s… I mean even #2 album on this list is HEAVILLY in fluenced by Kanye West’s work. Nuff Said!

  • Menzo

    Haha, how is this possible? It’s a “good” album and is enjoyable, but they almost find a way to ruin every song *cue Otis screaming*. Whatever, people always ride Jay and Ye’s genitals without knowing anything about their past or potential. I’d prefer Damian Marley and Nas over this though.

  • M.T

    Watch The Throne was a great album. Dope Production, and overall they did all good job but they could’ve done much better.

    Cole World: The Sideline Story>Take Care>Watch The Throne>Section 80

    I understand that this list is RR opinion but this list is bad and disappointing. Yall put mac millers wack album at #10 and left out The RED album??? really?? yall put 2 of the best albums at #6 and #7 yet put Self Made at #4? The highlight of this list was commons album at #3. Change the name from ’11 best albums to ’11 most popular albums.

  • damone

    Bry u haven’t heard WTT? Get out of here buck

  • Donn


  • Dashing

    My list.

    1. Jay and Kanye – Watch the Throne
    2. Kendrick Lamar – Section 80
    3. Drake – Take Care
    4. J. Cole – Sideline Story
    5. The Roots – Undun
    6. MMG – Self Made – Vol 1
    7. Wale – Ambition
    8. Common – The Dreamer, The Believer
    9. Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel
    10. The Game -R.E.D album

    Honorable mention: Young Jeezy, TM 103, Pharoae Monch W.A.R, Phonte Charity Starts at Home, Saigon Greatest Story Never Told, Childish Gambino Camp

  • Dashing

    Scratch that…

    My list.

    1.Kendrick Lamar – Section 80
    2. Jay and Kanye – Watch the Throne
    3. Drake – Take Care
    4. J. Cole – Sideline Story
    5. The Roots – Undun
    6. MMG – Self Made – Vol 1
    7. Wale – Ambition
    8. Common – The Dreamer, The Believer
    9. Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel
    10. The Game -R.E.D album

    Honorable mention: Young Jeezy, TM 103, Pharoahe Monch W.A.R, Phonte Charity Starts at Home, Saigon Greatest Story Never Told, Childish Gambino Camp

  • Tuncheim

    this def deserved the number uno spot!…

    Apple giving away iPads as part of their public New Years Resolution to be more charitable .. http://t.co/1DXVBNR next 24 hrs only!

  • onanigga

    good album but it’s no masterpiece

  • Vodka

    What? Fuck Off RR
    This album is fuckin’ overrated.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


  • bry from boston

    There shouldnt even be a list of anything great this year. This is the first year in 15 yrs where the wasnt one album that actually kicked ass. Really pathetic year for music.

  • damone

    “Bird ass niggas I don’t mean to ruffle y’all I know y’all waiting in the wings but I’m doing my thing” HOV

  • Gramma

    “Ceases the moment” means that he stops the moment.

    RR means “seizes the moment.”

    Don’t be stupid.

  • Dashing

    Kendrick, hands down had the best album of the year. The fact that a lot of people are saying that and had NEVER heard of him before then should be testament to that.

    WTT had more commercial success, but it’s not better.
    “Made in America” is dull
    “Lift Off” is wack
    “That’s My Bitch” is barely aight.
    “New Day” is dope lyrically, but not the kind of song you listen to regularly.

    And that’s a large chunk of the album.

    Section 80 is fire all the way through including the interludes.

    And how did Undun not make the list but Mac Miller and Jeezy did? That’s insanity.

    Also, Common’s album is good, but WAAAAY overrated, probably because his last album was so wack, but this album aint even as good as Finding Forever, let alone BE. Still deserves to be on the list but not anywhere near as high.

    • Dashing28

      I stand by my younger me. This list looks worse with time.

      In hindsight, that Common album REALLY had no place in the top 3. And Blue Slide Park by Mac Miller has proven to be his worst project to date.

  • Jaymals

    Still listen to this CD till this day… and when they release that NIP music video… watch dudes hop back on the dick! When you listen to this album then pop in another… you not only hear but feel the difference. The chemistry was a bit off compared to there tracks featuring the other… but overall compared to what we got in 20011… this is #1 EASILY!!! It not about having 5 good songs… its about having a complete album that has a common theme, unique sounds, smooth transitions… cohesiveness, etc. Too many albums that came out in 2011 sounded like mxtapes!

