Diddy Nominated For Academy Award

All he does is win. And recently, Diddy has joined on as the executive producer for Undefeated. The narrative film is also nominated for Best Documentary Feature for the 2012 Academy Awards. Congrats!

Directed by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, UNDEFEATED is a coming-of-age verite-styledocumentary centering on several young student-athletes and the volunteer coach who guides them through a rough, yet rewarding, football season in northern Memphis. It opens in limited release on February 17.

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  • mr.zee

    i dont want to see any bitch ass ness in this comment box.

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  • bry from boston

    Puffs that nigga he’s real humble I chilled with him in boston at the house of blues backstage, took pics with us and urything, homeboy stays winnin

  • Jeez-0

    Diddy the richest rapper, all he does is win
    He just succeed his life.

  • John

    Puff ain’t humble

  • bry from boston

    Really john because you met him, i have, he is, eat a penis.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Career Killer


    it aint a short film, it’s exactly what it’s nominated for: a documentary feature…


    Wow! Congrats Diddy!!


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  • G

    Talk about a fucking misleading headline. All he’s doing is helping with the release AFTER the fact that it got nominated for an academy award. If you go to the oscars 2012 website (http://oscar.go.com/nominees/documentary-feature/undefeated) the producers who are nominated for this film are: TJ Martin, Dan Lindsay and Rich Middlemas. Not Diddy

  • I ain’t even mad, Diddy doing his thing.

  • chi town

    and it’s still not a narrative film. Armageddon is a narrative film. this is a documentary.

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