WZRD WZRD Cover & Tracklist

For the cover art of Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius’ upcoming self-titled album, WZRD, the pair keep it simple, classic and iconic. Cudder’s words, not ours. Album drops January 30.

UPDATE: Tracklist below. Album drops

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  • waloo

    Kid cudis weird -__-


    i love cudi but who gives a shit about this ?? todays all about that new bitch paris. what a DEBUT!

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  • no name

    damn that

  • Jack

    Tht shit wack…
    Ain’t it jay?
    What she ordered?
    Fish fillet

  • Jaymalls

    @jack lol

  • Kid cudi is cool,but this cover deserves a C’MON SON!


  • Kubaa

    DOPE LITTLE graphic…..lol
    ..In honor of Steve Jobs Death http://t.co/3OYW6CM Apple giving away iPads 4 next 24hrs only.. I GOT 2 LOL

  • So Icy Boy!

    I like rock muzik like Nickelback,Kid Rock,Green Day,Fall Out Boy,Metallica,n da Jonas Bothas. Kid Cudi isnt a real rock artist. Wayne’z Rebirth wuz a rock classic. swag

  • MIL

    This gon be trash

  • Lol Omg

    @So Icy Boy! The Jonas Brothers?! They a rock band? You are really an idiot lmao. They are pure trash. The only song I bothered to listen to was the one with Eminem because it was alright. As for the bands you like, half of them are only decent LOL.

  • Call

    ^Every website should come with the working definition of a “Troll” stamped across the top of the screen.

  • Truth

    don’t feed the troll.

  • Tht shit wack

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  • Joeycrack

    People don’t give credit to cudi enough..he’s very dedicated on what he wants to do and you could only except that..it’s not like was this great rapper that now wants to do music..in my eyes this rock will still be similar to his other albums

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    [WZRD] +9 reps

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  • please check out the video and support

  • Kemosabi

    Less is more sometimes. I like it I’m sure the album will be a good one

  • MegaMan

    8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night ???


    “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” is the 14th track off of Nirvana’s ‘MTV Unplugged in New York.’
    Kid Cudi is obsessed with Kurt Cobain.

    Lil Wayne was the first black rocker. You should be original next time, Cudi!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “The Upper Room” Wonder if he’s going to sample that Mahalia Jackson song.

  • watever

    @MegaMan lilwayne first black rocker? lol u are fucking dumb black people started rock n roll and then white people took it over

  • MegaMan


    Rock & Roll is not Rock. They are two far removed entities!

  • The Guy

    @Lol OMG
    “The only song I bothered to listen to was the one with Eminem”

    What the fuck are you talking kid

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  • t

    so much hate and we havent even heard it yet

    im lookin forward to it tho and ten bucks says its better than rebirth

  • Sugarshane

    Damn this megaman dude is one of those clowns that ruins comment sections. Kid cudi has and always will bore me.

  • Can’t wait.
    Brake and Teleport 2 Me are so dope.

  • Tokyo Tony

    Lupe fiasco (goat) common ghostface best to ever do it

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  • ECU

    i was lookin forward to that “rocket” song he said was gonna be a single. another artist that cant keep his word

  • does anyone really still care about this dork?

  • SmokeYou


  • leo

    Hey man, all we want is repetitive sonics and content about nothing. What do you think you’re doing Cudi? You’re music is endangering my comfort zone, so I’m going to keep being ignorant until I understand what you’re doing.