  • fuk waka

    dont agree with all the mmg shit but with this… AGREE 100% #classic

  • Real talk

    Rap Radar seriously? … where you suppose to tell us that? Its obvious to anyone who visit your site, well fuck you.

  • In Your Fucking Face

    FUCK Niggas That Complained About The Production Son. Shit Was Influential As Fuck The Next 5 Yrs in Hip Hop Production Will Be Influenced By This Record… Bitchessssz

  • Word

    Cosign @MT and @DASHING.

    THIS LIST WAS DEFINITELY A POPULARITY CONTEST. Thing is, why the fuck is Self Made on this? Only hot song was Imma Boss!

  • get bucks

    Niggas in Paris should’ve been Number 1 single. This album should’ve been Number 2. Take Care should’ve been Number 1. #Dammitman!!!!

  • I agree as far as singles and impact, but I thought it was kind of put to together fast and could have been better.I still feel they should get one,but Em and Royce were the best album for me personally.
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • mula

    How are you not going to say anything about Pharaoh Monch W.A.R and Game RED album? I can understand why you might be disappointed at Game but Pharaoh Monch black hand side? Evolve? Pharaoh Monch defiantly should be on this list but hey its your opinion right?…..

  • toad3527

    @drew i agree the red album shoulda been top 5. people really didnt listen to it or give it a chance, but it had more bangers than wtt. I really only liked primetime, NIP, the track after otis produced by pharrell, and otis. the rest of the album was decent no doubt, i’m not hating on having this album top 10 or even top 5. I think Kendrick Lamar should be number 1.

  • Whatever

    Dickriding as usual, nothing new.

  • toad3527

    My List

    1. Kendrick Lamar-Section 80
    2. Drake-Take Care
    3. The Game- R.E.D. Album
    4. Bad Meets Evil
    5. Watch the Throne
    6. Wiz Khalifa-Rolling Papers
    7. J. Cole – Sideline Story
    8. Wale – Ambition
    9. Lil Wayne- Tha Carter 4
    10. MMG – Self Made – Vol 1

  • The Truth


  • clos1881

    no hate big fan of both but to me Jay is pretty much living off reputation at this point I havent felt any of his albums as a whole since the black album american gangster was cool but anytime your debating jayz with someone its never about the music its like he got beyonce hes part owner of the nets wtf does that have to do with his music

  • Black Latino

    Rapradar , la tenés adentro

  • BG

    It’s “seizes” the moment, not “ceases.”

    Step your writing game up, YN.

  • waloo

    This album wasnt so great. ALL the beats were amazing tho. Lyrics were really uninspired. Didnt they record the entire thing in a matter of days? Weeeeeak. It was a 3/5 for me…mostly cuz of the beats.

  • Black Shady

    WTT #1 ?shit had like 3 good songs lol


  • waloo

    Top ten rap albums IMO

    10.- Game – The Red Album
    9.- Wale – Ambition
    8.- Young Jeezy – TM 103
    7.- Mac Miller – BSP
    6.- MMG – Self Made
    5.- Common – The Dreamer
    4. – The Throne – WTT
    3. – Drake-Take Care
    2. – J. Cole- Cole World
    1. – Bad Meets Evile

  • That Guy

    This is a fucking joke. Dick riding isn’t cool Rap Radar; you played yourself.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Watch The Dickriding

  • BRu973

    People aren’t hating on the album…it’s honestly not that good of an album. I don’t know anybody who was even hyped up about it, that still plays the album. It was crossover album. The production was very subpar & lyrically it wasn’t impressive either. Slightly above average in all honesty. But what you expect Mr. Wilson is the biggest Shawn Carter dickrider in history. It is what it is

  • DrDreBeats

    best album… fuck out of here

  • tay

    Mac Miller over Game? You crazy!

  • DJ Game

    Really? where is the red album? fuck you seriously, just fuck you.

