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  • She just so happened to be a bad chick huh

  • Black Shady

    geniusssssss! i would love to witness him create a beat in the studio

    and LOL….the “fan” or more like a “groupie” ? shorty hottttt id pipe

  • the One

    People who use the word talent lightly should look at this video to see what real talent is all about…

  • mr.zee

    so fucking dope!

  • Truth (The real one)

    Holy fuck I do the exact thing…Record a beat on my phone soon as it hits my head!!! LOL! Yay I’m doing it right!!!!!

  • King of Diamonds Stripper Pole Sanitizor

    that nigga wanted the pussy


  • ColoradoKnight

    Corny video, but the beat is undeniable.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Remember Him Being On The News All Nerdy In Music Class…

    Now He Has Bad Bitches…


  • MadMike0082

    How fucking fake was that shit!??!?! It was a re-creation of a track which no biggy thats pretty much how he always does these vids (by the way I couldnt be a bigger R. Les fan) . But yah Im buying that you just roll up on a fucking house with like 8 super models sitting on the porch and just load up and go ?

    Cmon son!

  • Eric

    WOW…. This was TOTALLY STAGED. This was filmed at Circle House studios but heres the catch. The fans “House” where he supposedly picked her up from is literally across the street from the studio where he’s shown creating the beat…..close to 10 steps away.

  • firiesport8


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