• this is going to be interesting

  • antho

    LINderella Man!!!!

  • Ben_Dover

    lol muthafuckas couldnt even pick a new york rapper….smfh

  • Korso


    you mean this is going to be LINteresting…

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  • black mamba snake yellow mamba nada

    ok .. but that yellow mamba ..racist as fuck

  • Awesome


  • He is LiN-Fuego

  • KoldCase

    “awwww Linn, awwww linnn,”

    if you think about it the hook could sound like that

  • Kemosabi

    Fuck Jermey Lin just dumbied us in T.O


    manggg y a black brotha always gotta put down a yellow man …..smh

  • Props to Lin man. He doing his thing right now. He’s playing LINcredible

  • Black Shady

    This kid is going hard………

  • cinderella man for real cause he ballin….thats a double entendre lol


  • Able Danger

    Knicks fans haven’t been this excited since…….. ah sorry I’m only 29 years old so I don’t really know when the last time was.

  • killzone

    Unleashed Jet Lin


    Took the words outta my mouth.. double entendre forsure..

  • lll

    @Ben_Dover….They picked this song for the beat, it fits perfectly with the concept.

  • Kemosabi

    I would love to know what’s going on inside Melo head right now.

  • Eric Stratton

    She said MSG. lol

  • Brahsef

    ^He’s geeked he finally has a point guard so he doesnt have to bring up the rock and stagnate the offense

  • Hogdock

    Mayweather can eat a $#%@ because it doesnt matter what Lins background is at this point. He is putting NY back on the map and thats all that counts. Period

  • seat’s taken

    u think u can jus slip ur lil tagline in “how ’bout them knicks?” when u hop on the wagon!! keep it 100 rapradar!! lol