’11 Worst Singles: #2 YC x Future “Racks”

Yeah it got the people going and even got a name drop from The Throne, but let’s face it: this song is just wack on wack on wack. The melody is infectious, but what thee fuck are these guys talkin’ about?! We dare you rap geniuses to transcribe these trivial lyrics. Ha! The groove got our feet moving but our ears are bleeding. Help! Money over mumble rap.

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  • TheRealBigHomie

    Song is piff brehs, don’t hate.

  • The genius behind songs like “Racks”, “Tony Montana” and “O Let’s Do It” is no matter how seemingly horrible the craftsmanship of the songs may be, they were still successful records. #MumbleRapWin #StruggleRapBack

  • FlocKaveLLi

    Def wack as shit but catchy. “make me proud” with nicki’s wack ass verse should have an honorable mention on this list tho

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  • dmc

    this song is easier to listen to than, “ima boss”…..only by a little tho.
    both songs are terrible btw

  • get bucks

    This song was cool to me…

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  • LO

    This song was poppin.. Im convinced RapRadar just doesnt fuck with Future. He prolly finesed em out some bands or somethin.. Future Go Hard

  • Fuck Ya Life

    RR got one right cuz this shit was wack all around.


    got a campaign goin so strong..spendin money while talkin on da phone..got a car no keys press start..got a dog dat dont eem bark!…this is CLASSIC!..hahahahaha..i love this song for the fact..none..i REPEAT!..none of that shyt made sense..hahahahahaha

  • TROLLiver

    ^^^ EXACTLY!haha

  • Matt


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  • I know don’t what the hell are they talking about but this song was wack on wack on wack.

  • b0ren0i

    i’m not agree [email protected] on this one! i danced on it