  • King

    RED>>>>>>>WTT and all the albums of ’11

  • album was SUPER SOFT

    1.WTT.. THATS IT.. take care was a gay version of DARK FANTASY… HANDLE THE TRUTH

  • Acapella

    I still say #10 & #9 shoulda been replaced by Big Sean’s Finally Famous and The Game’s The R.E.D Album. Nobody fuckin listened to Blue Slide Park (dick suckin’) and TM 103 took TOO fuckin long to come out and was an “ok” album.

  • diamond

    expected this from rapradar (YN). yellow
    nigga loves him some Jay Z. sites weak man, I’m stickin to hiphopdx

  • bo

    best album? this was awful. i actually cant stand this cd, crazy to say its best of the year

  • iam2smooth

    agreed this was best album of 11 !!


    man, i think people just like to hate on WTT because they already had real high expectations. if you got that kind of music from people you never heard of, you would all be shittin yourselves, but because its from two legends, its just aight

  • t

    my beautiful dark twisted fantasy was better than this

  • scoe

    Take care is a fuckin r&b album stop fuckin cryin about dat dumb u computer geeks r gay as shit! WTT makes way more sense @ da top. Grown men rap whats better? Niggas need 2 get they mind right

  • Matt

    Most Hyped Album of ’11

  • Tucq

    This is suppossed 2 b the BEST ALBUM list, not the BIGGEST BANK ACCOUNT LIST.

    I think u guys are blinded by their status and money vs the actual content of the album. THRONE is interesting, but the best of 2011?

    And you don’t even have RED on here at all.

  • dll32

    one of the worst albums of the year.

  • haq

    get kanye’s and jay’s dicks out ya’ll mouth, u fags. album of the year??? buahahahahahahahahababahahabaha yeah, 4 euro techno fags…, u fags. Common takes that spot…, u fags .

  • p. dom

    How the fuck did The Roots “undun” not even make the top 10?!!!! Get the fuck outta here!!!

  • biggiesmalls

    only good thing about this album – Otis Redding samples

  • greasydinnerplate

    ……once the source lost their 5 mic respect ..ive never believed in the integrity of such lsit or reviews…thank god for itune previews and free downloads….. …who’d you guys poll for this list 20 year old broads? surpised you dont have justin beiber on this list….fucc outta here!

  • Negrito

    I agree

    I never heard no other album on this list

    WTT is a great album

    Lift Off is cool. The last minute of that song is ILL. Arguably the wackest song on the album which makes WTT a great album and a notch away from classic. In time I may change my mind but I dont like the first half of LIFT OFF.

    I love WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE and all the rest

  • Money

    faggot mac miller made it on the list, wack ass mmg made it on the list, THE RED ALBUM DIDN’T????????? YOU KIDDING ME?????????

  • Toon

    Bad list…Radioactive >>>>>

  • ItsMe

    Hell NO!

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  • graffiti bandit


    What a joke… the album was ass-average.

  • marcvincent

    How about Dom Kennedy’s album? For me, that shit was definitely in the top 5

  • marcvincent

    What about Dom Kennedy’s album? I mean to me that shit was definitely in the top 5 of best albums of the year

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  • chuBRO

    #1 BAD MEETS EVIL!!!

  • I AGREE!!!!!!!

  • jake

    did fans vote or is this just the opinions of rap radar? the album had some of the worst production i’ve ever heard…swizz beats is just fucking terrible making beats that sound like an off tempo crack head

  • OJ

    Where was The Roots Undun? The fact that that CD, which has the second highest ratings of any hip hop CD in 2011 (check metacritic) didn’t make the cut makes this list a complete popularity contest in my eyes.

    And Take Care should be on the R&B list, not hip hop. GTFOH!!!

    WTT was an event so I do understand how it made the list. No other artists made the impact that they did when they dropped Otis & N*ggas In Paris.

  • King

    Bad Meets Evil should be in top 2. SMH !

  • yodaddybrother

    so overrated…..definitely a payola site

  • yodaddybrother

    wow these niggas got Mac Miller on the list…..lmfao…what a joke site.

    Back to Dirtyglove and Smoking Section I go..

  • youngyela

    Happy born day YN!

  • WannaB-MC


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